16 Unique and Useful Gifts for Book Lovers

That special day is coming and you are thinking of gifts.

You want to find the best book gifts for your bookworms to let them know how much they are loved and appreciated?

It doesn’t always have to be a book to be a meaningful present – you can bring nice surprises to them with your creativity!

But then again, all of these gift ideas for book lovers make wonderful Valentine’s Day Gifts, Easter Presents, Birthday Gifts, and Christmas Gifts too!

Here are 16 best gift ideas for book lovers, or future book lovers that you can never go wrong with.

16 Unique and Useful Gifts for Book Lovers

1. Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

shredded foam reading pillow

Nothing can substitute your hug, but when you’re not around, let your cherished person feel the warmth of your love with this pillow.

Designed for book lovers, the pillow supports their neck and back, and arms, making it comfortable to sit upright or halfway to read. Its cover is as soft as a gentle caress.

It’s a gift from you for them to lean on to find safety, comfort, and backing when they open their books to begin the adventures.

2. Eye Care Book Light

eye care book light

A book light is the perfect gift for a book lover, especially someone who often reads at night.

This Ecologic Mart’s Eye Care book light with two heads producing a soft, eye-friendly amber light will be a gift much appreciated by a night owl reader.

Every night when they get turn the light on to read before calling it a day, the pleasant glow on their book will remind them of the gentle, caring love you have for them.

The thoughts of you will warm their heart in the last moments of the day.

3. Lightweight Tote Bag

It’s very easy to point out immediately the frequent customers of a library or a bookstore – they don’t use toxic plastic bags to carry the books. Nor do they carry fancy but heavy leather items. Instead, every one of them have a fabric or paper bag.

This tote bag is handsewn in America with poly poplin fabric and a sturdy cotton webbing strap. Thanks to the material and the simple design, the bag is extremely light. And that’s the selling point – it can hold several heavy hardbacks without adding its own weight to the package.

As it’s durable, washable and reusable, the bag is a great choice for your eco-friendly book lover. Plus point: it has a cute artwork. A bookworm will love this gift.

You won’t find a more useful gift for your beloved library goer than this.

4. Amazon Kid’s Bundle

amazon kid bundle

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Making sure books are always available for them is a way to nurture your children’s curiosity, to encourage them to master languages and learn about the nature and the cultures of the world.

This Kid Bundle from Amazon comes with books that you can handpick for your child’s young mind in an eye-friendly Kindle Basic ereader. All distractions blocked – you never have to worry about your child getting access to improper contents, or accidental purchases.

The Kindle is featured with Vocabulary Builder. Don’t be surprised the next time you hear your child talk with beautiful complex words!

For when your very active child accidentally drops the ereader or spills some milk on it, the device is guaranteed against damages for a good two years.

5. The Supershelf


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A unique gift that promises to bring at least a delighted smile to the recipient.

The shelf consists of a metal part that can be installed on the wall. Then a superman magnet that seems to be pushing up from underneath, saving the books from falling onto the floor.

It looks simple, and it looks cool and lively. You can’t not notice it. And once you’ve noticed it, you can’t help but starting a conversation about it.

This Supershelf may not be the most expensive gift you can give, but it surely will be one of the most cherished. Be the receiver a little superman fan, a teenage schoolgirl, your nerdy colleague or your young-minded grandma.

6. Transparent Celestial Globe

transparent celestial globe

If your kid keeps asking why the Sun rises in the east, or why the moon can only be round in certain days of the month, it’s time to introduce them to some basic concepts of astronomy.

This celestial globe includes an earth globe and a sun globe, which both allow your child to rotate to observe our planet’s relationship to the stars, planets, and galaxies.

Learn with them. Take them out to explore the planets and the stars. Nurture their dreams about adventures in the space.

They may not necessarily end up landing on Mars. But wherever they go, your child will have in their heart an appreciation of the beautiful universe, and the memories of your their quality time with you.

7. Marvel Comic Duvet Cover

marvel comic duvet cover

What can be cooler than an adventure with the Spiderman when everyone else is asleep?

This reversible duvet is a Marvel Comics fan’s dream item in their bedroom. It comes in bright, colorful Superman comic pictures, which likely will make your child’s bed the center of the room. To finish the look, two pillowcases of the same theme are included.

Give this to your Spiderman-loving child, or your comic-addicted web developer friend. Give them the little joy of seeing their favorite superhero before going to bed. They will wake up every morning believing in their own secret powers.

8. Portable Heart Light

Nothing can be a cuter gift for book lovers than this adorable heart-shaped book light in a lovely gift bag.

But the light is even more than looking interesting – it is multi-functional too. It produces a warm, restful, eye-friendly light in 3 intensity modes. The light can easily wrap over the reader’s shoulders to stream on their pages, or stay firm on their table to serve as a lamp.

As it is very portable, they can bring the heart with them to use wherever they need it. It can work continuously up to 30 hours!

Every time the heart opens, there shines the light of love, care, and companionship.

9. Book Light Lamp

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Light up any book lover’s life with this beautiful light, that adds a pleasant ambiance to any room.

Fully rechargeable, with different color options, this book light features just the right amount of light to set the mood for relaxing, reading or watching TV.

USB-rechargeable LEDs offer a soft, beautiful and delightful glow.

10. Book Lover’s Iphone Case

This iPhone case is 2-in-1: books overload, and cuteness overload.

Give this to a book lover. Tell them know how cute you think they are. Tell them how their smile brightens your day.

It’s something that they’ll bring it with them everywhere. Something that reminds them of themselves, and of you.

11. Crescent Floor Lamp

floor lamp

Let this crescent moon add coziness to the moment when your beloved book lover snuggles in their comfy chaise lounge with a good book.

This is actually a reading light that produces a soft, warm and pleasant light. It’s not only enough to read by, but also to set a safe, tranquil atmosphere in your bookworm’s retreat corner.

Simple and delicate in design, the lamp can match easily with both vintage and modern decors in a living room or reading room.

12. Multi-intensity Eye-friendly Reading Lamp

reading lamp

You know what gift will always be appreciated by a diligent reader, or someone who works constantly at a desk?

A good table lamp.

One that brightens up when they want it bright, dims when they need it dim, and has a light color and an angle that they can adjust to get the desired level.

One that stays firm and stable on their table without taking much space. One that can remind them to stand up for an eye break or some muscle stretch. One that looks cool and professional.

This TaoTronics item is exactly that. They will use it. And they will love it.

13. Mini bookshelf

mini bookshelf

There can never be enough space for beloved bookworm’s plethora of books. But you can help save some room for their coffee cup on the table with this mini bookshelf.

The shelf comes to the rescue in a sleek appearance – with decorative swirls and a bright white finish. Despite the small size, it’s sturdy and can hold quite a lot of books, plus some other office items.

The shelf can also work as a cosmetic holder at their dressing table. Or, if they put some pots of flowers and small plants on it, it will become a very catchy mini garden on their countertop.

This is a gift you can never go wrong with.

14. The Kindle Paperwhite ereader

Kindle Paperwhite Ereader

The perfect gift for avid readers of all ages.

This Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best e-reading devices on the market. It has a glare-free screen with high resolution, and built-in front lights that allow the user to read at night worries-free. Extremely easy on the eye even when your cherished person reads for long hours.

The device comes with a massive Amazon Library that can be shared with a reading partner. Its battery lasts for weeks – they don’t have to worry about charging it every day.

For a complete set of gifts for your bookworm, get them the Kindle Paperwhite Bundle with a Paperwhite in an Onyx black cover, and an adapter.

Let your bookworm know that you care about their passions and hobbies, and that you are happy to support them.

Check this link for a full review of the device. You may end up giving yourself one after all.

15. Portable Peeramid Bookrest

portable peeramid bookrest

A thoughtful gift for avid readers who hate holding a book or an ereader in their hands for a long time (who doesn’t anyway?).

This soft, fluffy bookrest helps support a book where they put it, freeing their hands from unnecessary straining. The pyramid top creates a perfect angle to read their book or Kindle, while the “lip” at the base keeps it in place.

If your beloved person likes read in lying positions, they will definitely love this! It can make a total release for their neck and hands.

16. Thumb Thing Book Page Holder and Bookmark

Thumb Thing Book Page Holder and Bookmark

Fun, simple and useful product perfect when you’re into paperbacks. The Thumb Thing comes in different sizes and makes reading in one hand easier as well.

Reading outdoors where the wind blows the pages of your book will no longer be a problem. You can enjoy reading in the garden, in bed, bath or at the beach and this Thumb Thing Book Page Holder and Bookmark will hold the pages for you.

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