Playster Review

£14.95/month Unlimited streaming & digital downloads Change audiobook at any time Family plans available 30-day free trial Good for people that also read ebooks About Playster What is Playster? Let …

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Audiobook Store

$5.95/month All titles are DRM free Helpful support team Your first audiobook costs just $5.95 Audiobook sale section About Audiobook Store is somewhat of a veteran in the audiobooks …

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kobo audiobooks

Kobo Audiobooks

£6.99/month 30-day free trial The app is easy to use Perfect for both occasional and avid listeners Cheapest audiobook membership on the market Purchase 3 additional credits for £19.99 Kobo …

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Audiobooks Now Review

$4.99/month 50% off your first title of the month A loyalty program that can give you free membership No fixed memberships, cancel whenever Purchase audiobooks without a membership Audiobooks Now …

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audible review

Audible Review

$14.95/month Access Audible exclusives Largest audiobook offering, over 400,000 titles Swap any audiobook for any reason 30-day free trial Cancel anytime Are you currently debating whether audiobooks are right for …

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Downpour Review

Downpour Audiobooks Review

$12.99/month Rent audiobooks for 30 or 60 days Cancel whenever no fixed memberships Purchase additional credits easily Compatible with multiple devices Keep your books if you cancel About Downpour Audiobooks …

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BookBeat Review

£12.90/month Unlimited monthly listening Listen to multiple audiobooks at a time Cancel anytime Offline Downloads 14-day free trial About BookBeat UK BookBeat UK was created in 2015 when one of …

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£7.99/month 30-day free trial 2nd largest audiobook store Available on iOS, Android and Windows devices Buy additional credits for £7.99 each Purchase new titles in About Next on the …

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