Best Floor Lamps of 2017 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

A good floor lamp can offer natural light to brighten up an entire living room, strong focused light for your task in the home office, or a soft amber glow to alter the mood in your bedroom.

Floor lamps are so versatile: they can fit easily in any corner of the room, modestly behind a sofa or proudly in the middle of a foyer.

While much it is much easier to install than a wired in lighting system, a good floor lamp can make amazing changes to a room. Its design as well as the quality of light it illuminates can make a total upgrade to your space and create a whole new atmosphere in your home.

Best Floor Lamps

It is important that you get the floor lamps with the right brightness and color temperature to create the desired effects. This article will help you find the best ones to match with your interior decors and augment your room.

The Best Floor Lamps 2017

Pick the room you want to augment

The living room is the heart of a house. It’s where you rewind, play with your kids and dogs, and welcome your friends. Therefore, most people want their living room to look bright and inviting.

For that effect, a floor lamp for the living room should be able to light up the space with a pleasant illumination. Combined with other light sources, it should produce a total light output of 2000 lumens or higher.

If you want a bright, energetic atmosphere in the living room, the ideal light color temperature for your light bulbs should be higher than 3500K (the cooler spectrum of white). To make it warm, cozy and intimate, a temperature somewhere between 2700K to 3500K will do.

For the bedroom, you won’t want light of high intensity (bright) and high color temperature (“cold” color). The reason is that bright blue light triggers your brain to produce hormones that keep you stay alert and awake. While this is useful during the day, at night, such light keeps you from falling asleep.

Therefore, it’s important that you have light of lower intensity (dim) and lower color temperature (warm). The total light output in the bedroom should not exceed 4000 lumens. The light color temperature, meanwhile, is ideally between 2700K and 3000K (light yellow – warm white).

A soft, warm ambience in the bedroom will create a homey, trusting, intimate atmosphere, making you feel relaxed and ready to have a sound sleep.

A reading nook should be bright, cozy, and imagination stimulating. It’s where you lose yourself into the bookly adventures!

A good floor lamp for your reading nook is one that provides efficient light for you to read the small-printed letters. At the same time, it should set the mood for reading, and elevate the unique personality of the nook or the corner while not taking too much space.

For this reason, a lamp that illuminate focused light at a color temperature of 2700K (light yellow) to 4000K (white) will be ideal for your reading space.

For detailed tasks like data inputting, crafting, or hand embroidery, the best lamp is one that allows you to see every single small detail of what you’re looking at. The lamp should be extremely function-oriented in design so as to help you focus on your work.

Efficient brightness is thus the ultimate criteria of a good task floor lamp. The light it gives off should be strong enough to stimulate your aspiration and creativity.

In terms of light color temperature, it should ideally be at least 4000K (cool white), and up to 6000K (crisp cool white with tint of blue). Light in this range has the similar effect on your brain as daylight. It triggers the alert, energetic feeling you have on a bright sunny day, making you motivated to get your work done.

NameIdeal For 
Brightech SKY
(Editor’s Choice)
Living Room, BedroomBest LED Torchiere Floor Lamp
Revel Floor Lamp
(Editor’s Choice)
Living RoomBest For Lighting Up Your Living Room
Brightech EmmaLiving Room, BedroomBest Tripod Wooden Floor Lamp
Brightech MadisonLiving Room, Bedroom, Reading NookBest Bedside Floor Lamp
Brightech MaxwellLiving Room, Bedroom, Reading NookBest Wooden Shelf Floor Lamp
Brightech LitespanLiving Room, Reading Nook, Task LightingBest Bright Floor Lamp For Task Lighting
Brightech Arc
(Editor’s Choice)
Living Room, Reading NookBest Floor Lamp For Reading Nook
Brightech LightView ProTask LightingBest Bright Task Floor Lamp With Magnifier
Brightech EclipseLiving Room, BedroomBest Creative Floor Lamp
Brightech ContourLiving Room, Reading Nook, Task LightingBest Modern Floor Standing Reading Lamp

1. Brightech SKY – Best LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

With its bright but pleasant glow, this Brightech torchiere is the best floor lamp to light up your room.

Brightech has always been known for making high-quality lamps, and this item is not an exception. While looking slender and delicate, the floor lamp is extremely versatile.

Best Torchiere Floor Lamp

  • Warm pleasant glow
  • Simple design, matching any decor
  • Takes little space
  • Energy-efficient LED
  • Lights up dark room
  • Dimmable
  • Adjustable head


  • Height: 66 inches

The lamp comes in a sleek shell, with a firm, heavy base, and a slender body. Its simple design allows it to stand at any corner in the room or the reading nook, next to your table and desk without taking up spaces.
The light head is a thin round-shaped disk with rounds of LEDs on the upper side, and a metal finish on the lower side. It stands a good 66 inches from the floor.

One thing with the height of the floor lamp is that if you are taller than 6 feet, chances are you will see a glare, even when the light just pivots straight upright to the ceiling.

Thankfully, this lamp is designed with tall people in mind. The head is rotatable, and you can adjust it till it reaches your desired angle, and pivot the light to wherever you want it.

The lamp produces a pleasant warm white light at 3000K, and comes with 4 brightness intensity modes. This makes it an ideal lamp for any room in your house.

At the brightest mode, the lamp illuminates light of 3000 lumens. That is enough to light up an entire 15×12 feet home office. When it’s your bedroom and all you want is a soft glow, simply set it to a lower intensity. And there you go, a place full of gentle moonlight to lure you to the sweetest dreams.

2. Revel Floor Lamp – Best For Lighting Up Your Living Room

This lamp by Revel promises to brighten up and compliment your living room aesthetically.

The lamp comes with 3 arms with a drum shade on each. The shades are made of woven beige burlap – they’re thicker and sturdier than they appear in the photos. They cover the bulbs and prevent light from directly glaring into your eyes. The shades allow light to come out with the highest intensity from their top and bottom.

Best Floor Lamp for Living Room

  • Tall, stable
  • Goes with various bulbs
  • Match with modern/traditional decor
  • Beautiful shade
  • UL Listed for safety


  • Could be too big for small rooms

You can turn the 3 lights on at the same time for ultimate brightness, or only one or two of them when a dimmer environment is preferred. The lights are compatible with various types of bulbs, but they look best in a warm white: bulbs that have color temperatures of 2700K to 3500K would make their perfect companions.

The lamp has 3 adjustable arms. At full length, the arms can reach 80” in height. As the arms and shades spread out from the main stem, they take some space and would look best in a large living room or bedroom.

The base is extremely heavy and stable, however, the lamp is most usually placed next to, or behind an armchair or a sofa, or in a corner of the room.
Thanks to its simple design and neutral color, the lamp can match easily with both contemporary and traditional furnishings.

The lamp is certified by UL, one of a few nationally recognized testing laboratories.

3. Brightech Emma – Best Tripod Wooden Floor Lamp

Simple and elegant, this Brightech wooden floor lamp quietly complements your room with its delicate appearance.

The lamp features 3 thin and long wooden legs that rise to approximately 5 feet from the floor. A metal neck combines the legs together at the top to make a sturdy tripod. This neck then goes up to support a thick cream white cloth shade, which softens the light from a lightbulb to a pleasant, gentle glow.

Best Tripod Wooden Floor Lamp

  • Matchy with all decors
  • Soft, gentle glow
  • Reasonable price
  • Neutral colors


  • Cord runs in the middle of the legs

Thanks to its simplistic design and the neutral colors (light brown legs and off-white shade), the lamp can match very well with any room decors, contemporary or traditional. It blends in naturally and harmonically with both eastern and western style furnitures. The tripod creates the impressions of balance and placidity, while the cream white shade offers a complementary coordination with its surrounding environment.

Whether you want to neutralize a hot color schemed room, or add some subtle warmth to a cool neutral space, this lamp will accommodate your needs. You can leave it in a room overpacked with furnitures of a thousand different shapes, sizes and colors, and it will only bring calmness and breathiness there.

The lamp goes with an LED or a 3-way incandescent bulb of lower than 150 watt. If you’re planning to have it in your living room, a bulb with temperature of 3000K to 3500K would be ideal. For the bedroom, a slightly lower temperature range (2500K – 3000K) is perfect to create a warm, trusting, relaxing mood.

The lamp can be switched on and off at the socket. No worries if you’re planning to place it in the middle of a room – it has a very long cord (10 feet) that runs down from the shade center.

Tip for a complete aesthetic look: tie the cord so it runs along one the legs.

4. Brightech Madison – Best Bedside Floor Lamp

For a stable and reliable floor lamp, look no further than this table-lamp from Madison.

I’m not really sure if this is a table with a lamp, or a lamp with a table, but the two coordinate with each other so perfectly.

Best Floor Lamp for Bedroom

  • Firm wooden table included
  • Goes with both traditional/modern setting
  • USB ports and outlet included
  • Reasonable price


  • Takes more space than normal lamps

The lamp has a simple traditional styled shade with two color choices: creamy white for soft, calm feelings, or black and white for an impressive modern look. The shade is held by a metal arm which bends artfully before running straight down to meet the “base”.

The base is a two-tiered table that features black wood. Its two levels provide an awesome space for you to keep your books, magazines, and CDs. The open-air surfaces could also serve as a place to display your antique vase, tea cups, or other objets d’art.

A brilliant feature of the table-lamp is that it has 2 USB ports and an outlet so you can charge your electronic devices at any time while or while not using the lamp. Apparently, it is made with your convenience in mind. Thumps up for the engineers totally understood the frustration when you have to find your charger and move to plug it into a socket somewhere on the wall!

With the table being modest in size (14”x14” and standing at 4.7 feet), you can leave it to stand next to your armchair, lounge, or as a bedside lamp. A bulb with temperature between 3000K and 4000K would be perfect for reading and other task-oriented activities in the living room. Meanwhile, one between 2700K and 3000K – or the warm white spectrum – would be more suitable for the harmonious, intimate, and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

5. Brightech Maxwell – Best Wooden Shelf Floor Lamp

If you’re wondering what to put in your living room or office to add style and soften the look, give this Brightech Maxwell a try.

The lamp consists of a three-level shelf and a shade. It’s very easy to assemble – most users get the work done within 30 minutes without even having to look at the manual.

Best Wooden Shelf Floor Lamp

  • Slender, delicate look
  • Thick shade ensures pleasant light
  • Matches with modern/traditional decor
  • Offers space for other objects


  • Not suitable for room with small kids

Standing at 63 inches tall and taking a surface of 10 ¼ square inches, the Japanese style influenced shelf lamp looks pleasantly slender. You can’t customize the height of the shelf, however, the 15 inch height should be more than sufficient for your books or even a vase of tall flowers.

The lamp stays neat in a corner or next to your arm chair in a confined space, its delicate vertical structure and the open air shelf generously offering breathiness to the room. In a large living room or a foyer, the shelf is where you can display your books and coffee mug and artsy objects to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere.

Beware if you have a toddler or some big furry friends though: at 12 pounds, the lamp is not too difficult to be pushed off. It’s by no mean a tumbler doll, however, due to its height, the lamp looks safer when standing next to a wall or a table/chair.

For turning the light on and off with convenience while you’re in bed or in your armchair, the lamp is designed with a pull chain switch.

The lamp comes with a creamy white shade. It’s thick and firm, working perfectly to prevent glare and diffuse the light to give a soft, even illumination in the whole room. There are four choices of color of the shelf to match with your other furnitures.

To create a warm, cosy mood, use a bulb with warm white light (2500K – 3500K).

6. Brightech Litespan – Best Bright Floor Lamp For Task Lighting

You won’t find a better item on the market than this baby from Brightech when it comes to reading and crafting floor lamp.

At a color temperature of 6000K, this lamp illuminates the same light color as the sun on a cloudless noon. Its blue and white color helps you to stay alert, fresh, and 100 percent focused on your task, be it reading, crocheting, or coding.

Best Floor Lamp for Task Lighting

  • Bright focused white light for tasks/reading
  • Dimmable
  • Slender, takes little space
  • Adjustable neck
  • Long lifespan
  • 5 color choices


  • Single light color temperature

At the maximum light output of 2000 Lumens, it promises to beam on every details of what you have in hand. In fact, many people buy the lamp for their elderly parents who need extremely bright light to be able to read with ease.

The bonus point is that you have full control of the light intensity. When you need a soft white glow, decrease the intensity by touching the button that lies between the bulb and the neck. You will surely find a brightness level just right for your activity.

While shining like a star, the lamp emits no heat at all, thanks to the energy efficient and heat free LEDs on its head. These LEDs have a lifespan of up to 20 years – you never have to change the bulb at all!

The lamp comes with a flexible neck, which allows you to pivot the light to wherever you want. It’s held with a long slender arm and a heavy weighted base to prevent any subtle shaking when you move it. The modesty in the size of the whole item allows it to stay anywhere in the room, be it next to a sofa or at your office table, while barely taking any noticeable space.

With 5 choices of color, you will surely find a shade to match with your home decor. The lamp doesn’t look sparkling and won’t add much luxe into your glorious living room like a chandelier, but if light of high quality is what you’re looking for, totally go for it.

7. Brightech Arc – Best Floor Lamp For Reading Nook

Nothing in the world sounds more heavenly to book lovers than a snuggle in their comfy chaise lounge with a soft blanket, two fluffy pillows, and a good, good book. A reading light for those moments is one you can only read by, but can also inspire your imagination and set a cozy, tranquil atmosphere.

Best Floor Lamp for Reading Nooks

  • Gentle warm light
  • Adjustable height
  • Matchy matchy design
  • Space-efficient
  • Durable and heat-free LEDs
  • Easy to resemble


  • Single brightness level

The Brightech Arc lamp comes in a unique crescent shape, which arches over to shine evenly over your shoulders to the open pages. You can adjust its height somewhere between 47 and 66 inches until you reach the desired distance for your activity.

At an intensity of 2000 Lumens, it allows you to read even small printed lines and see the steam on your cup of hot tea. No worries about the life span of the bulb or increased electricity bills – the lamp is made with LEDs that are extremely energy efficient and can last a decade or two.

Although strong in intensity, the light produced is very pleasant to the eye at 3000K in temperature. That’s the warm white spectrum that promotes a soft, cam, and relaxing atmosphere to wherever it shines to.

As it has a slender stem and a weighted but compact metal base, the lamp takes a humble space in your small cozy corner or reading nook. The lamp’s simple on/off switch is conveniently placed in the middle of the cord, and is within your feet’s reach. The simple and delicate design allows it to blend in and match easily with any decors. You won’t even notice it’s there – that is, until it is on and add a great luxe look to the room.

The only thing that I wish to add to this crescent moon is the dimmability. If you’re simply in the mood for a TV show and want to add some soft ambience to your dark room, this lamp could be too bright. The best solution is to buy an extra LED dimmer with a remote control – that would make it extremely handy. I just kind of wish Brightech made it a built-in feature.

8. Brightech LightView Pro – Best Bright Task Floor Lamp With Magnifier

Looking for a good task floor lamp to do knitting, sewing, or other highly detailed work in your scrap room? You may not want to buy this Brightech LightView Magnifier baby, because once you’ve used it, you won’t ever want to do your work without it again.

Best Task Floor Lamp

  • Multi brightness levels
  • Adjustable light color
  • Rolling wheel on base
  • Adjustable arm and neck
  • High quality magnifier


  • Task-oriented, does not serve to decorate

The magnifier lamp comes in a design that puts all the focus on its functionality.

To ensure the accuracy of your work, the lamp comes with 90 LEDs, which offer focused light of 800 lumens. It’s extremely bright for a task lamp! In fact, it can be too bright if you eyes are sensitive, in which case, the dimmable feature comes into play.

The dimming touch is conveniently placed on the lamp head. Place the tip of your finger on either of the arrows until you are happy with the intensity.

Next to it is the color temperature touch points, which allow you to change the color of the light.

For a crisp, bright light to boost your concentration and alertness, tough to increase the temperature. It can get to as high as 6000K, a temperature that imitates the bright daylight on a cloudless sky. If you’re working late into the night and are bound to go to bed in an hour or too, lower it to a warm white at 3000K. Play with the lamp for a while and you will surely find the shade most pleasant to your eyes.

The LEDs of this lamp are distributed in 2 rounds around a lens. Since its function is to help you with works that are extremely detailed-oriented, it comes with a clear lens. The lens is a 3-diopter piece of high quality glass with a diameter of 3 inches. It magnifies your work a great deal – imagine the little threads you’re embroidering with are now almost 2 times thicker!

When not in use, you can cover it with the attached lid to avoid dust. It’s that handy!

To maximize the versatility, the neck and the arm of the lamp are easily adjustable. The base, meanwhile, have six wheels under it for enhanced mobility. It promises to always direct the light to exactly where you want it.

The lamp comes in a white shell. It looks simple and neat, and offers a professional impression where it stays. It’s no gorgeous beauty that would elevate the fanciness of your room, but if work productivity is your priority, this lamp will never let you down.

9. Brightech Eclipse – Best Creative Floor Lamp

Brightech again stands out for its uniqueness and productivity in design with this double-ring torchiere lamp.

Best Creative Floor Lamp

  • Colorful, artistic, fancy look
  • Tall, doesn’t give glare
  • Stands out to complement the room
  • Firm base


  • Doesn’t look like real glass
  • Doesn’t support reading

The lamp features a black shell, with a thin but wide, heavy weighted base and a black pole. If you like it brighter in appearance, however, go with the sleek silver finished version.

The beauty of this lamp comes from its unique rings. There are two of them: the outer one with a diameter of 18 inches, and an inner ring, 14 inches. The two rings contains dozens of LEDs with a total light output of 2000 lumens all together.

Thanks to the LEDs, the lamp never heats up itself nor the air around it, despite the strong intensity. It does, however, has a warm color temperature at 3000K, which promises to create a trusting, inviting atmosphere where it stays.

When you rather want a soft sweet ambience for intimate conversation or to listen to yourself, you can always dim the light. Touch the dimmer at its neck and choose between 3 levels of light intensity – not every floor lamp comes with a built-in dimmer light this!

The most remarkable feature of this lamp, and it’s what makes it a beloved item in the users’ homes, is the flexible rings. You can spin and turn each of the rings left and right, upward and downward, putting them in 1001 different positions to create your desired “shape” and shade of light.

As it is simple in color and shape, the lamp can match easily with any fixture in your home, especially ones that have contemporary style. You can place it anywhere in the house and never worry about not having enough space for other furnitures. Due to the delicate look, however, it feels more secure in a corner or next to something that have a bold figure, say a sofa or a bookshelf.

10. Brightech Contour – Best Modern Floor Standing Reading Lamp

One thing about task lamps is that most of them look pretty boring. Not that anyone would buy a task lamp for decoration purposes. Yet, it’s always a plus if the lamp can give off light for you to work on your project without being a pain in the eye.

Best Floor Standing Reading Lamp

  • Dimmable
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Neat, cord gracefully hidden
  • White light for task lighting


  • Can’t light up entire room
  • Toggle switch on shade

So there’s this rare Brightech Contour lamp that is good looking and also works like a charm.

No, it’s not the brightest lamp in this collection. It features only 8-watt cool LED bulbs, which illuminate at 480 lumens. While this would be insufficient to light up a whole room, its focused light would certainly be more than enough to shine on your embroidery frame or small-printed book. The light is cool, helping to boost your alertness and clearness of mind to concentrate better on your highly detailed work.

The lamps comes in a sleek and slender silver-finished shade. It has 3 pivot points so you can direct the light to wherever you want it without difficulty. It looks slender and is indeed lightweight: it’s only 15.8 pounds. This makes it more portable and space efficient. Then again, it looks much more secure next to your reading lounge than in the middle of the room, next to nowhere.

If you plan to use it as a reading light, however, you may want to connect the lamp with the nearest wall switches for convenience. The reason is that the lamp only has a toggle switch, and it’s placed right on the shade. That means you would have to stand up, or at least sit upright when you want to turn it on and off or dim it. (Yes, the light is dimmable!)

Due to the slender figure and the silver finish, the lamp would be better standing in a room of modern fixtures.


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