The Complete List of Miranda James Books in Order

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Miranda James is the pseudonym of best-selling American author Dean James.

As “Miranda,” James writes popular cozy mysteries, including the critically acclaimed Cat in the Stacks series. His books have sold millions of copies around the globe and earned him an army of loyal fans, and this year, the author has a brand new title due to hit the shelves.

When Dean James isn’t writing as Miranda, he also publishes work under his real name and the pen names Honor Hartman and Jimmie Ruth Evans. But in this post, we’ll look at his work as Miranda James.

Miranda James
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So, if you love page-turning cozy mysteries with charming characters, intricate plots, and plenty of twists and turns, read on, as you’re bound to enjoy this popular author’s books.

Miranda James Books in Order

Miranda James has written two mystery series, and in this post, I’ll list them both in reading and publication order. I’ll also include a summary of each book so that you can get started on your reading adventure right away.

Sr. No.TitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1Murder Past DueJanuary 19, 2011365 pagesWheeler PublishingAmazon
2Classified as MurderSeptember 21, 2011420 pagesWheeler PublishingAmazon
3File M for MurderJanuary 1, 2012304 pagesBerkleyAmazon
4Out of CirculationOctober 23, 2013383 pagesWheeler PublishingAmazon
5The Silence of the LibraryOctober 22, 2014387 pagesWheeler PublishingAmazon
6Arsenic and Old BooksJanuary 6, 2016373 pagesWheeler Publishing Large PrintAmazon
7Bless Her Dead Little HeartJune 17, 2015365 pagesWheeler PublishingAmazon
8Dead with the WindJanuary 1, 2015387 pagesBerkley Prime Crime/Penguin Random HouseAmazon
9Digging Up the DirtMay 17, 2017380 pagesWheeler Publishing Large PrintAmazon
10Fixing to DieMay 16, 2018400 pagesWheeler Publishing Large PrintAmazon

The Cat in The Stacks Books

The Cat in the Stacks series follows the adventures of Charlie Harris, a retired librarian who lives in the small town of Athena, Mississippi.

Now that he’s retired, Charlie is hoping for a quiet life of reading books and spending his time with his clever Maine Coon cat, Diesel. But it’s not long before he’s entangled in his first murder mystery. Suddenly, this book-loving southern gentleman has become a full-time amateur sleuth.

The Cat in the Stacks Books in Reading and Publication Order

The Cat in the Stacks books all feature the adventures of Charlie Harris and his Cat Diesel, but each book tells a new story, so you can read them in any order you choose.

1. Murder Past Due (2010)

Murder Past Due
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Charlie Harris and his Maine Coon, Diesel, are drawn into their first murder investigation after Charlie’s former classmate-turned- bestselling-author, Godfrey Priest, is found dead.

2. Classified as Murder (2011)

Classified as Murder
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Local book collector James Delacorte suspects that someone has been helping themselves to his prized books, so he asks Charlie to help him catalog his collection.

But then Delacorte is murdered by a mystery assassin, and it falls to Charlie and Diesel to figure out who did it.

3. File M for Murder (2012)

File M for Murder
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Charlie and his cat Diesel are tasked with investigating the murder of Athena College’s new Writer in Residence, Connor Lawton, after Charlie’s daughter is falsely accused.

4. Out of Circulation (2012)

Out of Circulation
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Charlie’s housekeeper Azalea is accused of murdering Vera Cassity, but Charlie is certain she didn’t do it. So, he and his trusty feline sidekick, Diesel, work to clear her name and find the real killer.

5. The Silence of the Library (2014)

The Silence of the Library
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Beloved mystery novelist Electra Barnes Cartwright is making a rare public appearance at the local library. Her devoted fans are swarming the small town of Athena in the hopes of meeting their literary hero.

But one fan will do anything to get a copy of her unpublished work.

6. Arsenic and Old Books (2015)

Arsenic and Old Books
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Charlie Harris and his kitty-assistant Diesel are preserving a collection of Civil War-era diaries on behalf of the mayor of Athena. But someone out there is determined to get their hands on the diaries, and they’re willing to kill to do it.

7. No Cats Allowed (2016)

No Cats Allowed
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Athena College library’s new director has made many unpopular decisions, and his list of enemies is growing longer. So, when he’s discovered murdered inside the library, Charlie and Diesel must find the killer before the wrong person is convicted. 

8. Twelve Angry Librarians (2017)

Twelve Angry Librarians
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Charlie’s old nemesis, Gavin Fong, is visiting Athena to deliver a keynote speech at this year’s annual Southern Academic Libraries Association meeting. But when he suddenly drops dead, Charlie finds himself as suspect number one. So, he and Diesel must find the real killer before Charlie leaves behind bars.

9. Claws for Concern (2018)

Claws for Concern
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When an innocent-seeming stranger turns up at Athena College Library, Charlie and Diesel offer to help him search the library’s genealogical records; still, they soon become embroiled in a mystery from decades ago, with a connection far too close to home.

10. Six Cats a Slayin’ (2018)

Six Cats a Slayin
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Charlie is preparing for the busy holiday season when a box of kittens arrives on his doorstep. So, with the help of his Maine Coon, Diesel, he welcomes the new feline friends into his home.

But there’s no time for cat naps, as Charlie’s neighbor, Gerry, has been found dead, and it’s down to this crime-solving duo to figure out the whodunit.

11. The Pawful Truth (2019)

The Pawful Truth
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When Charlie Harris enrolls in a medieval history course, he hopes to improve his knowledge and make new friends. But instead, he finds himself embroiled in a murderous love triangle, and he could be next on the hit list.

12. Careless Whiskers (2020)

Careless Whiskers
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After almost getting himself killed, Charlie has decided to take a break from investigating murder mysteries.

But when his actress daughter is falsely accused of killing her co-star on stage, he has no choice but to step in and find the real assassin.

13. Cat Me If You Can (2020)

Cat Me If You Can
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Charlie and Diesel head off on a bookish vacation to North Carolina, where they’ll participate in a mystery readers gathering.

But their long-awaited week of fun and relaxation is scuppered when an uninvited guest is murdered. It falls to Charlie and Diesel to catch the killer before they strike again.

14. What the Cat Dragged In (2021)

What the Cat Dragged In
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Charlie Harris has inherited his grandfather’s old house, and he’s pleasantly surprised by his new abode until he stumbles across an actual skeleton in the closet.

Now, with the help of his faithful feline companion, Diesel, Charlie must delve into his own family’s past to uncover a mystery that has remained unsolved for decades.

15. Hiss Me Deadly (expected to be published in June 2023

Hiss Me Deadly
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Charlie’s old schoolmate Wil is back in town, and these days, he’s a bigshot musician. But not everyone in Athena is happy about his return, and strange incidents happen to Wil and his entourage. And before long, the incidents escalate to all-out murder when one of Wil’s bandmates is killed.

The Southern Ladies Mysteries Books

The Southern Ladies Mysteries are set in the familiar town of Athena, Mississippi, which readers will recognize from the Cat in the Stacks books.

The series stars Miss An’gel and Miss Dickcey Ducote, two elderly sisters who embark on amateur sleuthing adventures in their hometown and beyond.

The Southern Ladies Mysteries Books in Reading and Publication Order

The Southern Ladies Mysteries all feature the adventures of the Ducote sisters. Still, each book tells a new story, so you can read them in any order you choose.

1. Bless Her Dead Little Heart (2014)

Bless Her Dead Little Heart
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Miss An’gel and Miss Dickce Ducote find themselves embroiled in a deadly murder investigation when their former sorority sister, Rosabelle, arrives in town with her adult children in tow. It’s clear that Rosabelle’s children are desperate to get their hands on their inheritance, and one may even be willing to kill for it.

2. Dead with the Wind (2015)

Dead with the Wind
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Miss An’gel and Miss Dickce have been invited to a wedding in Louisiana. But when the bride has swept off a balcony to her death during a violent storm, the sisters must use their razor-sharp Southern instincts to uncover the truth about her death.

3. Digging Up the Dirt (2016)

Digging Up the Dirt
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When a body is found on the Partridge estate during the Athena Garden Club’s spring tour, the Ducote sisters must unravel a murder mystery steeped in family secrets. And now, they must uncover the killer before another victim falls.

4. Fixing to Die (2017)

Fixing to Die
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At the request of a friend’s granddaughter, Miss An’gel and Miss Dickce Ducote investigate spooky goings on in a Natchez antebellum home. But as they dig deeper into the home’s haunted family history, a relative is found dead. The sisters must use their quick-witted sleuthing skills to catch the killer.


Miranda James’s two mystery series contain captivating characters and a heavy helping of Southern charm. So, if you love cozy whodunits, you’ll love James’s work.

Are you already a fan of this popular author’s books? If so, I’d love to hear your reviews and recommendations. Could you drop me a comment in the box below?

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