Top 7 Best LED Desk Lamps of 2024 — Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Finding the best desk lamps can be tricky. There are so many desk lamps on the market. Desk lamps come in all shapes, sizes, wattages, and prices.

And with so many functions that it’s hard to figure out which activities they’re exactly designed for.

In this article, we will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features.

You will find here the best desk lamps for reading, office work, detailed tasks, the ones that protect your eyes and enhance your productivity.

Gynnx Magnifying Clamp Lamp

Gynnx Magnifying Clamp Lamp

Our Top Recommendation for LED Desk Lamp

Featuring 10x magnifying high-definition optical glass, the Gynnx LED clamp lamp is perfect not just for reading, but also for close up work and intricate tasks. It can be attached to any desk, table or workbench up to 7.2cm.

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But first of all, let us explain our choices of the desk lamps, which are all LEDs.

Why Should we Use an LED Desk Lamp?

LED lights are becoming the norm in home and office lighting in recent years. And it is for a number of reasons. But when it comes to desk lamps, is LED a better choice compared to other products? And how so? Let’s take a look at what LED desk lamps have to offer.

More Versatility in Color Temperature

Most if not all traditional lamps have fixed light color temperature. The problem is you don’t usually use a lamp for a sole single purpose. Even for reading, sometimes it’s a bone-dry technical book that needs lots of critical thinking and concentration to digest, other time a romantic novel that requires you to dream as you read.

Modern LED lamps have it figured out. A lamp can now offer a very wide range of color temperature, from sleep inducing orange light (1600K) to alertness stimulating blueish white (6000K), and everything in between. Combined with the dimmability, this makes LED lamps the best for your eyes, and the easiest to be used for any purposes and settings.

Much Less Maintenance

LED bulbs are famous for lasting very long. A good bulb boasts to last 50,000 hours. That means if used 8 hours a day, the bulb can last 17 years!

Therefore, you won’t have to change a bulb every now and then. That’s one less thing to worry about. Once you’re at your desk, you can put full focus on your task instead of thinking if it’s time to buy a new bulb, and where to discard the old one.

LED Lamps Save the Environment

An LED bulb use 95 percent of the electricity it receives to produce light, as opposed to a fluorescent which convert 95 percent of the power into heat. This not only means an LED desk lamp, which is placed very close to your upper body, does not feel so hot and won’t make your eyes and skin that dry. It also means that the lamp needs much less power to produce the same amount of light as a flourescent does.

As a result, an LED light emits much less carbon dioxide compared to other light sources. Also, thanks to its durability, you can use it for much longer time without changing the bulb. That translates to much less garbage for the earth!

They Save Money in Long Term

LED lights cost more upfront. The reason is that it is still a rather new technology, which results in the high production expenses. Although the prices have been lowering in recent years, an LED light can still cost 2 or 3 times an incandescent light.

The thing is, because it uses much less power, LED saves you on the monthly bills. It pays off the price difference after about a year. And then you’ll enjoy 16 years of very low electricity cost.

While this doesn’t seem significant on an individual or family level, citywide or nationwide, billions of dollars can be saved with the simple choice of using lamps with the technology.

Thanks to their superior qualities, it’s no surprise that LED lamps completely dominate our list of the best desk lamps on the market.

Best LED Desk Lamps

Gynnx Magnifying Clamp Lamp• 10 x magnification
• Adjustable clamp
View on Amazon
BenQ Eyecare
• Intelligent e-Reading Mode
• Warm/ cool color adjustment
View on Amazon
Lumiy Lightblade
• Captive Touch Controls for Brightness
• USB Charging for Smart Phone
View on Amazon
OTUS Motion Sensor• 3 color modes
• Compatible with clamp
View on Amazon
BLINKO Cylinder Desk Lamp
• Takes up very little space
• Stylish cylinder design
View on Amazon
Brightech Lightview Pro• Versatile and easy to use clamp lamp
• Durable, energy efficient LEDs
View on Amazon
Mubarek Desk Tidy
• Built-in pen holder
• Built-in phone charger
View on Amazon

1. Gynnx Magnifying Clamp Lamp

Gynnx Magnifying Clamp Lamp
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This clampable lamp has super strong magnification capabilities and features a gentle, natural light that is kind to your eyes. It’s ideal for close-up work and detailed tasks, but it’s also perfect for reading and general office tasks. 

The Gynnx LED magnifying lamp is made from high-definition optical glass. It provides up to 10x magnification, superb clarity, and perfect transparency, making it an ideal choice for tasks like jewelry making, electronics, crafting, modeling, etc. This lamp is so powerful that it’s a favorite with dentists and beauty practitioners, too!

But despite its high strength magnification, this clamping Gynnx lamp is also a great all-around desk lamp with a soft, ambient glow that is gentle on your eyes. The LED bulbs mimic natural light, helping to reduce tired eyes and stave off headaches that can strike after a long reading session.

This model also features a removable, protective dust cover to ensure the lamp’s magnification capabilities work at their best. This helps to keep the optical glass clean and protects it from scratches and spills, extending its lifespan considerably. 

The clamp can be attached to any desk or workbench measuring 2.8 inches/7.2 cm or less, and it can be positioned either vertically or horizontally, depending on your preferences.

Once the clamp is attached, this lamp is super sturdy and won’t shift out of place if it’s accidentally knocked. There’s a strong stainless steel rust-proof arm that can feel a little stiff at first, but it soon becomes easier to maneuver after a few uses. 

The arm expands and contracts so you can bring it closer or further away from your subject, and there’s a rotating button for a full 360-degree range of motion. Plus, both the light and the arm can be adjusted to multiple angles.

One thing that’s not adjustable, however, is the brightness. There’s no dimmer switch on this model, so while the light is soft, ambient, and natural, you’re stuck with the same level of intensity.

Energy-saving-wise, this Gynnx magnifying lamp stacks up pretty well against the competition. The built-in 4500 lumens LED lights are designed to last a respectable 20,000 hours, the equivalent of about 20 years when used for 3 hours per day.


  • 10 x magnification
  • Optical high definition glass
  • Strong, adjustable clamp
  • Rotates to any angle
  • Detachable dust cover
  • Energy efficient


  • The stainless steel arm is a little stiff
  • Not dimmable
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2. BenQ Eyecare — Best for the Eyes

BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp
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I didn’t have to think for a second before nominating the BenQ as the best desk lamp for the eyes.

If you work a lot in front of the computer screen, or spend long hours reading and writing at your desk, be kind to yourself and equip yourself with this desk lamp. Your eyes will thank you.

The BenQ Eyecare is the giraffe of desk lamps. At 23.2 inches (or 59cm), its head can easily surpass the height of your big desktop screen and, if you’re not too tall, shine from over your head.

This is part of the reason why the light is very soft. The impressive height also helps increase the area the light can reach.

But even if you lower it, the illuminated area is still very large. The secret? The head is designed with a (very nice) bend that allows it to give a 150% wider light range.

The light it illuminates, while very bright at 1800 lux, is the softest and most pleasant of any lamps I have ever tried. It doesn’t create any glare even on the desktop screen.

That is thanks to the smart light diffuser and very clever allocation of the LEDs so that stronger light is illuminated to the sides and softer light in the center.

This makes it a far cry from other LED lamps on the market, which causes glare that you can feel even when reading on a rough paperback.

The icing on the cake is that you can customize the light brightness and temperature to make it even more pleasant on your eyes.

This can be done by gently pressing and turning the knob on the light head.

My teammate Simon finds that while the knob is functional, he is not too happy that there is no “endpoint” when you turn it.

It means you will keep turning it for a while before realizing if the lamp already reaches the highest/lowest intensity or color temperature.

That doesn’t bother me a tiny bit, however. I actually feel more confident switching among different light modes knowing that I won’t over-twist and break the knob. To each their own, I guess.

The lamp, like other high-end LED desk lamps on the market, is fully adjustable in height and lighting angle. It can spin on the base, bend and twist at the body and the neck. Even the head is twistable.

Despite the agility, it is very sturdy. The lamp is made of high-quality materials and is definitely built to last. Even the cord feels so bold and strong with woven fabric cover.

The base is unbelievably heavy and can take up quite some space. This is not a lamp that you can easily move around by hooking a finger on its neck and lift it up. Nor will your naughty cat be able to push it down.

But maybe the cat can turn it on and off if their tail reaches the control ring. The ring looks classy and beautiful, but it’s pretty “curvy” and you may accidentally touch it when you turn the knob.

It’s not a deal-breaker though. Once you’re aware, it’s very easy to avoid that.

If you hold the ring for about 2 seconds while the lamp is on, the green light lights up and it goes into Eye-care mode.

According to BenQ, in this mode, the light sensor works to determine the ambient in the room. Then the lamp adjusts the light accordingly to offer the best option to your eyes.

As per my observation, it does get into a very pleasant setting – soft and slightly warm light.

However, it doesn’t seem to adjust any further as the light environment changes. I had expected it to maybe become warmer and dimmer when I turn off the background light, for example, which it didn’t.

I have stable background light in my room so this is not an important feature to me in the first place, but it would be nice if it worked better.

Overall, this is a big, well-built, beautiful desk lamp. It is not perfect, but in terms of light quality and eye friendliness, it’s without a doubt the best desk lamp on the market to date.

Totally worth every penny you spend, in my opinion.


  • Tall, smart design, illuminates large area
  • Bright, even, pleasant light
  • Adjustable brightness and color temperature
  • Smart distribution of light
  • Well-built, solid, sturdy while flexible
  • Energy efficient
  • UL, CE, FCC listed for health and safety


  • High price tag
  • Heavy, not suitable for constant moving
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3. Lumiy Ligwm-htblade — Best for Office

Lumiy Ligwm-htblade
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On the office desk, you need a lamp that is compact, durable, one that gives off sharp, crisp light to enhance the accuracy and quality of your work.

Per our (and many other users’) experience, the Lumiy Ligwm-htblade is among the best lamps for that purpose.

Designed to fit in a small cubicle with various office items, the Lumiy desk lamp is minimalist in appearance. Not a single detail on the item is gimmicky. And yet it looks so sleek and beautiful in its shiny black shell.

Unlike its bigger friends, the BenQ and the TaoTronics, this lamp is not for wild bending or twisting.

You can bend its neck and rotate the lamp head to pivot the light where you need it, but the angles are not too wide. Not that it is a problem: its smaller size makes it more convenient for moving, at least around your desk.

Despite its compactibility, the lamp is capable of brightening up your whole desk. It produces light of 1100 lux – not the brightest on the market but sufficient and very impressive for its size.

According to Lumiy, the light has a CRI of higher than 90, making it a world-class lamp in terms of light quality. Note that sunlight CRI is 100, and only very good LED lamps have CRI of higher than 80.

While I can’t confirm if the figure is real, the light is nevertheless very sharp and crisp.

And it is easily adjustable via the touch sensors on the base. It is dimmable, and has a color temperature ranging from 6600K (for high concentration work) to the orange 1800K (for relaxation).

This means the lamp can make a pretty good bedside lamp too, if your bedroom has a contemporary decor.

As an LED lamp, the Lumiy consumes very little energy. You can use it every day for long hours without worrying about a surge in the electricity bill.

It also produces infinitesimal heat compared to other types, say halogen or incandescent.

However, it does get hot after a few hours. Thus, it’s best to turn the lamp off every now and then when you’re out for lunch or a meeting in another room, for example.

Or you can use the integrated timer to give both the light and yourself a short break after every hour of work. Win-win.

The lamp comes with a USB port, which is pretty handy when you want to charge your phone.

I personally don’t think it’s necessary for an office desk lamp – you have a lot of charging port there anyway, but it’s a nice extra feature nevertheless.


  • Sleek, compact, minimalist design
  • Bright, dimmable, adjustable color temperature
  • Sharp, crisp light
  • USB charging port + timer
  • Energy efficient
  • Bendable, rotatable


  • High price tag
  • Small bending angle
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4. OTUS Motion Sensor — Best Stylish Modern Desk Light

OTUS Motion Sensor
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Looking for a modern desk lamp that is highly functional while giving your space a stylish, contemporary look?

Search no further than this OTUS baby.

The OTUS is an architecture desk lamp with a traditional structure: a round base, a flexible arm, and a round shade. And yet the smart construction makes it look like a lamp from the future.

The lamp comes in a very sleek, shiny metal finish. Along the body and the base are some plastic parts smartly allocated at places you’re most likely touch.

I really appreciate this feature, as it’s no fun if you accidentally touch the cold metal while using it! The metal and plastic parts are in silver and black, beautifully combined together to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the lamp.

Now to the coolest feature of the baby: it can be controlled using hand gestures! The sensitive movement sensor allows you to get the light on and off with a wave in the air. It even remembers your last light mode and sets itself into the mode as it’s turned on. You don’t have to lift a finger.

If you wish to adjust the brightness and color temperature, the changes can be made via touch sensors placed along the arm.

There are 12 levels of light intensity and 3 different color modes for your choice. I love how modern lamps are so versatile.

For the desired light area and intensity, adjust the height of the lamp by bending or stretching its flexi arm.

It could reach up to 24 inches, and at a maximum intensity of 1200 lux, can easily cover your whole table. Light angle is in your full control too, with a twistable head.

Just as it looks, the OTUS feels solid and robust. It’s not too heavy (5.7 pounds), but the smart design allows it to maintain balance even when wildly bent.

The joints are firm, keeping the lamp stable where you put it. The base is not too large, but if you want to save even more space on the desk, you can get a separate clamp for $9.

The beautiful design of this lamp makes it a perfect gift for your family, friends or co-workers. It works more than efficiently and looks much fancier than its cost.

Just remember to check the decor around their desk – the lamp may look out-of-place in a vintage setting.


  • Bright, dimmable, adjustable color temp
  • Touchless control
  • Flexible arm and head
  • Compatible with clamp
  • Stylish, modern look


  • Not compatible with vintage decors
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5. BLINKO Cylinder Desk Lamp — Best Small Desk Lamp

BLINKO Cylinder Desk Lamp
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If you’re looking for a multifunctional and adjustable lamp that fits on your small desk or bedside table, look no further than this cylinder BLINKO lamp. This stylish little number helps you maintain a neat, clean working space without sacrificing quality lighting.

This cylindrical lamp is made to work in the most confined spaces – it’s extremely compact, with dimensions of ‎7.48 x 4.33 x 14.17 inches.

The classic, minimalist design looks great on any desk, and despite its contemporary look, it’s subtle enough to blend in even with more traditional interiors and décor.

The lamp cap rotates 180 degrees to be angled in any horizontal direction you please. You can shine a concentrated beam of light on your desk or work surface or adjust it to illuminate a larger area of the room.

This little lamp is surprisingly powerful, and with three brightness settings, it provides the perfect lighting for all kinds of situations. The strong spotlight is great for intricate tasks where you need maximum brightness. The softer dimmer settings provide ambient light levels for reading or relaxing too.

As well as the brightness modes, this BLINKO lamp also has three different color settings; warm, natural, and daylight. And best of all, when you turn off the lamp and turn it back on again, it remembers your last setting, so there’s no need to reprogram it each time you use it.

Another cool feature of this lamp is the USB-C charging port, so you can power this up and then use it without any wires at all, saving you desk space and keeping your work area neat and tidy.

And since it’s wireless and super compact, it’s also one of the most portable desk lamps on the market, and moving it from room to room is effortless. It makes a great emergency light in a power cut, and it’s also a handy light to take with you in your suitcase on a trip; just don’t forget your charger!

With a price tag just shy of $100, this lamp might seem a little pricey to some, but as soon as you get it out of the box, you’ll see what a high-quality product this is. It looks, feels, and performs better than many of the more expensive lamps on the market and is designed to last for many years.


  • Compact and space-efficient
  • Geometric cylinder design
  •  Dimmable; three brightness modes
  • Three color modes
  • Rotatable
  • Rechargeable and wire-free


  • More expensive
  • It only comes in black
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6. Brightech Lightview Pro — Best Magnifying Task Lamp

Brightech Lightview Pro
Check Latest Price on Amazon

A desk lamp for highly detailed work should be at least two things: very bright and have a magnifying feature.

This Brightech is one of, if not the best lamps you could find with those two qualities.

The Brightech Lightview Pro is super bright. It has 56 miniature LED bulbs distributed in a circle, which boast to last 100,000 hours. (That’s more than 30 years if you use the lamp 8 hours a day every day. We can’t confirm yet if they can really stay around for that long, though).

This group of bulbs emit light with an intensity of 650 lumens, more than enough to bring every tiny detail of what you’re working on into view.

In the center of the circle of LEDs is a lens, with a diameter of 5 inches. The lens is made of clear high-quality glass and has a magnification power of 2.25.

With this lens, you won’t even have to wear your reading glasses when sewing, knitting, or carving on the jewelries.

It magnifies well, and things appear through the lens crystal clear. I personally don’t do any work that requires the lens, but I imagine this is extremely useful for people who work on things with mini details.

Or people like my mom who has difficulty reading the small printed newspapers. There is a plastic cap that you can use to cover the lens to protect it from scratches and dust when you’re not using it.

Brightech LightView Pro Review

Now to the body of the lamp. It’s flexible, with joints and swivels you can bend and twist at the head, the arm, and where the body and the clamp meet.

This ensures you can pivot the light to the exact angle and position you need it. With a long arm (32 inches or 81cm in total), the lamp promises to bring the magnifying lens to the height you need, even if you’re 6.6 feet tall.

Despite the flexibility, the Lightview Pro is very stable and sturdy. It’s pretty heavy (7.5 pounds or 3.5kg) for a baseless lamp, and feels completely solid. It’s tight where needed, and stays exactly where you put it. The clamp opens to 2.5 inches (6.35cm), easily holding on to your thick table or desk.

The only thing I would like to add to this lamp is the dimmability, so I have more choices of the brightness.

The feature can be found on its larger version, the Brightech LightView Pro floor lamp, which also has various light color choices, but is unavailable on the desk lamp.

Nevertheless, without the dimmable feature, this is still an amazing task desk lamp with its crisp, bright light, clear magnifying lens, and flexible but stable arm.

And if anything, it also comes with a 3 years warranty.


  • Bright, crisp light
  • Durable, energy efficient LEDs
  • Clear 2.25X magnifying lens
  • Flexible body
  • Solid, sturdy
  • Baseless, space efficient
  • Clamps open to 2.5 inches


  • Not dimmable
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7. Mubarek Desk Tidy  – Best Multipurpose Desk Lamp

Mubarek Desk Tidy
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This Mubarek lamp kills not just two but three birds with one stone. It’s a powerful, dimmable, and versatile light source that helps keep your desk organized and clutter-free. And it also holds and charges your phone and other devices.

If your desk is looking a little chaotic, and you can never find your phone charger (is it just me?), then you need this Mubarek lamp in your life.

The micro USB port and charging cord allow you to charge up any compatible items, such as earbuds, a Bluetooth speaker, an e-reader, and of course, your phone while you work, read, study, or relax. And on a hot summer’s day, you could even plug in a small USB fan to help keep you cool.

There are also two spacious pen holder slots at the base of the lamp where you can store your stationery and other bits and pieces away and out of sight.

The touch-activated dimmer lets you seamlessly adjust this lamp’s brightness from its max setting down to complete darkness. And whatever setting you choose, you’ll also have the option of three different color modes. So, it’s easy to find the perfect level of light for your needs.

There’s a warm light for relaxing and reading in the evening. It has a soft light for eye-friendly studying and work. Plus, white light to fully illuminate an otherwise dark room. There’s no need to worry about losing your perfect light settings when you turn the lamp off because there’s a light memory function. This function instantly restores your chosen settings as soon as you switch it back on.

This lamp is adjustable in other ways too. The flexible gooseneck design means that you can adjust the angle of the beam to focus on a small area, or you can light up a whole room. You can also set it to avoid glare on your laptop or tablet screen too.

The light is powered by a built-in 18650 lithium battery, which has a much higher capacity than most desk lamps on the market. Just be aware that the charging cord included in the box is kind of short, so you might want to use a longer one if you have one. But whatever cord you use, once you’ve charged the Mubarek for four or five hours, it will give you wireless enjoyment for up to 64 hours.

And since it’s wireless, it’s easy to move this desk lamp around the room or use it in different parts of your house. You don’t have to worry about plugging it in and unplugging it first.


  • Built-in pen holder
  • Charges and holds your phone
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Three color modes
  • Stepless dimming
  • USB charging port


  • Short charging cord
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Top 7 Best LED Desk Lamps

Since it’s not the most solid and heavy, you may need to use one hand to keep it in place while you stretch it. This is not something I’m going to complain about, however.

The compactness and lightweightness of the base make it easier to move around whenever I reorganize the desk, which I do very often.

Best Desk Lamps

You may notice that there is an integrated USB charging port on the base. It takes quite long to charge and is not the best option if you need your device full fast. Nevertheless, it’s still a very nice bonus when you’re studying for long hours and want to charge your phone without moving to find the socket.


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  7. Would you know a desk lamp not too heavy or tall which produces 1,600 lux? The one the you guys mention above, which is 1,800 lux, seems very big. I travel a lot, so I need a lamp which is easy to move around. The issue I have with these new LED lamps is that it’s still very hard to find a desk lamp equivalent to a 100W incandescent lamp. When I was young, reading light was seriously not an issue. You would go to any shop, buy a desk lamp which supports a 100W light bub, and that’s about it. Nowadays, it’s extremely hard to find a desk lamp which produces enough brightness and makes your eyes feel go. New technologies are good as long as they are better than the older ones. However, this still hasn’t been seen with LED or hallogen desk lamps as they usually produce less brightness than the old 100W incandescent desktops.

    • Hi Marc,
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      With all due respect, I believe it is now easier than ever to find a bright desk lamp – the BenQ is an example. 100watt incandescent lamps are easily available on the market too, although they’re not so popular anymore because they consume more energy, need changing often, and are not very accommodative to personalization of the light in terms of intensity and color temperature compared to LED lights.


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