The Complete List of Dean Koontz Books in Order

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Dean Koontz is an American author best known for his suspense and sci-fi books with a hint of supernatural storylines. He has written 130+ books and is the definition of a prolific writer.

Born on 9th July 1945, Dean Koontz survived an unpleasant childhood. He rose to popularity through his undeniably explicit writing style and etiquette.

Readers of all age groups would find the author’s fertile imagination and captivating storytelling enjoyable.

The exemplary writer has garnered a massive fan following for his fictional masterpieces, selling over 500 million copies and making him one of the wealthiest writers in the entire world.

Dean Koontz
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The theme of good triumphing over evil is prevalent across all his literary works.

His first book to reach the number one bestseller in hardcover was Midnight.

He has 72 New York Best Sellers, 14 of which hold the coveted No. 1 tag. For over five decades, Dean Koontz has written exciting fictional tales that have enthralled readers, both young and old, worldwide.

Dean has an innate talent for blending sci-fi and horror and has written several books under ten pseudonyms. Over 18 years of testing writing styles and heart-wrenching story plots, he evolved from publishing his first novel, Starquest, to being the first best-selling author.

The 77-year-old New York Bestseller loves reading science fiction and currently resides in Southern California.

Dean Koontz’s Books In Order

Here’s a complete anthology of Dean Koontz’s literary books in reading and publication order:

Sr. NoTitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1.Odd Thomas August 29, 2006400 pagesBantamAmazon
2.The Silent CornerJune 20, 2017464 pagesBantamAmazon
3.Blood RiskJanuary 1, 1973160 pagesBobbs-MerrillAmazon
4.Fear NothingJanuary 14, 1998400 pagesBantamAmazon
5.Santa’s TwinSeptember 21, 200464 pagesWilliam Morrow PaperbacksAmazon
6.Prodigal SonFebruary 3, 2009144 pagesDel Rey/Dabel BrothersAmazon
7.What the Night KnowsDecember 28, 2010464 pagesBantamAmazon
8.Life Is Good: Lessons in Joyful LivingJanuary 1, 200480 pagesYorkville Pr IncAmazon
9.Writing Popular FictionJanuary 1, 1972232 pagesWriters DigestAmazon
10.After DeathJuly 18, 2023382 pagesThomas & MercerAmazon

Odd Thomas Books

The story revolves around a young cook named Odd Thomas, holding an extraordinary ability to communicate with ghosts. Odd resides in a small-town desert area in the sunny state of California.

Now every spirit he encounters is determined to use his kindness to get justice for themselves.

It has to be said that regardless of his personal life with his better half, he never backs away from tackling the murder mysteries that concern these deceased individuals.

The Odd Thomas Books in Reading and Publication Order:

Odd Thomas (2003)

Odd Thomas (2003)
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In this book, Odd encounters a suspicious ‘Fungus Man’ who is being followed by a large bunch of Bodachs. Bodachs are evil, bad-tempered spirits appearing as an omen of upcoming disaster or tragedy.

Brought up in an unstable household, Dean gradually reveals the reasons for Odd’s peculiar personality. Odd uses his psychic abilities to hunt down the Fungus Man and save their town from an impending catastrophe of devastating volumes.

Odd Thomas Graphic Novels

Here are Dean Koontz’s creations of Odd Thomas Novels in graphic formats, listed in chronological order:

Jane Hawk Books

I suggest you read the Jane Hawk series in order since each next story is a build-up from its prequel.

Expect a spicy mix of psychological thrillers and horror-inducing scenes in this series as the heroine swiftly identifies suspects and pieces together the puzzle to solve her husband’s murder mystery.

While solving the murder mystery, Jane detects inconsistencies in suicide statistics that show that many seemingly happy individuals end their lives prematurely.

The Jane Hawk Books in Reading and Publication Order:

The Silent Corner (2017)

The Silent Corner (2017)
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The Silent Corner is about an FBI agent named Jane Hawk who loses her husband to suicide. She is curious about the reason behind her husband’s unexpected demise as she suspects there’s more to it than meets the eye. Join her in unfolding this web of lies, deceit, and conspiracies.

Black Bat Mystery

The series is set against the mesmerizing backdrop of a buzzing metropolis, The story sews together elements of supernatural curiosity and suspense.

Blake, a superior and enigmatic spy, possesses a unique skill to study minute details. Being the focal character amid unsolved crime mysteries, the series reveals several captivating characters, each harboring personal secrets and motives.

The Black Bat Mystery Books in Reading and Publication Order:

Blood Risk (1973)

Blood Risk (1973)
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Dean Koontz wrote this book under the pseudonym Brian Coffey. Tucker assembles a group of men for a dangerous heist. One mistake and everything turns upside down. Drowning in a bottomless pit of fear, the men search for a way to save themselves from the Mafia’s wrath.

Moonlight Bay

Set in a picturesque town with a dark secret, this series takes readers on a thrilling journey. The story starts with Christopher Snow, a victim of a rare genetic disorder that renders him unable to tolerate daylight, to a climactic confrontation with malevolent forces haunting the area.

Amidst the suspenseful whirlwind, expect tales of a covert government operation, savage artificially created beings, and intricate plots that emphasize the dominance of darkness in the story’s setting.

The Moonlight Bay Books in Reading and Publication Order:

Fear Nothing (1998)

Fear Nothing (1998)
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This series is an unfinished trilogy by Dean Koontz, wherein the storyline is embedded in baffling elements.

This 1998 novel tells us a fascinating story about science experiments gone wrong. It highlights a rare genetic disorder in which the person becomes extremely light-sensitive.

Unravel the secrets of evildoers with Christopher Snow, the protagonist, and victim of these experiments.

Santa’s Twin

Santa’s Twin is a comical story of two girls, Charlotte and Emily, on a mission to save Santa Claus from his troublesome sibling, Bob Claus. The cruel brother stole Santa’s sleigh and replaced the toys with unpleasant items. Read on to discover how the brave but silly girls travel to the North Pole to save the beloved Father of Christmas.

Ideal for children and the Christmas season, this book is guaranteed to bring a wide smile to their faces.

Santa’s Twin Books in Reading and Publication Order:

Santa’s Twin (1995)

Santa’s Twin (1995)
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Santa’s Twin is a comical story of two girls, Charlotte and Emily, on a mission to save Santa Claus from his troublesome sibling, Bob Claus. The fiendish brother stole Santa’s sleigh and replaced the toys with repulsive items. Read on to discover how the brave but silly girls travel to the North Pole to save the beloved Father of Christmas.

Perfect for children and Christmas, this book will plaster a smile across your face.


Get ready for an exhilarating ride of unrelenting suspense as you delve into the world of Nameless, a determined vigilante. Teaming up with Roxanne, a resourceful young woman, they tackle enigmatic cases that traditional law enforcement cannot handle.

Whether it’s about safeguarding a scientist with knowledge of universe-threatening conspiracies or unraveling the diabolical maze orchestrated by a cult leader, Dean writes about countless innocents who face death.

Nameless Books in Reading and Publication Order and Chronological Order:

In the Heart of the Fire (2019)

In the Heart of the Fire (2019)
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The series ‘Nameless’ is divided into two seasons comprising six books each. They are available only on Kindle.


This is a wonderful recreation of the classic tale “Frankenstein” that many of us must have read and enjoyed. The story captivates readers with a centuries-old monster searching for redemption and a doctor entangled in a web of horror.

Unintentionally giving rise to a sociopathic killer named Victor Helios, the story intensifies as he relentlessly strives to undo the consequences of his creation: a vengeful army of genetically-engineered creatures.

Prepare to be enthralled by this high-stakes pursuit and the moral dilemmas that result from Victor’s actions.

As the book progresses, the plot weaves a tapestry of suspense and delves into the eternal battle between good and evil.

The Frankenstein Books and Graphic Novels in Chronological Order are the same as the Publication Order:

Prodigal Son (2005) (Written in Collaboration with Kevin J. Anderson)

Prodigal Son (2005) (Written in collaboration with Kevin J. Anderson)
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A riveting take on Frankenstein, who now lives in the 21st century as a biotech tycoon Victor Helios, this collaboration has made its mark.

Victor wants to replace the norms of the human race with his kind, humans born and raised in pods. He also programs their personalities and removes the tiniest imperfections found. One of his creations becomes a serial killer creating mayhem.

The wickedness of this novel makes it a must-read.

Frankenstein Graphic Novels

Frankenstein Prodigal Son Volume 2
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What the Night Knows

Prepare yourself for a gripping and heart-pounding story that explores the relentless conflict between opposing forces of nature. In this harrowing tale, certain characters possess the ability to exploit their victims’ deepest fears, while others strive to combat the sinister inclinations that prey upon human vulnerabilities.

The author delves into the darkest corners of the human psyche as a lifetime of plagues that wreaks havoc on an innocent town and its occupants.

Brace yourself for an exploration of the depths of human nature and a relentless battle for survival.

What The Night Knows Books in Chronological Order and Publication Order:

What the Night Knows (2010)

What the Night Knows (2010)
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What The Night Knows is a classic serial killer trope with Dean Koontz’s mystifying touch.

The family of a homicide detective, John Calvino, falls prey to a vicious serial killer. However, John is acquainted with the mass murderer’s style of killing.

Has the past returned to haunt him and his family? Will he survive this time the way he did all those years back?

77 Shadow Street Books

Unexplained phenomena in a terrifying mansion continue to defy the laws of rationality at 77 Shadow Street. Evil powers dwell within the structure’s walls as supernatural entities from different eras collide in the growing battleground.

Dean beautifully stitches all parts of this series where the characters’ fates intertwine in a race against time. Rest assured, the corridors of this property are brought to life with his impeccable fiction writing prowess.

77 Shadow Street Books in Chronological Order and Publication Order:

The Moonlit Mind (2011) (Novella)

The Moonlit Mind by Dean Koontz
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Innocence Books

This haunting tale binds together poignant introspection as Addison Goodheart and Gwyneth find common ground in a world of misfits. The former charcter is cursed with an ugly appearance forcing society to shun him, whereas the latter presents ray of hope for companionship. Moreover, the characters take off on a transformative quest for ultimate redemption from a sinister power.

Innocence Books in Chronological Order and Publication Order:

Wilderness (2013) (Short Story)

Wilderness (2013) (Short Story)
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The City Books

This is a series where a catacomb of supernatural secrets converge to unleash dark secrets. From a gifted pianist to malevolent entities to a literacy agency to eccentric allies of justice, you’ll travel through the underbelly of a dark city. In the end. the city’s future stands in chaos as Jonah draws his gifted talents to secure the territory he proudly calls home.

The City Books in Chronological Order and Publication Order:

The City (2014)

The City (2014)
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Ashley Bell Books

This is a mesmerizing series by Dean Koontz, following the journey of Bibi Blair as she races against time to save a young girl named Ashley Bell from a horrifying fate. Through a labyrinthine plot blending psychological suspense, supernatural elements, and profound revelations, Bibi navigates a parallel reality, uncovers dark secrets, and confronts an ultimate evil.

This gripping series showcases Koontz’s narrative mastery and delivers an exhilarating tale of courage, love, and the power of the human spirit.

Ashley Bell Books in Chronological Order and Publication Order:

Last Light (2015) (Novella)

Last Light (2015) (Novella)
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Dean Koontz Non-Fiction Books

Dean Koontz Non-Fiction Books in Chronological Order and Publication Order:

Writing Popular Fiction (1972)
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Dean Koontz shares his insight into the publishing world and shows us how to write the kind of book a publisher is willing to promote as a lead title. He showcases his strong advocacy for how a well-written and thoroughly researched fictional novel can sell millions of copies.

His final advice to writers is to read, read, and read.

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Trixie Koontz

Trixie Koontz was Dean Koontz’s precious golden retriever who succumbed to her afterlife’s calling in 2007.

Dean Koontz shares a special bond with each of his dogs.

Read on as Trixie shares her perspective of the world with us. She talks about people, food, squirrels, dating, toys, writing, and a series of involving topics. The book also contains beautiful pictures of her and Dean Koontz.

Trixie Koontz in Chronological Order and Publication Order:

Life Is Good: Lessons in Joyful Living (2004)

Life Is Good Lessons in Joyful Living (2004)
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Trixie Koontz was Dean Koontz’s precious golden retriever who succumbed to her afterlife’s calling in 2007.

Dean Koontz shares a special bond with each of his dogs.

In this book, Trixie shares her perspective of the world with us. She talks about people, food, squirrels, dating, toys, writing, etc. The book also contains beautiful pictures of her and Dean Koontz.

Dean Koontz Standalone Novels

Dean Koontz’s Standalone Novels in Chronological Order and Publication Order:

Star Quest/Doom of the Green Planet (1968)

Star Quest-Doom of the Green Planet (1968)
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This 1987 thriller involves a man, his golden retriever, and the Santa Ana Mountains. Travis is hiking with his dog to celebrate his 36th birthday, but suddenly, he refuses to go further into the woods. Travis is confused, disappointed, and frustrated that he’s struggling to find happiness and spend the day as he pleases, even on his birthday.

Soon, Travis realizes that his golden wasn’t trying to stop his fun—she was trying to save him from an alien evil.

Koontz skillfully displays the bond between a man and his dog through science fiction and horror as the pair work together to stop the unthinkable brutalities awaiting them deep in the mountain forest.

After Death (2023)

After Death (2023)
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After Death is soon to be released in July 2023.

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A short story by Dean Koontz depicts a post-nuclear world where sorcery has asserted its dominance over science.

Dean Koontz’s Anthologies

Dean Koontz Anthologies in Chronological Order:

Strange Highways (1995)

Strange Highways (1995)
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A classic no.1 bestseller, Strange Highways, tells us the story of a lonesome, regretful man who can redeem himself by saving another person’s life.

Strange Highways (1995) is a collection of one novel, one novella, and twelve short stories by Dean Koontz.

The stories include:

  • Strange Highways
  • The Black Pumpkin
  • Miss Attila the Hun
  • Down in the Darkness
  • Ollie’s Hands
  • Snatcher
  • Trapped
  • Bruno
  • We three
  • Hardshell
  • Kittens
  • The Night Of The Storm
  • Twilight Of The Dawn
  • Chase
  1. Final Stage: The Ultimate Science Fiction Anthology (1974)
  2. Continuum 1 (1974)
  3. Tropical Chills: Fourteen Tales of Scorching Horror to Make Your Blood Run Cold (1988)
  4. Obsessions (1991)
  5. The Book Of Counted Sorrows (2003)
  6. Songs of the Dying Earth: Stories in Honour of Jack Vance (2009)
  7. Detours (2016)
  8. Exit Wounds (2019)

Movies Based On Dean Koontz Books

  1. Whispers (1990)
  2. Servants Of The Twilight (1991)
  3. Demon Seed (1977)
  4. The Passengers (1977)
  5. Hideaway (1995)
  6. Phantoms (1998)
  7. Watchers (1988)
  8. Odd Thomas (2013)


Dean Koontz is a master of suspense, and his writing comprises various genres such as sci-fi, horror, suspense, and thrillers.

A few of Dean Koontz’s bestsellers are Odd Thomas, Intensity, Demon Seed, Dragon Tears, Night Chills, and Whispers.

While he does lead an opulent lifestyle, Dean still uses a computer devoid of the internet.

According to an interview conducted by Harvard Business Review, Dean boasts of having never run into writer’s block.

If you prefer thrilling books with a little horror and suspense, you’re destined to love his books.

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