Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ Most Interesting Book Characters

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Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson & the Olympians series brings the ancient world of Greek gods and goddesses into the 21st century, as Perseus “Percy” Jackson and his friends battle against the Titans.

There are countless classic heroes and villains in this epic five-book saga, and while each one is fascinating in its own right, some have left a lasting impact on readers’ hearts.

7 of the Most Interesting Characters from Percy Jackson and the Olympians

If you’re a Percy Jackson & the Olympians fan, you’ll no doubt already have your own list of favorite characters. So, how does it compare to our lineup below?

1. Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson

As the son of the sea god Poseidon and a mortal woman named Sally Jackson, Perseus “Percy” Jackson is a demi-god. But when we first meet him at the start of the series, he has no idea of his true identity.

In book one, twelve-year-old Percy is a troubled pre-teen whose ADHD and dyslexia make it hard for him to concentrate and keep up in class. In fact, before he arrives at Yancy Academy, he’s already been kicked out of his previous six schools.

But when he learns of his newfound supernatural powers, he begins an epic and life-changing adventure that transforms him into a hero.

It turns out that, like most demi-gods, Percy’s ADHD gives him a hyper-awareness edge in battle, and his dyslexia is simply due to his brain’s innate hard-wiring to read ancient Greek.

Percy is an unusual protagonist. He’s impulsive, hot-headed, and a bit of a loner. But despite his volatility, he’s also compassionate, affectionate, and deeply loyal to those he cares about.

In fact, loyalty is Percy’s fatal flaw. He’ll do anything to save his friends, even if it means putting himself in grave danger, which he very often does.

2. Annabeth Chase

Annabeth Chase
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Like Percy, Annabeth is a demi-god, but as the daughter of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, she’s much more level-headed and composed.

When she first meets Percy, their personalities clash, but as they set out on their first mission together, they quickly form a close bond. And eventually, as the series develops, the pair fall deeply in love.

Annabeth is one of the most intelligent characters in the Olympian universe, and she uses her quick wit to identify her opponent’s weaknesses and take them down with ease.

But when she’s not outsmarting the Titans, she immerses herself in her passion for architecture. She’s constantly designing building plans and loves nothing more than visiting ancient monuments and marveling at the different styles of construction.

Just like Percy, Annabeth is daring and courageous, and she never hesitates to engage in battle with her enemies. She knows the power of her sharp mind and trusts that whatever situation she faces, she will come out on top.

But her self-confidence means she can sometimes come across as arrogant, and in many ways, she is.

Like all demi-gods, Annabeth has a fatal flaw, and her’s, unsurprisingly, is hubris. She believes she’s better than anyone, even the gods that came before her. But as the series progresses, she comes to recognize just how dangerous this flaw can be.

3. Grover Underwood

Grover Underwood
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Grover is a satyr with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a goat.

Despite the fact that he has horns, fur, and hooves, he can disguise himself as a human by tousling his curly brown hair and wearing fake feet, which is exactly what he does when he arrives at Yancy Academy.

And so, at first, Percy has no idea of Grover’s true identity and assumes he’s just a normal kid. Only later does he realize he’s a mythical satyr sent to protect him from monsters. Yet even before Grover reveals himself to Percy, the pair have already formed a close bond, and their friendship lasts throughout the series.

Grover is considerably older than Percy. In fact, he’s a fully-fledged adult in human years, but since satyrs age at half the speed of mortals, he easily passes as a school kid.

Just like his friend, Grover is incredibly loyal, and he’ll do anything to protect those he cares about, especially Percy.

He’s also pretty courageous, but his bravery doesn’t always come easy. He often feels afraid, and when he does, his goat side takes over, and he has a tendency to chew on inanimate objects to calm himself down.

4. Nico di Angelo

Nico di Angelo
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Demi-god Nico di Angelo is the son of Hades, king of the underworld, and a mortal woman named Maria di Angelo.

Like most demi-gods, he also has ADHD and dyslexia, but that doesn’t stop him from being one of the most powerful demi-gods in the known universe.

Nico inherited many of his father’s necro-kinetic powers, including the ability to summon and communicate with the dead and destroy creatures from the underworld. But as the son of Hades, he’s rejected by his fellow demi-gods, and he lives much of his life as an outsider.

His feelings of alienation also stem from insecurities around his sexuality. While in his modern-day life, being gay is no big deal, Nico grew up in early 20th century Italy, where men dating men was considered a crime.

Because of this, he’s always had a chip on his shoulder, and he’s prone to holding grudges against anyone who crosses him. In fact, Nico’s inability to forgive and forget is his fatal flaw, and it comes back to haunt him numerous times throughout the series.

5. Luke Castellan

Luke Castellan 
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Luke Castellan is the son of Hermes, the herald of the gods, and a mortal woman named May Castellan.

But unlike the other well-intentioned demi-gods on this list, he’s got a wicked streak, and for much of the series, he’s working for the evil Kronos.

From the start of book one, Luke has a vendetta against Percy, and though he pretends to befriend him to gain his trust, in reality, he’s plotting to destroy him.

But deep down, his hatred is rooted in fear. He knows how powerful his adversary is, and if Percy succeeds in his mission to defeat Kronos, it’s game over for Luke.

Yet despite spending most of the series as an evil antagonist, Luke does manage to redeem himself in the end.

He sacrifices himself to become the hero of the Great Prophecy, finally abandoning his evil mission for Kronos and spreading the Titan god’s spirit into the wind where it could never reform again.

6. Rachel Elizabeth Dare

Rachel Elizabeth Dare
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Rachel is a mortal girl with flaming red hair, as indicated by her initials, R.E.D.

She was born into a wealthy family but despised her father, who earned his fortune destroying wildlife, and she wants nothing to do with his dirty money. So, rather than living a life of luxury, she prefers to help others less fortunate instead.

Despite being a full-blooded human, Rachel can see through ‘the mist,’ a supernatural force that obscures a mortal’s ability to perceive the true nature of monsters, gods, and demi-gods.

Throughout the series, she uses her power to help Percy on his quest to defeat the Titans, often protecting him and his friends from monsters sent to destroy them.

And unlike other mortals, Rachel can also predict the future, an ability that even many demi-gods lack. These powers of foresight eventually lead her to become the next Oracle of Delphi, the speaker of Apollo’s prophecies.

In the earlier books, Rachel and Percy have a romantic connection, which causes friction between her and Percy’s girlfriend, Annabeth. But after embodying the spirit of the Oracle, who is forbidden to fall in love, she’s forced to abandon her feelings for him for good.

7. Tyson

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Tyson is Percy Jackson’s cyclops half-brother.

As the son of Poseidon and a nymph, he possesses superhuman strength and lighting reflexes, but his gentle nature makes him reluctant to fight back against enemy attacks.

He’s an oafish character with broad shoulders, messy hair, and a single bulging brown eye. Because of his unsavory appearance, most people see him as a monster, but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

This kind-hearted soul would do anything for those he cares about, but he’s also very naïve and often doesn’t realize the danger he is in until it’s too late.

At the start of the series, Tyson is sensitive, cowardly, and often bursts into tears. He’s terrified of Grover, whose itchy fur causes him to sneeze, but thankfully, he eventually gets over his fear, and the two become good friends.

Although Tyson was never a natural-born fighter, he uses his abilities to forge weapons and chariots for Percy and his friends, helping them in their battles against the Titans.


There are so many fascinating characters in Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, and choosing just seven is no easy feat.

Do you agree with our picks? Or did we miss one of your favorites from the list? Drop a comment in the box below!

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