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which kindle should i buy

5 Best Kindles of 2023! Which Kindle Should I Buy?

Do you know Amazon Kindle has more than 30 million active users in the US?…

what is kindle vella

All About Kindle Vella: A Platform to Publish Serialized Stories

With the development of the digital era, reading and publishing have also upgraded with gadgets…

wireless reading lamp

7 Best Wireless Reading Lamps for Nighttime Readers

Readers can grab a book to read anywhere and everywhere; however, most of them do…

Amazon prime day for Book lover

Amazon Prime Day – Best Deals for Book Lovers

What Is Amazon Prime Day? Every year, Amazon puts out some of the greatest deals…

The Best Black Friday Deals for Book Lovers

The Best Black Friday Deals for Book Lovers

Black Friday is here! The shopping spree begins, bringing a lot of offers and deals…

how many books can a kindle hold

8GB Vs. 32GB: How Many Books Can a Kindle Hold, And Which One Should You Choose?

Are you gearing up to join the e-reading revolution for the first time? Or maybe…

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