8 New Book Releases of December 2024 {Must Check}

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It’s already December! New Year is in a month. (How did that happen?)

Well, for me, a new month means new book releases! The happiness when your awaited books get released and your excitement is at its peak.

I’m sure many of you must have been waiting for this month’s new releases to grab your awaited books from the lot because I definitely was!

I have compiled a list of 8 new book releases of December 2024 in this article.

If you want to buy newly released books or are anticipating a particular one, then I recommend you scroll down and have a look at the list once.

You will either get the one you were waiting for or find an interesting read. For a reader, both options are great!

New Books Releasing on December 2024

Although December is a slow month when it comes to new book releases, there is still a long list of to-be-released books this month.

Check out the list of 8 books I’ve picked from the lot and also the brief descriptions I’ve provided for each book below, as it will give you an overall idea.

  1. Please Tell Me by Mike Omer – 1st December
  2. The Dragons of Deepwood Fen by Bradley P. Beaulieu – 5th December
  3. The Bitter Crown by Justin Lee Anderson – 5th December
  4. A River of Golden Bones by A.K. Mulford – 5th December
  5. Heartstopper #5 by Alice Oseman – 7th December
  6. Gold by Raven Kennedy – 7th December
  7. The Doom of Odin by Scott Oden – 19th December
  8. Ruthless Vows by Rebecca Ross – 26th December

Brief Descriptions of the To-Be-Released Books

Read the descriptions of the books and decide for yourself which one you want to pick for your next read. Or if the list has your awaited book names, then simply jump to the specific ones!

1. Please Tell Me

Please Tell Me
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Genre: Psychological Thriller, Suspense

This book is by Mike Omer, the New York Times bestselling author.

Eight-year-old Kathy Stone was kidnapped and held captive for a year. She suddenly escapes and is found on the side of the road.

Everybody is waiting to hear her tragic story, but the girl doesn’t say a word. The traumatized child refuses to speak to anyone, including her parents.

Robin Hart, her therapist, has had some success trying to connect with her by using play therapy. This method seems to work for processing her memories of last year.

But soon, this playtime therapy takes a dark turn when dolls start doing murders and other horrifying things. Now, they are not actual murders, but Kathy is playing these scenes during sessions, and each time a toy dies.

What’s surprising is that Kathy is illustrating real unsolved murders, and Robin realizes that she must know something about the past murders. And what if she also knows about future murders that the killer has planned?

Will Robin be able to decode Kathy’s brain to catch the killer? But in the process, Kathy might become the target.

2. The Dragons of Deepwood Fen

The Dragons of Deepwood Fen
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Genre: High Fantasy

This book is by Bradley P. Beaulieu, author of the Song of the Shattered Sands series. It’s the first part of his new fantasy series.

The story is based in the mountain city of Ancris, where we are introduced to Lorelei Aurelius, the smartest inquisitor. The other protagonist of the story is Rylan Holbrooke, an infamous thief who is posing as a dragon singer.

Lorelei gets a mysterious tip leading her to a meeting between Red Knives and Church, where she discovers a hidden plan that will not only destroy her home but also the whole empire.

In her quest, she comes across Rylan, who is working to solve the same mystery. Lorelei frees Rylan from the prison for their mission. Now considered as traitors, both flee the city into the forest of Holt.

There, they uncover that Red Knives are planning to awaken a demigod with permission from the Church. Both come back to the city of Ancris to stop the enemies from attacking their place.

Oh, there are also dragons in the story!

3. The Bitter Crown

The Bitter Crown
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Genre: High Fantasy, Dark Fantasy

Justin Lee Anderson published the first book, The Lost War, in 2019, and this month, the second book, The Bitter Crown, is released. This is the continuation of the Eidyn saga! It begins after the incidents of the first book.

After the tragic war, it seems things are finally coming back to normal bit by bit. The conspiracy is exposed, and now Aranok, with his allies, is on a mission to free a country.

A country that is in captivity, with its people totally unaware of the danger. With divided loyalties, broken friendships, and everyone still recovering, how will Aranok be able to retake the country? Will the quest be successful, or will everything go down again?

It is recommended to read the first book before diving into this one.

4. A River of Golden Bones

A River of Golden Bones
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Genre: High Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy

Briar and Calla, the twin wolves, were born and kept in hiding for their entire lives to save them from the evil sorceress who cursed their mother.

The twins’ parents were royalty but died due to the evil attack, and their mother handed them to a fairy with a promise to keep them safe.

Meanwhile, the sorceress took over the throne.

Briar is betrothed to a prince of an ally pack to save the Golden court and keep their bloodline alive. On the other hand, Calla has to remain a secret, living in hiding as a backup plan.

Now, Briar is of age to marry, and unfortunately, she is also cursed by the sorceress, which puts her in everlasting sleep. The evil witch doesn’t know about Calla’s existence.

The hidden sister must step out to save Briar, avenge her parent’s death, and take over the kingdom from the hands of evil.

5. Heartstopper #5

Heartstopper #5
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Genre: Young Adult, LGBT, Romance

This is the fifth volume of the Heartstopper series by Alice Oseman. It’s a graphic novel about love, life, adolescence, and more. Oh, and this one is NOT the final installment!

Heartstopper is a BL (Boys Love) series that features two boys named Nick and Charlie. They both are very much in love and have finally confessed their deep feelings for each other.

Nick is leaving for University next year, and Charlie has convinced his mom to let him sleep over at Nick’s house.

But as one of them is leaving, what challenges do they both have to face to balance their relationship? It’s a cute love story that will make your heart flutter and give you butterflies while reading!

6. Gold

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Genre: Fantasy Romance, New Adult

Four books have already been published under the Plated Prisoner series, and Gold is the new addition.

The author has divided the last part into two: Gold, which is releasing this month, and Goldfinch, which will be released next year.

 The book starts right from where the last one ended.

Auren, who was certain that she was going to die, was saved by her lover Slade. She could have only been saved by opening a rip between worlds and making her pass through it.

Slade did the task, which led her to Annwyn, the realm of fae. The place is full of magic and beauty, but threats lurk around every corner.

Now Auren is determined to find her way back to home and Slade.

There are many more adventures within the story, a roller coaster ride for sure!

7. The Doom of Odin

The Doom of Odin
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Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy

This is the third book of the Grimnir Series.

It’s been a century since Grimnir has been searching for the dragon Níðhöggr from Lake Vanern to the Baltic Sea to Russia and finally to Rome.

And Grimnir is determined to take revenge for his loved one’s death.

On a cold November night outside Rome, Grimnir’s life comes to an end when a crossbow bolt slays him.

Death is just the beginning for him, and now he is in the afterlife of his people, where he has to deal with varied creatures such as trolls, giants, and witches. From here, Grimnir’s journey of challenges, revenge, and sacrifices begins.

8. Ruthless Vows

Ruthless Vows
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Genre: Historical Fiction, Young Adult Fantasy, Romance

Ruthless Vows is the final part of the already-published book Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross.

It’s been two weeks since Iris Winnow is back from the war, all bruised and heartbroken. The war is far from over, and Roman is missing.

Despite the dangers, Iris and Attie are sent to observe Dacre’s next move.

Roman wakes up in Dacre’s realm and does not remember anything from his past life. He begins to write articles for Dacre, unaware of his position and identity, with the hope that his memories will return soon.

A sudden arrival of a letter makes him suspicious as well as intrigue. He starts communicating with his pen pal, which leads him to the toughest decision of either choosing Dacre or betraying him. (the God who healed him)

With darker days arriving, Roman and Iris will risk their lives to change the circumstances of the war.

The epic ending of an adventurous story.


Grabbing newly released books is an ecstatic feeling for all book readers. I love buying new books, and if I’m waiting for a certain one, my excitement doubles.

I hope this list was helpful for you to find your next read, along with the release dates. Go grab the one that interests you the most!

So, which newly released book are you anticipating for this month?

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