What Is Kindle Unlimited and How Does It Work?

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As avid readers, each of us probably has an overcrowded bookshelf and piles of novels that are taking up precious space in our homes. With Kindle Unlimited, you can expand your library without adding anything else to your bookshelf.

Kindle Unlimited allows readers unlimited books to add to your collection from the comfort of your phone, computer, or ebook reader.

In this article, we break down everything you need to know about how Amazon Kindle Unlimited works:

We also answer some common questions, like:

What is Kindle Unlimited?

With over a million titles and a thousand audiobooks to choose from, Kindle Unlimited is a service that allows you to read as many books as you could possibly want.

Using either a Kindle device or even the free Kindle app on your phone, tablet, or computer, you can join Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription and get straight to reading.

From instant classics like the Harry Potter series, The Hobbit, and The Hunger Games to glossy magazines like Bon Appetit and Elle, you can read anything within the millions of book and magazine titles available on Kindle Unlimited.

what is kindle unlimited

You can also listen to thousands of audiobooks to pass time taking the dog on a walk or driving a long commute to work.

You will also be able to consolidate your magazine subscriptions into reading them all on Kindle Unlimited, and you will be able to do all of it with just $9.99 a month for an unlimited collection of new, independent, and classic books, magazines, and audiobooks to enjoy.

Basically, if you’re a huge reader, the Kindle Unlimited subscription is for you!

How Does Kindle Unlimited work?

With your Kindle Unlimited subscription, you are granted access to the millions of book titles and thousands of audiobooks that can be found on the site.

There are some limitations, but none that would make it worth not trying out for a new exploration of books, audiobooks, and magazine titles.

What You Get With a Kindle Unlimited Subscription?

  • For $9.99 a month, you are given full access to the Kindle Unlimited library. However, this does not give you access to the entire Kindle library.
  • While you can still purchase any book you would like to read or listen to, you will have to separately purchase any Amazon book, audiobook or magazine that is not included as a Kindle Unlimited pick.
  • For example, new New York Times bestselling books will most likely not be included (at least immediately). However, you would still be able to purchase one of those books in addition to your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

If you don’t have a Kindle to enjoy your reading on, you can use the Kindle app on your tablet/iPad, computer, or smartphone. This way you don’t actually have to have a specific Kindle to enjoy your Kindle Unlimited books.

Since it is electronic only, Kindle Unlimited is a great way to make use of your ebook reader, tablet, computer, or Kindle for reading purposes.

Even though you can read an unlimited amount of books, you can only borrow up to ten of them at a time. You can keep them for as long as you want – there are no due dates like at a normal library.

This lets you “shop around” for free to try new books constantly, and you can always keep certain books in your library that you really love.

Unlike actually purchasing the books like you would on the Amazon storefront proper, Kindle Unlimited is almost like renting a book from the library electronically.

Looking for an e-reader to go with your Kindle Unlimited subscription? Check out our list of the best e-book readers.

How Much Does Kindle Unlimited Cost?

The cost for Kindle Unlimited is $9.99 a month, which gives you access to the millions of book titles, thousands of audiobooks, and several current magazine subscriptions within the library.

If you’re on the fence about Kindle Unlimited or even just wanting to save some extra money, you can join with a free month’s trial to try out the subscription.

You’ll then start to be charged per month after the trial, but are free to cancel at any time.

With unlimited books to read throughout the library, this is a bargain deal for the service, whether you’re a book-a-day reader or you tend to read closer to one book a month.

What Books Are Included on Kindle Unlimited?

Within the options in the Kindle Unlimited library, you’ll find millions of book titles. You’ll also find thousands of audiobooks and magazine subscriptions.

Kindle Unlimited does not often include new bestsellers or massive hits. But Kindle Unlimited does include many incredible independent options and lesser-known authors and series.

From romance books to memoirs, the library gives you tons of options to explore new authors, genres, and titles.

Best Kindle Unlimited Books

Since the Kindle Unlimited library has over a million titles, it can seem impossible to know where to start looking.

Here some of the best Kindle Unlimited books available right now to get you started.

The Best Classics

The Best Self-Help Books

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen Covey
  • A Year of Positive Thinking: Daily Inspiration, Wisdom, and Courage by Cyndie Spiegel
  • Declutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport 
  • Your Thoughts are Killing You: Take Control of Your Mind and Close the Door to Those Negative, Depressing, Fearful, Worrisome Thoughts Forever by Marybeth Wuenschel
  • Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool
  • Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person by Shonda Rhimes

The Best Literary and Fiction Books 

The Best Book Series 

The Best Cookbooks 

The Best Mystery and Suspense Books 

The Best Memoir & Biography Books

The Best Children’s Books 

Is Kindle Unlimited Worth The Price?

Yes, Kindle Unlimited is worth the price for those readers who love nothing more than sinking their teeth into a new read.

With a huge library of undiscovered stories for you to explore, the $9.99 a month subscription cost will be easily made up for if you’re a big reader.

If you prefer to read new releases, you may want to avoid getting a membership. However, those who are wanting to read more books will find value in it.

Check out this article on how to get the most value from your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

How To Shop For Books on Kindle Unlimited?

Shopping for books on the Amazon storefront is incredibly intuitive and easy.

Using your computer, simply look through the Kindle Unlimited library. Add whatever books you may like to your library using 1-Click Ordering.

It’s simple and self-explanatory, making it as easy as possible to start getting used out of your subscription immediately.

How To Find Audiobooks on Kindle Unlimited?

To search for audiobooks to listen to with your Kindle Unlimited subscription, look for the badge that says “Kindle Unlimited with narration.” If they don’t have the badge, the books aren’t free and aren’t part of Kindle Unlimited.

The books can be listened to on your Kindle device, using your Kindle reading app, or with the Audible app.

If you’re looking for a place to start, check out these included Kindle Unlimited audiobooks.

Best Audiobooks

Should You Try Kindle Unlimited?

If you’re still on the fence about trying Kindle Unlimited, go ahead and sign up for a free trial. It will allow you to see what it is that you like or don’t like about the service.

For reading lovers, this service is a great way to fit more books into your life for only $9.99 a month.

We always encourage our readers to jump out of their comfort zones in the literary space, and Kindle Unlimited is a great vehicle for exploring all sorts of books, audiobooks, and podcasts.

Whether or not you’re typically a fantasy reader or you tend to gravitate more towards suspense; whether you’re a historical kind of person or prefer autobiographies, Kindle Unlimited is bound to have several books you will enjoy.

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