How to Find Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks?

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How do you find audiobooks on Kindle Unlimited?

Your Kindle Unlimited subscription gives you access to over a million books known as “Kindle Titles.”

These include eBooks, magazines and audiobooks.

You can read or listen to these books on any Amazon device or via the Kindle app.

How to Find Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks

How to Find Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks?

The easiest way to find Kindle Unlimited audiobooks is to look for a “headphone icon” next to the Kindle Unlimited logo that shows up on the product detail page.

This headphone icon will be accompanied by the words “with narration.”

Once you see the headphone icon and the words “with narration” next to the Kindle Unlimited logo on the product page, you have automatic access to the free audiobook, and it will be available on any compatible Amazon device, Audible App, or Kindle App.

How Else Can You Find Audiobooks on Kindle Unlimited?

There is another alternative to finding audiobooks on Kindle Unlimited. You can simply head over to the “Books with Narration on Kindle Unlimited” page and search through the Kindle titles available there. Every single option on this page comes with a free audiobook.

Bear in mind that, even though Kindle Unlimited offers you thousands of Kindle title options with free narration or free audiobooks, there are some that don’t give you automatic access to free audiobooks despite having been synced with audiobooks.

The best way to find these books and determine which ones offer you free audiobooks is to go to the “Kindle Unlimited page” and select “Whispersync for Voice” and refine your search by the parameters you want (free audiobooks).

Are All Audiobooks Free on Kindle?

Unfortunately, not all audiobooks are free on Kindle. However, thousands of Kindle titles come with a free audiobook companion.

Should you choose to get these titles, you will also have access to their accompanying audiobooks.

Which Audiobooks Are Free with Kindle Unlimited?

If you are not inclined to filter through all the options trying to find a free Kindle Unlimited title that comes with free audiobooks, there is a more straightforward trick to finding what you need.

As a general rule of thumb, only book titles that include “with narration” offer free audiobooks on Kindle Unlimited.

How Can I Listen to Audiobooks on My Kindle Unlimited?

Whenever you want to switch between listening to an audiobook and reading, there are four very simple steps you need to take:

  • Step 1: Make sure the book you want to listen to has an audiobook option by looking for the headphones icon plus the “with narration” wording on its product page
  • Step 2: Open up the eBook you want to listen to on your compatible Amazon device
  • Step 3: Tap on your screen. This will reveal a tray at the bottom of that screen that will have the words “Audible Narration”
  • Step 4: Tap on those words to start downloading the audiobook version of your eBook

Once the download is complete, you can press play and begin listening to the audiobook on the go from your device.

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