10 New Book Releases of February 2024 {Must Check}

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With new year comes new book releases! The year 2024 has already commenced, and after the January releases, it’s time for the February month to shine with its upcoming book releases.

Readers like us desperately wait for new book releases every month to grab our most awaited books from the lot. Devouring the book you have been anticipating for months is a blissful feeling.

Hi! I am Priyanka from Hooked to Books, and I will share the list of 10 new book releases of February 2024. Among the long list, I chose 10 books that readers will find interesting.

If you are waiting for a book that will be released in February or are looking forward to the new book releases of February 2024, then this article is for you.

Have a sneak peek at the list below with the publication dates, and if you want to know more about the newly released books, then scroll further for the brief descriptions of the to-be-released books.

10 New Book Releases of February 2024

This section contains the list of newly released books of February with the author names and release dates. Check out the list of 10 new book releases of February 2024!

  1. The Women by Kristin Hannah – 6 February 2024
  2. Fourteen Days by Margaret Atwood – 6 February 2024
  3. Bride by Ali Hazelwood – 6 February 2024
  4. The Fox Wife by Yangsze Choo – 13 February 2024
  5. The Fortune Seller by Rachel Kapelke-Dale – 13 February 2024
  6. The Phoenix Crown by Kate Quinn and Janie Chang – 13 February 2024
  7. The Warm Hands of Ghosts by Katherine Arden – 13 February 2024
  8. The Guest by B.A. Paris – 20 February 2024
  9. End of Story by A.J. Finn – 20 February 2024
  10. Three-Inch Teeth by C.J. Box – 27 February 2024

Brief Descriptions of the To-Be-Released Books

Before grabbing a book, it’s better to read the synopsis to understand the concept and if it will interest you. I have briefly described the above-listed books.

1. The Women

The Women
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Genre: Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction

The Women is a story about the struggles of females and how society used to disregard women’s contributions during the hard times.

Frankie McGrath is a twenty-year-old nursing student raised on Coronado Island by her conservative parents. She is a good, obedient girl who always does the right thing. Frankie’s brother is leaving to serve in the Vietnam War.

Being a woman, she feels she can also serve the country and become one of the heroes her family can be proud of. This led her to make the decision to join the Army Nurse Corps.

Frankie is inexperienced and struggles to survive in the chaos and destruction of war. The entire journey gives her major trauma, and after returning home, she is treated differently without any appreciation for her hard work.

Author of The Nightingale and The Four Winds is delivering this masterpiece in February that narrates the incidents of war, its effect on people, PTSD issues, neglect of women’s contribution during the war, and more.

2. Fourteen Days

Fourteen Days
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Genre: Short Stories, Contemporary, Anthologies

Another Covid-19 novel? Yes!

Is it different? Yes, because it is written by Margaret Atwood and over thirty other famous authors.

At the beginning of the lockdown period during COVID-19, the people living in the Lower East Side apartment building in Manhattan found a beautiful place.

The rooftop of the building has a spectacular view, and eventually, all the tenants of the building start to gather on the terrace.

Everyone began to talk and share their life experiences, funny, sad, and happy tales. This is how they turn from strangers to real neighbors.

Varied authors have narrated each chapter of the book, and as a whole, it covers how the initial fourteen days of lockdown created strong bonds despite the loss and suffering around them. The book also has an unpredictable twist for the readers.

3. Bride

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Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Do you love reading vampire and werewolf stories? This book by Ali Hazelwood, the author of Love, Theoretically and The Love Hypothesis, is a paranormal romance that focuses on the dangerous alliances of vampires and werewolves.

The only daughter of the most powerful Vampyre councilman, Misery Lark, is an outcast who is tired of dodging numerous attacks on her life.

She leaves the Vampyre community and heads to the human world to live anonymously.

However, Misery is called back to the Vampyre world, where she has been proposed to marry the alpha werewolf, Lowe Moreland, as a pact to maintain the peace between the two communities. In no position to protest, she agrees to this exchange.

Lowe Moreland doesn’t trust Misery and keenly observes her movements.

On the other hand, Misery agreed to this marriage for her own reasons, far from politics and alliances, but for something she deeply cares about.

Alone in the werewolf community, what if her life is in danger?

4. The Fox Wife

The Fox Wife
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Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Mythology

The book starts in Manchuria in 1908. It is a story about folktales and mythological stories of China, including fox gods and more.

When a young woman’s body is found frozen in the snow, it becomes the talk of the town. Detective Bao is hired to investigate the matter; he has the power to detect lies.

A rumor is spreading that foxes are involved in this death, as they are known to attract people by transforming into beautiful men and women. Bao has been highly intrigued by the fox tales since childhood.

On the other hand, we are introduced to a family that runs an established Chinese medicine shop to cure illness. However, the family is cursed that all of their eldest sons will die before turning twenty-four. Now, only their twenty-three-year-old grandson is left.

The sudden entry of a woman who starts working in their house as a servant brings miraculous changes in their lives. Is the woman a normal human being or a fox seeking revenge?

5. The Fortune Seller

The Fortune Seller
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Genre: Mystery Thriller, Adult Fiction

Rosie Macalister belongs to a middle-class family and has put all her efforts year after year to fit in with her wealthy friend group on the Yale equestrian team.

She goes abroad for her junior year and returns for the last year with newfound confidence and charisma. After her arrival, she learns there is an additional member in the group, a mysterious girl named Annelise Tattinger.

Annelise is a talented tarot card reader and rider. But due to a sudden disappearance of money from the bank account of one of the girls from the group, everybody starts doubting Annelise. This leads to conflicts and tensions within the group.

After graduation, Rosie starts to discover Annelise’s true identity and why she joined their group in the first place. It’s a book that explores friendships, betrayal, class, ambitions, and desires.

6. The Phoenix Crown

The Phoenix Crown
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Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery Thriller

This book is by the best-selling authors ‘Kate Quinn and Janie Chang.’ The two primary protagonists of the story are Gemma and Suling.

Gemma is a soprano who is running from her past and trying to build her career in the city of San Francisco. On the other hand, Suling is a Chinatown embroideress running from her uncle, who is forcing her to get married.

Both women are different and have distinct paths, but they are connected through one man: Henry Thornton. He is a railroad businessman with a unique collection of Chinese antiques, including the Phoenix Crown – a legendary relic of Beijing’s fallen Summer Palace.

He promises to support Gemma and Suling, but a sudden earthquake destroys San Francisco, and Henry disappears. Five years after the incident, the Phoneix Crown reappears, leading both women to work together in search of justice.

The book narrates the interconnected lives of two women who have been wronged in the chaotic city of San Francisco and within the Palaces of Versailles.

7. The Warm Hands of Ghosts

The Warm Hands of Ghosts
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Genre: Paranormal, Historical Fiction, Fantasy

This book is about a brother and a sister who separated during the Great War. Laura Iven was a field nurse but was wounded, which resulted in her discharge from the medical corps, and she was sent back home to Halifax, Canada.

Her brother, Freddie, is still fighting in Flanders, and she receives an unusual message of his death. Skeptical about the news, she returns to Belgium to work as a volunteer at a private hospital and to know her brother’s whereabouts. She hears bizarre stories of haunted trenches and a hotelier’s magical wine.

On the other hand, Freddie Iven awakes only to find himself trapped with the enemy soldier, Hans Winter, a German man. They both somehow escape from the place and meet a mysterious man with some powers.

Both siblings are in difficult situations in different places, which evokes their traumas and forces them to decide to save themselves or give up on their lives.

8. The Guest

The Guest
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Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Psychological Thriller

The book revolves around three couples and their individual hardships. The primary protagonists are Iris and Gabriel, a couple with a beautiful home and a daughter who is working happily in Greece.

They both have good friends, Laure and Pierre, living in Paris, and they all plan frequent vacations throughout the year.

Gabriel found a young man who had met with an accident, and his last words left him with a burden of guilt. He struggles with depression due to the incident.

On the other hand, Laure comes to their house uninvited after the revelation that Pierre has a child with another woman. The couple asks her to live in their home as long as she wants.

But soon, Laure starts behaving like it’s her home by wearing Iris’s clothes and imitating her moves, with no intention of leaving. Now, this starts to bother the couple.

Between these, a new couple expecting a child arrives in their town, which briefly changes the atmosphere. But the gardener who came with the new couple seems a little strange.

The story will take a twisted turn with the estranged relationships and secrets.

9. End of Story

End of Story
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Genre: Mystery Thriller, Adult Fiction

Twenty years ago, a mystery novelist named Sebastian Trapp’s wife and teenage son went missing from different locations, and no one has seen them since then.

In the present day, Sebastian writes to Nicky Hunter, an expert in detective fiction, inviting her to his San Francisco mansion. He only has a few months to live, so he wants Nicky to draft his life story.

Sebastian now lives with his second wife, Diana, his daughter Madeleine, and his nephew Freddy.

But the question is why the reclusive crime writer is willing to allow someone to dig into his past life now. Nicky gets engrossed in the story, and when a sudden incident connects with the past, she is more than determined to discover the truth.

10. Three-Inch Teeth

Three-Inch Teeth
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Genre: Mystery, Thriller

This novel is the 24th in the Joe Pickett series. Here, Joe faces two types of enemies: a human and an animal.

A grizzly bear has started to attack and kill ruthlessly. Joe’s daughter’s fiancee is also the victim of the animal’s attack.

On the other hand, Dallas Cates, one of the culprits Joe put behind bars, is out of prison with a list of six names he wants to take revenge from. They are the people he blames for the death of his family and the loss of his reputation, and Joe’s name is included in the list.

Dallas takes advantage of the grizzly attacks to execute his revenge plan and kill everyone on his list. Now Joe must catch the animal as well as the human to stop these brutal killings.


As I said before, I have chosen the 10 new book releases of February 2024 from the lot, and you might find the one you are waiting for in the above collection.

If you found the books you are waiting to release this February on the list, place your orders to receive the books around the month so you can happily read them.

What books are you anticipating for February 2024? Tell me in the comments!

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