Haruki Murakami: The Renown Surrealist Writer

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“Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing directions.”

This is a quote by Haruki Murakami where he emphasizes the ever-changing nature of life and how important it is for us to adapt to the circumstances when our fate takes unexpected turns.

I started with this quote to highlight how deep and meaningful Murakami’s words are. He is a Japanese bestselling writer known for his amazing books and unique writing style. Murakami is a globally famed author whose works have received immense appreciation worldwide.

Murakami’s disciplined approach toward life and his story of becoming a writer is admirable. I have dedicated this article to Haruki Murakami, the favorite author of many. I will briefly talk about the writer, his journey, and some lesser-known facts about his life.

Curious to know about Murakami and his life? Then dive in with me and swim through to learn about his inspiring journey!

Who is Haruki Murakami?

Who is Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami is a Japanese writer born in 1949 in Kyoto, Japan. He is a novelist and translator who has climbed the stairs of the literary world and reached the list of top writers with his fantastic works.

He grew up in Kobe, where both his parents taught Japanese Literature, which developed his interest in the literary world from a young age. He was highly influenced by Western Culture and delved into the works of European and American writers such as Franz Kafka, Charles Dickens, Raymond Chandler, Gustave Flaubert, and more.

The news about his father being involved in the Second Sino-Japanese War was traumatizing for his family. He has reflected this in a few of his novels.

He studied drama at Waseda University and did many part-time jobs during his education.

Murakami is now 74 years old and currently resides in Oiso, Kanagawa.

Haruki Murakami: His Journey of Becoming a Novelist

Murakami is an introvert who prefers being at home, spending time with his wife, writing, and reading books to have a peaceful life. He broke the societal pattern by first getting married, then starting work, and finally graduating.

Murakami and his wife did not prefer working in a company, so they hustled for three years straight by taking numerous jobs to save money and opened a small jazz club in Kokubunji. The name of his club was Peter-Cat, an interesting name indeed!

The couple worked together really hard to establish the shop and make it a success, and after grinding for long, it finally happened. The club was running decently, and they were smoothly paying all their debts. Murakami proved many people wrong who stated that the business would fail. Although all he did in his twenties was work and struggle, he was able to build a business of his own choice.

Murakami was around the age of thirty when an abrupt thought brought a plethora of changes in his life.

The day was April 1, 1978; the time was 1:30 PM when Murakami was at Jingu Stadium watching a baseball game and enjoying the beautiful afternoon. In between the match, the sound of the bat meeting the ball, the applause from the crowd, was the moment when his mind simply said, ‘You know what? I think I can try writing a novel.’

This instant, unexpected, unrelatable thought of the moment was why he picked a pen and sat down to write his first novel.

After finishing the novel, he submitted it to the new writers contest of the literary magazine Gunzo. The novel won the prize and was published under the title “Hear the Wind Sing.” He continued writing along with running his jazz club. It was becoming hectic, and he was not fully satisfied with his work. So, after mulling over the decision, he and his wife finally decided to sell the club so Murakami could switch to full-time writing.

The novel ‘A Wild Sheep Chase’ was loved by the readers, and Murakami considers his journey as a proper novelist started with this novel. After this release, the author released many other popular books such as Kafka On the Shore, Norwegian Wood, Men Without Women, etc.

Murakami adopted a healthy lifestyle after becoming a writer. He started running to be physically fit and also quit smoking during the process. He follows a disciplined life of waking up before 5 AM and going to bed before 10 PM. This routine helped him to work efficiently.

With an excellent ongoing writing career, Murakami is a renowned author with a strong fanbase who loves and appreciates his books.

Facts About Haruki Murakami

Facts About Haruki Murakami

It’s always fun to know interesting facts about people. And as readers, we are so intrigued by the lesser-known stories about our favorite authors. I have listed some facts about Haruki Murakami, which you may find exciting to read. Have a look!

Murakami Named his Jazz Bar ‘Peter-Cat’

Murakami and his wife opened a Jazz club because they weren’t interested in doing office work. They both worked hard and faced obstacles during the establishment of their shop. 

Flooded with debts, they used to snuggle with their cat named Peter because they couldn’t afford heating. Therefore, this inspired the name of their bar.

Murakami Wrote his First Book in English and Later Translated it into Japanese

Not having any idea how to write a novel, Murakami was not pleased with his initial drafts. So, he used his old English typewriter and started writing in English. He didn’t have native-level fluency in English, so he wrote short sentences with his limited vocabulary. This is how he grasped the style and rhythm. 

He later translated or you can say rewrote the whole book in Japanese

He is Immune from Writer’s Block

Like any other writer, Murakami does not face writer’s block. The reason is that he writes when he has a story to tell and avoids taking any writing jobs. 

Murakami follows the routine of waking up early and writing 10 pages every day. Murakami’s approach of not seeing writing as a job is why he never struggles to write. 

He Got the Idea of Writing a Novel While Watching a Baseball Game

Murakami was the owner of a jazz bar and did not have any aspirations to become a writer. But one fine day, while watching a baseball game, a sudden thought of being a writer and writing a novel changed everything. Sounds unusual, right? But that’s when he wrote his first novel. 

He is Known as a Surrealist Writer

Murakami is famous for writing surrealistic stories that include themes such as magical realism, absurdism, parallel realism, and more. His way of writing is very unusual, which can be seen in many of his works; however, he articulates all his stories incredibly, making them the best reads. 


Haruki Murakami is the featured author of this month for the website. This incredible writer has stolen the hearts of many readers with his surrealist, magical realism, and absurdist writing.

The globally famed author has done a great job of delivering notable works, and I hope my article on him was an interesting read for you.

If you want to add more facts about Murakami, then the comment section is open. Share your views!

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