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Meet the Hooked To Books Team!

Forrest Webber, CEO and Owner

Forrest is a lover of books, the wild outdoors, deep mysterious conversations… and coffee. He lives in Austin, TX. You can also find him at ForrestWebber.com.

Megan Malone, Executive Editor

Megan Malone is the executive editor of Hooked To Books. She is also an writer, psychology nerd and an avid reader. She lives in Dallas, TX, with her husband and two pups.

Hooked to Books Staff

  • Melody Reyes, Associate Editor
  • Zherneth Lumanog, Associate Editor
  • Matt Parrish, Art Director
  • Michelle Tripple, Graphic Designer


  • Aisha Mehreen
  • Hayley Anderton
  • Ankita Singh
  • Breanna Harwood
  • Candace Nguyen
  • C.G. Drews
  • Chloe Bennet
  • Clara Watkins
  • David Ramirez
  • Drew DuBoff
  • Ella Lauren
  • Florence Clark
  • George Kourakos
  • Hannah Kaye
  • Holly Hill
  • Jarvis Carbungco
  • Josephine Just
  • Katie Maciulewicz
  • Kritika M. Narula
  • Madeleine Taylor
  • Pallavi Sareen
  • Scott Jenkins
  • Stepheny Jonson
  • Susannah Hutcheson
  • Tommy Day
  • Veronica Ventulieri