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Welcome to Hooked to Books, a place that nurtures the love of reading books! 

In this fast-paced world, a good paperback provides shelter for bibliophiles like us. 

But we wanted to take things a step further and provide a platform where readers can enjoy their favorite thing in the world, uninterrupted.

Hooked to Books was an ambitious project, fueled by our desire to provide book lovers with a digital nook they can visit when the outside world gets too gray and ugly! 

Imagine visiting your favorite bookshop with a few clicks!

Explore and find book reviews, quotes from your favorite authors, reading and writing tips, gadgets to enhance your reading experience, latest book releases, discussions on books, and so much more! 

Oh, BTW, here, we only speak bookish language. 

About the Blog

Most people are hooked to their phones, social media, and endless news cycles. Us?

We are hooked to books, of course!

Our mutual love for books led us to envision Hooked to Books. 

Books are an escape from reality for many readers, so we wanted to help them know and learn about books, reading, and writing as much as possible. 

This blog introduces bibliophiles from all over the world to the magical world of reading.

At present, we also have a community of book readers on Facebook and Discord, where we all interact with like-minded people, talk and share our opinions on books, organize fun activities, engage in live discussions, etc. 

Know about the story of Hooked to Books below.

Inspiration behind HTB:

Even 50 years ago, the only way to meet people who enjoy reading as much as you would be to visit bookshops, cafes, or libraries. 

In recent years, the best way to connect with other bibliophiles is online. The obvious solution was to host a safe space for everyone to meet and mingle.

Hooked to Books is the only one that, back in 2018, was more than open to publishing very personal and unique articles that didn’t adhere to a strict format!

Initial Steps:

They say don’t judge a book by its cover. This is true… but a nice cover goes a long way! 

So, we began brainstorming ideas in order to design our blog in a way that’s inviting to an average reader. Cozy and warm.

Found like-minded individuals who love to read but also write about what they read. Everything else falls into place when you’re surrounded by people who share the same vision and passion about books.

Then, it was time to write. And then! You guessed it, write some more.

From reviews and booklists to the most useful gadgets for all book lovers.


Striking a balance between taking care of the day-to-day tasks of managing a blog and getting creative was always a challenge. 

It wasn’t until a few years ago that we were able to create a system that allowed us to have fun while still providing the most comprehensive and unique articles on books.

Who is HTB for?

HTB is for those who didn’t stop reading when they graduated high school.

We’re here for people who understand that reading isn’t something you do as a chore, but it’s a refuge for our inner child to roam free.

Future vision of HTB

In the future, we’d love to foster a community of bibliophiles. 

A hub where they can share their thoughts and feelings about their favorite books, as well as develop relationships with each other.

Moreso, become the unofficial “patrons” of aspiring authors. Perhaps one day, we could run our own publishing house. From the people, for the people.

We will continue to expand to provide much more valuable reading and writing resources. 

Our belief to bring value even beyond our community directed us to offer Scholarships for college students, and we’re aiming to implement more Giving Back programs in the future.

Topics We Cover

Hooked to Books aims to provide all kinds of resources to people to help them know about varied books available worldwide and learn more about reading and writing. 

We talk about books of various genres, well-known authors, useful book gadgets, etc. Everything and anything related to Books!

Things You’ll Find

  1. Personal Book Reviews and Recommendations
  2. Discussions on Books and Authors
  3. Monthly Book Releases 
  4. Famous Quotes by Authors 
  5. Tips and Advice Related to Reading and Writing
  6. Complete List of Books in Order of Various Authors 
  7. Best Product and Gadgets Recommendations  
  8. Industry News
  9. Community-Based Updates 

Hooked to Books publishes well-researched and well-articulated blogs on these categories. We provide a diverse range of articles under each category and continuously work on improving and developing the quality to offer you the best resources. 

About our Guides and Product Testing Process

To help keep the lights on and provide more bookish knowledge, we participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which means we earn a small commission from Amazon when you purchase some products after clicking on a link from our site.

However, there are two very important things we need you to know:

  1. You won’t pay more bucks for a product you purchase after clicking our affiliate links than you would if you went directly to Amazon
  2. We never recommend or suggest products that we don’t genuinely believe are among the very best of the best

Every product you’ll find on this site has been personally tried and tested by our team. We only tell you about a product when we believe it would help you enjoy reading or enhance your reading experience.

You can rest assured that we’re only doing so after going through the following product selection process.

  1. We compile from a broad selection of the best-selling models in the product category we’re covering and assign each one a score based on first impressions, customer reviews, and features
  2. The products that score the most points are purchased and used personally by our team and community of Hooked to Books
  3. Once we’re done testing, we sit down to discuss how each model performed in essential categories such as:
    • Overall quality
    • Cost
    • Beginner-friendly vs. better for experienced readers
    • Other factors that may be relevant to the particular product type
  4. We give each item a score for each of those categories, and the ones that perform the best make it to our site

Meet the Team

Our team put their best efforts into making this blog successful. We have a team of writers, editors, publishers, copywriters, designers, operations, and more. Their continuous contribution and hard work have led Hooked to Books to grow extensively.

Let’s meet a few members of our team!

Priyanka Das


Priyanka Das is the Chief Editor and Author of Hooked To Books.

She is an avid reader who loves to explore the world of books. Books have always been her escape, where she dives into for hours to experience the fictional universe created by authors.

Reading helped her to find a newfound love for writing, and now she is a budding writer who likes to pen her thoughts into beautiful and impactful words. Whether it be stories, poems, or articles for book lovers, she loves to write all!

She aims to build a community of bibliophiles so the readers can have a space to engage, interact, and thrive.

Grace Plant

Grace Plant is a freelance writer and a self-confessed bibliophile with a lifelong passion for reading. As a longstanding author at Hooked to Books, she is committed to helping readers cultivate a deep love for literature. With extensive knowledge across diverse genres and a discerning eye for talented up-and-coming authors, she takes pride in introducing the Hooked to Books community to fresh voices in the literary scene while also celebrating the timeless legends of the past

Forrest Webber

Forrest is a lover of books, the wild outdoors, deep mysterious conversations… and coffee. He is the owner of several websites, including hookedtobooks.com . He resides in Austin, Texas.

Connect With Us

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Let’s build our community of book lovers together!!

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