4 Best Magnetic Reading Glasses for Book Lovers

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My dad has the ability to lose his glasses in the least expected places without even trying!

He leaves with his glasses and returns home without them; honestly, my mum and I still do not understand how he always does that. And it’s so much fun to tease him.

I got into reading because of him. He loves to read and finds it hard to concentrate without his glasses. So, I got him magnetic reading glasses.

Magnetic glasses are hard to lose because one temple tip continues to attach to the other tip, so the structure is like a neckband. They can be split open from the center and are comfortable to wear.

Hi! I am Priyanka from Hooked to Books, and today I will be sharing the 4 best magnetic reading glasses from my saved collections.

If you lose glasses frequently or are looking for comfortable spectacles you can carry everywhere, these reading glasses will be the right choice.

4 Magnetic Reading Glasses for Book Lovers

If you’re a bibliophile looking for reading glasses that you can take anywhere without worrying about the glass case, then magnetic reading glasses will be a suitable option.

In this section, I have listed the 4 best magnetic reading glasses for book lovers; have a look!

1. Clic Magnetic Reading Glasses

Clic Magnetic Reading Glasses
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Clic Magnetic reading glasses are one of the best options to choose from. They are available in medium to large sizes with adjustable temples. The temples can be closed or extended according to the circumference of your head and face structure.

With the headband feature, you will hardly lose these glasses, and the magnet connection in the center allows you to take them on and off easily.

Use them while reading, driving, or watching TV, and lay them around your neck when not required. Users of Clic Magnetic reading glasses are also pretty satisfied with the product’s comfort.

They are foldable and long-lasting, so you need not worry about losing them anymore, and they will stay with you for long.

2. JM 2 Pack Magnetic Reading Glasses

JM 2 Pack Magnetic Reading Glasses
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These glasses are perfect for people who prefer to read on Kindle or sit in front of the computer screen for an extended period.

JM magnetic reading glasses have anti-blue light lenses that filter harmful rays from the screen, which helps reduce eye strain and protect them from damage.

These glasses have magnets on the temple tips, which helps keep them in place around the neck when not in use. The glasses are lightweight and have a saddle bridge.

JM provides 2 packs of magnetic reading glasses, which you can switch accordingly. Overall, the glasses are great for use while reading and sitting in front of devices that require long screen time. They are best for middle and small face shapes.

3. ThinOptics Keychain Case and Rectangular Reading Glasses

ThinOptics Keychain Case and Rectangular Reading Glasses
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ThinOptics Reading glasses are the thinnest and armless spectacles and fit a wide range of nose types. These lightweight glasses grip your nose and stay put comfortably. You can adjust them according to your liking.

It comes with a keychain case that can be attached to any keyring, duffel, backpack, etc. So, put the glasses inside the keychain case and keep them in your purse, or attach them to your keyring and carry them anywhere you want.

Although, the glasses are not suitable for long hours of reading. But you can use them while reading for a short duration or if you need to read something urgently.

4. Clic Magnetic Reading Glasses by Slastik

Clic Magnetic Reading Glasses by Slastik
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This is another Clic Magnetic reading glass, but the frame structure differs. These glasses have round frames and compliment every type of face.

The temple size of these glasses can be adjusted according to the user’s head circumference. The headband helps to keep it placed around your neck, and the split bridge feature makes it comfortable to take it on and off.

The glasses are foldable, durable, and long-lasting. So, you can use them whenever you want without worrying about losing them.


Wearing glasses is not a big deal nowadays! You can see almost every other person with glasses, no matter the age.

However, many people lose their glasses frequently, which is stressful at times. Readers who prefer to read anywhere and everywhere are more prone to lose their glasses.

Apart from this, continuous reading and working leads to eye strain, which can be severe in the long run, so opting for glasses is a good decision.

I hope this article on the 4 best magnetic reading glasses was helpful. Go through the features and choose the one that suits you the best.

Do you already use reading glasses? Which one do you prefer?

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