Top 7 Best Ereader Cases of 2021 — Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Ereader Cases:

The best ereader cases, whether you have a Kindle a Kobo device, should offer more than just protection.

A good ereader case should fit and work as the skin for your device to support it, to add style, and improve your reading experience.

The right item will make reading on your ereader feel even closer to a real book.

Best Ereader Cases for Kindle and Kobo

In this post, we’ve review the most popular and highly-rated ereader cases for Kindle and Kobo devices. Check them out!

Amazon Case
• Zero distractions
• Color: Black, Blue & Magenta
Check Price
Amazon Paperwhite Cover• Magnetic clasp ensures cover is securely closed
• Color: Fuchsia, Onyx Black, Persimmon & Royal Purple
Check Price
Fintie SmartShell• Material: Synthetic leather
• Available in various colors
Check Price
Kindle Oasis Water-Safe Cover• Magnetic attachment ensures cover is securely closed
• Available colors: Charcoal, Marine Blue & Punch Red
Check Price
Kobo Libra H2O Sleepcover• Automatically wakes up when you open the cover, and goes back to sleep when you close it
• Available colors: Black, Aqua, Gray & Pink
Check Price
Aura H2O Sleepcover• Leather imitation cover
• Color: Black
Check Price
Fintie Kobo Clara HD Case• Durable and protective
• Available colors: Black, Love tree & Z-Blossom
Check Price
Best Kindle Cases

1. Amazon Case — Best Ereader Case for Kindle Basic

Amazon Case — Best Kindle Basic Case

If you’re on the hunt for a decent cover to protect and add some personality to your Kindle Basic, your best bet is the official Amazon case.

This Kindle Basic cover consists of a back cover and a front flap, which can be folded back to read with one hand. When you open the case, it automatically wakes the Kindle up.

This makes your reading experience a little closer to that on a real book: you flip the cover and start reading immediately (provided that your device is ads-free).

Unlike other official Amazon cases, the Basic case is not made of leather. (If it were, it could end up costing almost the same as the device it protects).

Instead, it features two layers of different materials: polyurethane on the outside, and gray woven nylon inside.

To keep the two halves of the case together when shut, there is a magnetic clasp on the case. It prevents your device from slipping out on its own even while you’re moving around.

Although the materials are more casual than fancy, they provide a decent shelter for the device from everyday wear and tear.

You can leave your Kindle in your bag with your phone, car keys, wallets, and a thousand other things – no worries about it getting cracked or scratched on the screen.

In addition, although thin and lightweight, the case adds some weight and thickness to the device, which many users find makes it more solid and pleasant to hold.

2. Amazon Paperwhite Cover — Best Kindle Paperwhite Case

Amazon Paperwhite Cover — Best Kindle Paperwhite Case

This Kindle Paperwhite leather case is an item of top-notch quality.

Its exterior is made out of genuine leather (hence the price). The natural material is not only durable but also gives your fingers a sense of warmth and softness as you touch it.

It fits snuggly with the ereader. And at 5.6 ounces (159g), creates a thick, firm, solid feeling in your hand.

The case opens from the side in the same way a physical book does. Except that you need to apply a little more force, as the magnetic clasp holds pretty securely.

This is to make sure there is no accidental opening even when the device is bumping with other items in your bag.

Running around the edges of the device is a soft silicone-like plastic outline to protect it during drops. It holds the device with an extremely firm, secure grip – the chance that the Paperwhite will fall out on its own is as thin as a razor.

In fact, it is so tight you may have difficulty removing it. That makes it a perfect choice if you want the cover on your Kindle till death tears them apart.

However, if you’re a fan of polygamous device-cover relationships, I recommend screening this clingy, over-protective cover out of your options.

At the time of writing, the Kindle Paperwhite leather case comes in 5 plain color choices.

The shade could be slightly different on the real product, depending on the lighting and angle of looking. It’s best to check the Customer Images section to make sure it is the exact one you intend to buy.

3. Fintie SmartShell — Best Kindle Paperwhite Case for Style

Best Kindle Paperwhite Case for Style

While the official Amazon case is superb, its price isn’t exactly pocket change. For less than half the price, you could get one of these beautiful Fintie covers for your Paperwhite. This makes the Fintie SmartShell one of the best ereader cases on the market.

The Fintie SmartShell comes in 53 choices of colors, giving you more options for expressing your style and personality.

There are plain colors as well as flowered and patterned ones, giving looks ranging from zen and tranquil to exotic and eye-catching.

But there is more than meets the eyes. The Fintie is a smart case: It wakes and sleeps your Kindle as you open and close it.

As far as the material is concerned, the case comes with high-quality PU leather on its outer side.

On the inside, it is padded with microfiber to protect the screen. When closed, the magnetic clasp does it work well to hold the front and the back cover closely and firmly together.

Compared to the official leather cover, this Fintie case is thinner and significantly lighter in weight (2.9 oz vs. 5.6 oz).

If you have delicate hands and read a lot holding the device in one hand, this is probably more pleasant to hold for long hours than the official leather case.

All things considered, the Fintie SmartShell is easily the most decent and most beautiful Kindle Paperwhite cover you can find at this price.

4. Kindle Oasis Water-Safe Cover — Best Case for Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis Water-Safe Cover — Best Case for Kindle Oasis

This smart and simple, water-safe cover is our top case for the Kindle Oasis.

The outside of the case comes in three color fabric options: charcoal, marine blue, and punch red.

The inside layer, where the cover gets direct contact with the screen, is padded with soft microfiber. That keeps the screen safe from scratches while adding comfort to your hands as you touch it.

This case opens from the side. Since the flap comes with strong magnets, it stays tight when closed. There is zero chance of an accidental opening. The case covers and holds the device very tightly without the need for a strap.

With a simple design and no unnecessary details, this water-safe case for Kindle Voyage is thin and flat. You can fold it back and hold the device in one hand to read without feeling a bulk.

Despite the delicate look, it comes with full functionality: to put the Voyage to sleep when closed and starts it again when you open the cover to read.

The case is designed to fit 9th and 10th generation Kindle Oasis devices and weighs 3.92 oz.

Perhaps the best thing about this cover is that it is water-safe. Take your Oasis to the beach, pool, or tub without worrying about destroying the material.

Best Kobo Cases

5. Kobo Libra H2O Sleepcover — Best Kobo Libra H2O Case

Best Kobo Libra H2O Case

This sleep-cover offers great protection for the Kobo Libra H2O. The durable soft PU leather material effectively shelters the device from scratches, while giving it a classic look.

The case is a product of Kobo itself, who knows every measurement and detail of their ebook reader.

It covers the device nicely, leaving the right space at the exact place it is needed. As its name suggests, when closed, the magnetic cover puts the ereader to sleep. It wakes the device up as soon as you open it again.

Furthermore, to give you freedom of the hand, the front lap comes with a fold. Fold it back, and you will have a firm, stable stand for your device while you read on it.

This sleep-cover is perfect if you’re looking for a practical Kobo ereader case.

The case is available in many colors including black, grey, pink, and aqua. If what you want is a Kobo Libra H2O cover that is neat, classic, and functional, then go for this staple.

6. Aura H2O Sleepcover — Best Ereader Case for Kobo Aura H2O

Aura H2O Sleepcover — Best Kobo Aura H2O Case

The Kobo Aura H2O is a mini version of the Aura One. However, their covers do not only differ in size.

The Aura H2O SleepCover is made with a thin layer of PU leather that is lightweight and feels soft on the hand.

Nevertheless, it is more than durable enough to shelter the ereader from daily wear and tear.

When you unclip and open the cover, the Kobo Aura H2O wakes up immediately to attend for its job. As it’s closed, the device goes into sleep. In this respect, it is very similar to that of the Aura One.

When it comes to design, however, the SleepCover for the new H2O bears very little a resemblance.

Since the Kobo Aura H2O is compact in size, it feels much easier and more natural to hold it in one hand when you read. Therefore, the Aura H2O SleepCover does not come with that fold to support the ereader to stand vertically.

Instead, it features a traditional notebook style, with a flap that extends from the back and clips onto the front part to securely hold it.

This provides extra protection for the device from bumps during travel.
The H2O cover comes in 2 colors: black and bright blue, so there is one more choice for the fashion-conscious ebook lovers.

7. Fintie Kobo Clara HD Case — Best Kobo Clara HD Cover

Best Ereader Case Kobo Clara HD Cover

This vegan-leather case is designed specifically to fit the 6-inch Kobo Clara HD. It does not fit the larger Kobo Aura devices.

What makes this one of the best ereader cases is its premium faux leather exterior that keeps your Clara HD ereader scratch-free.

The exterior is soft and professional. The case comes in traditional black, but you can also buy a more colorful design such as “Love tree” or “Blossom.”

The interior of the case is a soft microfiber. And the Clara HD fits snugly in the inside pocket. While the device is held firmly in place, all buttons and controls are fully accessible.

One of the best features of the Fintie Kobo Clara HD Case is the strong magnetic closure. While the magnetic clasp is strong enough for nearly any environment, there is also an elastic strap that can be used when traveling or just for extra protection. The strap can also be used to hold or carry the device more easily.

The case also have an automatic sleep/wake function. Simply close your case when you’re done reading and it will shut down your device. Open it when you’re ready to continue reading and you’ll be on the same page you left off.

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  1. Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite also got its own case made by the company. And this case is also the best-selling case for Kindle Paperwhite Covers. So what makes it so different?

    The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite case is the lightest and thinnest protective cover available for the device. The case weighs only 5.6 ounces and is small enough to fit in a purse. Amazon users have described the premium natural leather as “high-quality.” Like the Amazon Kindle Voyage Case, this cover will wake up the device when you open it, and put it to sleep when you close it. There are no straps in the front and the cover is secured with a magnetic clasp.

    It’s important to note, that this case will only fit the Kindle Paperwhite – not the Kindle Voayge or Kindle Touch. On the plus side, this case has a little more color diversity to match your style: fuscia, honey, ink blue, onyx black, persimmon, royal purple and saddle tan.


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