8 Bookish Things To Do At Christmas {Read Now}

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If you are an avid reader, celebrate a book-themed Christmas this year!

With some brainstorming, you can incorporate books into your celebrations to make the occasion fun and exciting.

However, I understand that with the hustle and bustle of life, it’s not easy to plan theme-based activities. But no worries, I am here to help with some awesome ideas to make your holiday worth remembering.

I have listed 8 bookish things to do at Christmas that are less time-consuming and easy to plan and execute. Scroll through the article for ideas to fill your Christmas holiday with some bookish essence.

8 Bookish Things To Do At Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas? Make your holiday more interesting by adding a book theme to the festivities. Below, I have mentioned 8 bookish things to do at Christmas; have a look to know more.

1. Christmas Book Tree

A Christmas book tree is an excellent idea to enhance the ambiance of your home during the festivities. I am sure, as a reader, you would have enough books piled up in your TBR section, so why not use them to build a tree?

Just grab as many books as you want and stack them up neatly so they will look like a tree. Like the X-mas tree, you can also decorate the book tree with stars and lights.

But if you have toddlers in your home, this might not work because they will constantly pull out the books.

Oh, and you can also replace the Christmas tree with the book tree or maybe have both!

2. Ornaments

How about decorating your Christmas tree with bookish ornaments? Sounds fun, right?

You can cut the pages of an old book to craft something such as flowers or stars. Or you can print mini covers of characters or authors and paste them on cardboard to hang them on the tree.

There are also bookish ornaments available in the market that you can use to decorate, for example, miniatures of books, characters, creatures, etc.

3. Wrapping Gifts

Let’s make wrapping gifts fun by adding a literary element. This year, wrap the presents with vintage-looking or monogram color papers that appear like an old book cover and pages.

Print some of your favorite quotes from the book to stick on the wrapping paper. It will show your efforts to the person you’re giving the gift. Many alternatives are available in the market if you do not have the time to DIY.

4. Creative Book Exchange

During Christmas, book exchange can be made delightful with many creative ideas. Everyone will put some books on their wishlist within a group, and all will gift the mentioned books to each other.

Or people can swap the books they already own.

If you want to make it more exciting, then rather than a wishlist, everyone will list the things they are looking for in a book, such as a genre, plot, characters, etc., and others will have to find a book that matches the criteria and surprise them with the gift.

5. Dress Up

Now, this is one of the best on the list. Make your Christmas celebration a costume party, where everyone will dress up according to their favorite characters or authors.

You can also play an activity where everyone will act according to the character they have chosen to become throughout the party.


Do not send holiday cards this Christmas! Instead, create cute bookmarks and send them to your loved ones.

You can add your favorite quote, family photo, or something they will like. Making character-based bookmarks is also a great idea. Or send cards along with a bookmark!

7. Book Advent Calendar

In this, you choose 24 books of your choice. Wrap and stack them in a basket so kids can pick books one by one and read accordingly.

However, it’s not necessary to plan for 24 days; it depends on you; make it 10, 8, or 4 days. Either you can buy books or use those you already own.

8. Book Wishlist

This is different than the book wishlist. Here, rather than exchanging books, people can gather a list of book-related things to enhance the reader’s reading experience, such as bookmarks, lights, blankets, etc.

Put everything in a cute basket and gift them; I am sure they will be delighted!


Organizing your holiday activities according to a theme brings more excitement to the celebrations. As a book lover, you can plan many book-related activities and decorations this year to add a literary touch.

I hope this article helped you get some ideas to plan further for this holiday.

If you have any book-themed ideas for Christmas, kindly share them in the comments below!

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