How to Get Out of a Reading Slump? 10 Tips for Bibliophiles

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Reading is the best way to escape from reality and dive into the universe of fiction articulated by someone else, to experience a different world yet the same, and to feel the emotions of every character in the story.

Bibliophiles love to explore varied books according to category and genre. But as a reader, you might have entered a phase or will experience it where your mind gives up on reading. This particular phase is called the reading slump, and as an avid reader, I have also gone through it.

It was a difficult time for me because I love engrossing myself in a book, but it became extremely tough even to read a few chapters during that time. It feels like the mind is exhausted, and you lost your love for reading.

But don’t you worry! A reading slump does not last forever. It is a phase that shall pass eventually. You can overcome it smoothly by adopting new habits and following the tried and tested methods.

Today, I will help you to get out of a reading slump. I will give you a basic idea about the phase, provide some tips, and also share my own experience of that time. So, stay with me throughout to know more!

What is a Reading Slump? How Long Does it Last?

What is a Reading Slump - How Long Does it Last

Let’s first understand the meaning of reading slump. The reading slump is a period when a person faces a lack of concentration and interest in reading. It basically means that however hard you try, the mind won’t focus and will make it difficult for you to read. Readers feel like they don’t want to read anymore, and books fail to captivate their minds.

If you face this issue frequently, you must understand that books are not the reason behind the disinterest. It is a phase experienced by every book reader where one cannot focus on reading due to a plethora of reasons.

Reading slumps can last for days, months, or years. The effect and outcome vary from individual to individual. People who identify the signs and work on them to overcome the slump get over the situation quickly compared to those who simply ignore the issue and give up on reading entirely.

There are many ways one can try to get out of a reading slump, and I will discuss them after talking about the causes of a reading slump. So, let’s dive in!

7 Common Causes of Reading Slump

7 Common Causes of Reading Slump

There can be multiple causes behind reading slump, and one must try to dig up the root cause before focusing on the ways to overcome the issue. Understanding why you are going through a reading slump can be of great help in figuring out the exact method to get out of it. 

I have listed some common causes of reading slumps, which you can check out to find the reason behind your disinterest.

Improper Time Management

Finding time to read between your daily hectic schedule is not so simple. The exhaustion after a tiring day might be the reason you cannot bring yourself to read a book. The failure to manage time appropriately affects your reading habit; hence, you start facing a reading slump.

Chaotic Life

Sometimes, life gets chaotic and challenging due to various reasons, such as a new job, moving to a new place, bad health, and more. Reading during these busy times gets hard, and people experience a reading slump because of an unfocused mind. So, it’s better to take the required break, but don’t forget to pick a book after settling down.

Excessively Reading

When you try to read multiple books at the same time, or you do not give yourself the necessary time before starting another one, it can be the reason for your reading slump. Excessive reading habits can be overwhelming and, after a period, can drain your mind wholly, resulting in disinterest in books.

Continuously Reading the Same Genre

Often, we read books of the same genre, and the familiarity can start to feel bland, leading to a reading slump. It’s necessary to feed your mind with various genres; otherwise, it can get boring to read similar books continuously.

Forceful Reading

Another cause can be when you try to read something forcefully despite your lack of interest in the particular book or genre. It is not mandatory to read a novel just because it is trending or motivating. Forceful reading can burn you out, so always read the books that you find interesting.

Reading Lengthy Books

Reading a book with 600+ pages can be overwhelming, and picking up another lengthy novel might not be a good idea. Give your brain enough breaks to avoid burnout!

Rather, pick a short novel to read that you can finish easily and also to prevent a reading slump.

Can’t Get Over a Particular Book

I know the feeling when you read a great book and find it hard to come out of that fictional world. As a reader, you get stuck into that story, and any other novel does not feel the same, making it a challenge to read something new. Finding something of a similar plot or taking a short break to process everything can help with this kind of situation.

10 Tips for Bibliophiles to Overcome Reading Slump

10 Tips for Bibliophiles to Overcome Reading Slump

If you’re facing a reading slump, then it’s time to start working toward it to overcome the issue from early on. Once it worsens, it gets hard to get out of it, which I’m sure, as a reader, you do want to experience.

I will provide 10 tips to overcome a reading slump; scroll down to know more!

1. Join a Book Club

Being part of a book club is productive and beneficial because of the numerous activities and interactions. Joining a book club can be helpful to overcome your reading slump as you can get the required motivation to read or tips to get out of the situation from various readers.

2. Read a Short Book

Rather than choosing lengthy novels, try to read novellas, short story collections, or poetries. Reading a short book is simple and will help you to get back into reading. After finishing a book, the feeling of accomplishment will motivate you to read more.

3. Re-read your Favorite Books

Reading slump can be a tough period, and one of the best ways to overcome it is to re-read your favorite books. One cannot resist reading their most loved novels, and it is less tiring to read the book you are already familiar with. Re-reading the books helped me a lot when I was facing a similar situation.

4. Listen to Audiobooks

When reading becomes overwhelming, listening to audiobooks can be one of the solutions. Many people have claimed that audiobooks are great and require less effort. This way, you will not leave the reading habit altogether, and trying a new approach will also be entertaining.

5. Take a Break

Sometimes, it’s better to take a break instead of forcing yourself to read. This will be helpful to avoid burnout, and one can start again later. However, it’s advisable to take a short break rather than a prolonged one so you don’t face difficulty while starting your reading journey again.

6. Read Slowly

Do not rush yourself to finish a book, as it can aggravate your slump phase. When you are going through this, take your time and read slowly so reading does not feel overwhelming. One page at a time, one chapter at a time, and gradually increase the numbers.

7. Switch Genres

Reading books of the same genre can also lead to a reading slump. Try to get out of your comfort zone and switch genres. Introducing yourself to a new genre is entertaining and can help you escape the reading slump. Read the genre you always wanted to read but hesitated, or try each until one catches your attention.

8. Change the Surroundings

Changing the reading environment can also help with the reading slump. If the weather is nice, you can read outside or set up the mood by giving a new look to your reading space. Visit a library if that helps you with reading. Try changing the surroundings, and maybe it will do wonders for you.

9. Make a Reading Schedule

In between the hectic schedules, making time to read can be difficult. So, readers can create a reading schedule and follow it strictly to avoid prolonged breaks in their reading habits.

10. Try Graphic Novels

In graphic novels, along with texts, pictures are also included to carry forward the plot. They are fun and interesting to read, such as comic books, manga, etc. During reading slump, graphic novels can be a great way to get back into reading.

How I Got Out of My Reading Slump Phase?

How I Got Out of My Reading Slump Phase

You might be thinking, has she ever experienced a reading slump, or is she randomly throwing all the advice?

To clear your doubts, yes, I have personally faced this, and it was a challenging period for me. The abrupt change was unpleasant because I didn’t have any idea what I was going through.

As a reader, it is perplexing when you are unable to continue reading books, something you love to do. And not having any knowledge about it worsens the situation. However, I didn’t give up on reading altogether; despite the difficulty, I was determined to read daily as much as possible. I started with one chapter daily, switched genres, listened to music while reading, and re-read my favorite novels.

Later, I got to know about the term reading slump while researching. At that time, I was still in the process of overcoming it, and the data I found helped a lot.

Another method that worked for me was watching the movie/series adaption of the books I wanted to read, which built my curiosity to read the books to understand the story in detail.

This is how I got out of my reading slump, and I’m sure you will overcome it as well; just don’t give up and continue to fight.


It must be upsetting to be unable to read books because of a reading slump. I totally understand the feeling, but after overcoming it myself, I can assure you that it needs a little bit of work to fully overcome the problem.

I hope the article was helpful for you to understand the root cause behind your reading slump and the methods you can use to get out of it. So, without further ado, get to work!

Have you ever faced a reading slump? Do share your experience with me. I’m excited to learn some new tips!

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