What are Audible Badges and How to Earn Them?

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Audible Badges are one of the many awesome incentives and rewards offered by Audible. You’ll find them in the form of little notifications that pop up while you’re listening to an audiobook, letting you know that you’ve unlocked a new badge.

These mysterious little badges help keep you motivated to listen to even more audiobooks, but it can sometimes be hard to figure out exactly why you’ve been awarded one.

But fear not, in this post, I’m going to break down the mystery behind Audible Badges. I’ll tell you what each of the different ones are and how to earn more of them. After all, listening to audiobooks is great fun, but competing with yourself to get to the top of the leaderboard makes your listening time even more fun!

Introducing Audible Badges

Introducing Audible Badges

If you have an Audible account, and you’ve listened to a few audiobooks already, it’s quite likely that you’ve already earned a few badges, even if you don’t know it yet. But you won’t be able to see and keep track of your Audible Badges without downloading the free Audible app.

Simply click on the “more” tab at the bottom of the app, and head over to the “me” section. Here, you’ll find any badges you’ve already earned.

You earn Audible badges for all sorts of things, which I’ll get to shortly. If you’re a regular audiobook reader, you’ll see that you can quickly rack up a big selection of Audible Badges, and a great sense of satisfaction to go with it!

The Full List of Audible Badges and How to Earn Them

There are fifteen Audible Badges in total. Within each badge category, you can earn either a Silver, Gold, or Diamond level. Once you’ve achieved Diamond level on each badge, you can pretty much claim to have “completed” Audible!

I’ll explain what each badge means and how to earn it below, but you can also investigate your achievements by heading over to the app and clicking on the badges you’ve already earned. Below each unlocked badge, it will tell you what level you are at and what you did to achieve it.

Click on any badges that you haven’t already earned, and it’ll show you a magic poem, kind of like a riddle. Decypher this riddle to find out exactly what you need to do to unlock that badge.

Still can’t figure out how to unlock those elusive Audible Badges? Worry not; I’ve got you covered.

So, without further ado, in no particular order, here’s the full list of Audible Badges and what you need to do to unlock them:

1. Mount Everest

The Mount Everest Badge is awarded when you complete an audiobook that is, at the very least, 24 hours long. Then you can move up the ranks.

To receive a Silver Mount Everest Badge, complete an audiobook that is at least 30 hours long.

To receive a Gold Mount Everest Badge, complete an audiobook that is at least 60 hours long.

To complete a Diamond Mount Everest Badge, complete an audiobook that is at least 78 hours long.

2. Stenographer

The Stenographer badge is based on bookmarks, so the more bookmarks you place in an audiobook, the more you’ll achieve.

To receive a Sliver Stenographer badge, use 10 bookmarks.

To receive a Gold Stenographer badge, use 40 bookmarks.

To receive a Diamond Stenographer badge, use 125 bookmarks.

3. Social Butterfly

As the name suggests, the Social Butterfly badge is all about how social you are with your audiobooks. So, the more times you share your audible badges and other achievements on social media, the higher the level you’ll achieve within the badge.

To receive a Silver Social Butterly Badge, share to social media 5 times.

To receive a Gold Social Butterfly Badge, share on social media 25 times.

To receive a Diamond Social Butterfly Badge, share on social media 100 times. 

4. Repeat Listener

Audible Badge Repeat Listener

The Repeat Lister Badge is rewarded when you listen to the same audiobook several times.

To receive a Silver Repeat Listner Badge, listen to the same audiobook at least 3 times.

To receive a Gold Repeat Listener Badge, listen to the same audiobook at least 10 times.

To receive a Diamond Repeat Listener Badge, listen to the same audiobook at least 20 times.

5. 7-day Stretch

Audible Badge 7-day Stretch

The 7 Day Stretch Badge is pretty self explanatory- it counts your daily audiobook streak, starting at a minimum of a book a day, for 7 days.

To earn a Silver 7 Day Stretch Badge, listen to at least 7 books in 7 days.

To earn a Gold 7 Day Stretch Badge, listen to at least 15 books in 7 days.

To earn a Diamond 7 Day Stretch Badge, listen to at least 50 books in 7 days.

6. Night Owl

Audible Badge Night Owl

Another self explanatory Audible Badge, the Night Owl is awarded to those that love to listen to their audiobooks after dark.

To earn a Silver Night Owl Badge, listen to an audiobook (or multiple audiobooks) for at least 4 hours at night.

To earn a Gold Night Owl Badge, listen to an audiobook (or multiple audiobooks) for at least 6 hours at night.

To earn a Diamond Night Owl Badge, listen to an audiobook (or multiple audiobooks) for at least 8 hours at night.

7. Watchtower

Audible Badge Watchtower

These Audible badges are not just about listening to audiobooks. The Watchtower is awarded for how often you check your stats on the app.

To earn a Silver Watchtower Badge, check your stats 50 times.

To earn a Gold Watchtower Badge, check your stats 200 times.

To earn a Diamond Watchtower Badge, check your stats 500 times.

8. Weekend Warrior

Audible Badge Weekend Warrior

If you get most of your audiobook listening done on the weekends, then this is the badge for you.

To earn a Silver Weekend Warrior, listen for a minimum of 5 hours in one weekend.

To earn a Gold Weekend Warrior, listen for a minimum of 10 hours in one weekend.

To earn a Diamond Weekend Warrior, listen for a minimum of 24 hours in one weekend.

9. Daily Dipper

Audible Badge Daily Dipper

To earn the Daily Dipper Badge, also known as “Audible Obsessed,” consistency is key. Miss a day, and you’re right back to square one.

To earn a Silver Daily Dipper Badge, listen every day for at least 7 days.

To earn a Gold Daily Dipper Badge, listen every day for at least 30 days.

To earn a Diamond Daily Dipper Badge, listen every day for at least 90 days.

10. High Noon

If you’re a lunchtime lister, then High Noon is a pretty achievable badge.

To earn a Silver High Noon Badge, listen for at least 2 hours over lunchtime.

To earn a Gold High Noon Badge, listen for at least 3 hours over lunchtime.

To earn a Diamond High Noon Badge, listen for at least 4 hours over lunchtime.

11. Marathoner

The Marathoner Badge is much harder to achieve. You’ll have to listen to an audiobook for at least 16 hours straight (yes, it’s cheating if you fall asleep!)

To earn a Silver Marathon Badge, listen for at least 16 hours straight.

To earn a Gold Marathon Badge, listen for at least 18 hours straight.

To earn a Diamond Marathon Badge, listen for at least 24 hours straight.

12. The Stack

The Stack Badge is all about your personal audiobook library. The more books you collect, the more you can achieve.

To earn a Silver Stack Badge, you must have at least 50 books in your library.

To earn a Gold Stack Badge, you must have at least 200 books in your library.

To earn a Diamond Stack Badge, you must have at least 500 books in your library.

13. The Closer

The Closer Badge encourages you to finish all the audiobooks you start. Sometimes it’s worth persevering if you’re not sure about a book, and this badge helps you do just that.

To earn a Silver Closer Badge, complete 1 book start to finish.

To earn a Gold Closer Badge, complete 5 books start to finish.

To earn a Diamond Closer Badge, complete 10 books start to finish.

14. Dabbler

The Dabbler Badge is the perfect badge for those who fail to get a Closer badge, since it’s all about trying out lots of different titles, not necessarily finishing them!

To earn a Silver Dabbler Badge, listen to parts of 3 different audiobooks in one day.

To earn a Gold Dabbler Badge, listen to parts of 15 different audiobooks in one day.

To earn a Diamond Dabbler Badge, listen to parts of 40 different audiobooks in one day.

15. Nibbler

Like the Dabbler, variety is key when it comes to acquiring a Nibbler badge, but in this case, you have to finish the audiobooks you start. Since there are tons of titles that are super short (less than 10 minutes!), it’s easier than it sounds. 

To earn A Silver Nibbler badge, listen to 3 separate audiobooks in one day.

To earn A Gold Nibbler badge, listen to 15 separate audiobooks in one day.

To earn A Diamond Nibbler badge, listen to 40 separate audiobooks in one day.

Audible Badge FAQs 

Audible Badge FAQs 

Q1. What if I uninstall my Audible app or lose my phone? Will I lose my badge rewards too?

Ans:- No, don’t worry. Your Audible Badges are stored in Amazon’s Cloud, so even if you lose your device and have to reinstall the app on a new one, you can pick right back up where you left off.

Q2. Will sharing my Audible library with my friends affect my Audible Badge collection?

Ans:- Absolutely not! Audible encourages all their users to share their library with each other and get inspiration for new great titles, but you don’t have to worry about losing all your hard earned badges! Badges are synced to each person’s individual Audible account and will never be transferred and shared with any other account, even if you share your library.

Q3. Can I view my Audible Badge collection through the Audible website?

Ans:- Unfortunately not. To view and track your badge collection, you must download the Audible app. But don’t worry, it’s totally free for all Audible members.

I hope I’ve unraveled the mystery behind Audible Badges in this post. Now that you know what they’re all about, you can start thinking about taking your collection to the next level.

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