The Complete List of Mick Herron Books in Order

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Nothing is more exciting than grabbing a cup of hot coffee and getting into the thrilling and mysterious world of crime novels. The tension, the thrill, and the payoff at the end give the readers a memorable experience.

If writing brilliant crime thrillers/mystery novels were painting, then Mike Herron would be Picasso. Herron was born in England and got into literature and publishing very late. His first book, Down Cemetery Road, was published in 2003, and has published more novels ever since.

Herron has written over 20 gripping thriller novels, some of which are part of a series, while some are standalone novels. Crime thriller enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for a great thriller series would love the works of this British author.

Mick Herron

But with over 20 novels, it’s challenging to start. That’s why we have created a comprehensive guide to the complete list of Mick Herron books in reading order, along with every detail you need to know about the different series he wrote.

Not only will this article help you in getting all Herron’s books in reading order, but it also will help you select which series to start. We’ll also briefly include the series and the book to help you choose. Let’s get started.

Mick Herron Books in Order

There are only two book series written by Mick Herron, strictly speaking. The other three are either standalone novels or short stories. Out of the series, the most famous and read series by the British author is the Slough House series. Let’s look at all the series by Mick Herron.

Sr. No.TitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1Slow HorsesJune 1, 2010320 pagesSoho ConstableAmazon
2Down Cemetery RoadMarch 10, 2015368 pagesSoho CrimeBook Shop
3All the Livelong Day and Other StoriesChiversAmazon
4AnthologiesJuly 5, 2011
512 pages
Running Press
5ReconstructionJuly 14, 2015352 pagesSoho CrimeBook Shop

Slough House Series

The most popular book series written by Mick Herron. What’s funny is that this is not the first series he had intended to write. But with experience, he understood how to create the perfect crime thriller that people would love to read. 

Slough House series is not only his most famous book series but also the longest amongst all his book series. There are 11 published books at the time of writing this article with the twelfth article scheduled for release in November 2022. Let’s take a brief look at what this series is about. 

Slough House is about the place where failed MI5 agents are sent as a “punishment.” Any agent that fails to deliver the mission or comes out as unreliable in any situation is sent to the Slough House. These agents are called “slow horses” in a derogatory manner. It is pretty shameful for an agent of the elite MI5 to end up in the Slough house. 

The story follows the lives of the agents who are in the Slough House and how eager they are to prove their worth. Many psychological and emotional aspects of the story work under the hood and give this series the drive and the “standout” factor.

Action, espionage, and mystery are what you should expect from this series, and that’s precisely what you’d get. But do not assume that it’s all just emotions. As you’d expect from a famous thriller writer, there is a big pack of action, mystery, and thrill. 

Start With: Slow Horses

Slow Horses
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A dark, mysterious, and at some point depressing story of the MI5 agents who are suffering disgrace in this Slough House and are burning with the desire to get out of this place. They spent their entire lives training to be elite agents and now have to live in shame.

The book starts slow with the introduction of the characters and the setup, but then it picks up pace. These washed-up MI5 agents get one opportunity to prove their mettle and get back into the real position where they can get the respect they deserve.

A video circulates on the internet where terrorists claim to behead a boy live. The “slow horses” take the investigation into their hands unofficially. The book gets fascinating as it shows the struggle of this dysfunctional team trying to execute the mission successfully.

Since there are just eight novels in the series with three novellas, reading the whole series is not a daunting task. While readers will enjoy this, the twist, in the end, is sure to blow your socks off. A great read that will keep you hooked for the entire series.

Here are all the books in the Slough House series in reading order:

  1. Slow Horses (2010)
  2. Dead Lions (2013)
  3. The list (2015) (novella)
  4. Real Tigers (2016)
  5. Spook Street (2017)
  6. London Rules (2018)
  7. The Marylebone Drop (2018) (novella)
  8. Joe Country (2019)
  9. The Catch (2020) (novella)
  10. Slough House (2021)
  11. Bad Actors (2022)
  12. Standing by The Wall (Unreleased)

Note: The first book in this series, “Slow Horses” has been adapted into a TV series.

The Oxford Investigations Series/Zoë Boehm Series

The Oxford Investigations series is the first series written by Mick Herron. His first book, Down Cemetery Road was published in 2003 and kicked off this series. The Oxford Investigations series is also called Zoë Boehm because the police officer who leads the investigation is called Zoë Boehm.

The Oxford Investigations is a collection of spine-chilling mysteries of murder cases that will leave you astonished. Herron’s ability to take readers into a meandering path, completely confusing them and then finally presenting the big reveal shines finest here.

Where Slough House is more of an emotional rollercoaster with mystery and thriller elements added to it, the Oxford Investigations is a full and intense bag of mystery and thrill with an enjoyable amount of dynamic features. This is the series made for you for people who want a pure thrilling reading experience.

Start With: Down Cemetery Road

Down Cemetery Road
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While the lead investigator of this series is Zoë Boehm, the star of the first novel in the series is Sarah Tucker. Tucker is a housewife with no children and lives a very dull life. Cooking, eating, sleeping, repeating. All that changed when a disaster struck. 

A house explodes, and a girl goes missing. In the desire to find some excitement, Tucker decides to carry out her investigation. But as her investigation continues, she discovers way more than she bargained for.

Sarah’s adventure and the things she finds are what give this series the soul. The unfolding of mysteries and revelations of astonishing facts will keep the readers hooked. Excellent character development and a well-contrived plot make this book a gripping read.

There are four books in the series. Here are all the books in reading order:

  1. Down Cemetery Road (2003)
  2. The Last Voice You Hear (2004)
  3. Why We Die (2006)
  4. Smoke and Whispers (2009)

Short Stories

Along with long and gripping mystery thrillers, Mick Herron has also written some great short stories. These short stories are fun to read, quick to finish, and entertaining. Since these short stories, Herron has taken full creative liberty to create beautiful stories at a breakneck pace.

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This is just the first story. There are four more stories, each with a unique twist and an excellent horror theme. A great story (along with other short stories) is about a couple who, by mistake, get into the wrong house and then go through a robbery attempt. 

Here are the two books in this series:

  1. All the Livelong Day and Other Stories (2013)
  2. Dolphin Junction (2021)


The Mammoth Book of Best British Crime 8
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The Anthologies are books by different authors that contain some of the best crime stories by famous thriller authors. Two great books have some brilliant crime stories by Mick Herron.

Since these books are unrelated, they have no reading order. Here are the books arranged in the release order.

  1. The Mammoth Book of Best British Crime 8 (2011)
  2. The Usual Santas (2016)

Standalone Novels

Three great standalone novels written by Mick Herron deserve equal praise and attention as his other books. People are looking for something quick and entertaining but at the same time gripping and thrilling.

Since these are standalone novels, there is no reading order to them. Start with any book you like, and you’ll enjoy it equally. But starting with the first book (according to the release date) is better.

Start With: Reconstruction

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Reconstruction is a great novel that shows how brilliant Mick Herron is at creating gripping plots and establishing a setting that keeps the readers interested. The story starts with a bang with a gunman taking over a Nursery school in Oxford.

He takes a few hostages with him, and while it may seem that this is another hostage-situation-type story, it is not. The story takes an exciting turn when it is revealed that the gunman has a purpose behind doing all this.

The gunman, Jamie, needs to get in touch with the MI6 representatives to know about something important. The story then shows the main character’s backstory and reveals the motive behind his action. It is a big can of worms, and the story will keep taking exciting twists and turns to keep you hooked. An excellent read for thriller novel readers.

Here is the list of all three standalone novels by Mick Herron. 

  1. Reconstruction (2008)
  2. Nobody Walks (2015)
  3. This is What Happened (2018)


Mick Herron has crafted some of the best crime thriller novels in such a short period. His writing style is very different, with a unique mix of suspense, meandering reveals, and a hint of humor to add more flavor.

As a reader, it would amaze you to find how easily Mick’s works flow with his writing style. His books never feel cumbersome and are always an enjoyable experience to read. So pick up a book from any of these series and start reading.

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