9 Best Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers {Must Check}

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What is Christmas without giving and receiving gifts?

Besides delicious food and having fun with family and friends, gifts are the best part of the occasion. I love to choose gifts for everybody according to their likes and dislikes! It’s fun to see their reaction when they open the wrap to discover a gift of their liking.

However, searching for the perfect gift between the hustle and bustle of preparations is also a task. And it gets more confusing when you need to gift someone with specific preferences, for example, a bibliophile.

Book readers are elated when they receive books as gifts. But it gets repetitive when you gift books to them every Christmas.

I am a reader, so I can help you choose gifts for book lovers that are not particularly books but are somehow related to books.

In this article, you can choose from my selected collection of 9 best Christmas gifts for book lovers. Have a look!

Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

Check out the compilation of Christmas gifts for book lovers and choose the one that you think will resonate with the bookworm in your life.

1. Chocolate Gift Basket

Chocolate Gift Basket
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Who doesn’t love chocolates? Book readers love to have delicious treats while reading.

Make them happy with this box full of sweetness with varied flavors like Cashew Clusters, Milk Butter Pecan Patties, Pretzel Clouds, Sea salt Caramels, Double Silk Truffles, and more.

These individually wrapped chocolates inside a reusable box will be a great choice. This Christmas, gift them this box of chocolates and goodies!

2. ‘The Night Before Christmas’ Hardcover

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The Night Before Christmas is a beautiful story that has spread the love and excitement of Santa Claus for generations. This is the beautiful classic hardcover edition with illustrations by Charles Santore, New York Times bestselling artist, and Clement Clark Moore’s original poem.

It is a perfect gift for children as well as adults.

3. Christmas Decorations

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Decorating your house during Christmas is fun! Banner is one such necessary item that you will find in every house decoration list.

This Merry Christmas banner is beautifully designed with a vintage look, red letters, and an olive green flourish. It can be hung anywhere in the house, whether it be living room, bedroom, workspace, or above the bookshelf.

Gift this banner to a book lover and see how they use it to enhance their bookshelves!

4. Little Red Sleigh: A Heartwarming Christmas Book

Little Red Sleigh A Heartwarming Christmas
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Does your little daughter, sister, or niece love to read books? Then the New York Times Bestseller picture book, Little Red Sleigh, will be an excellent gift for them.

It is a story about Sleigh and her dream to become Santa’s red sleigh. But all her life, Sleigh has been told that she is very small, young, and can never meet Santa.

This time, she is determined to do the impossible and, with the help of her friends, makes a plan to meet Santa and fulfill her dream.

It is a heartwarming and inspiring story for children.

5. Book Lovers Gift Box

Book Lovers Gift Box
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If searching for a gift becomes difficult or you don’t have enough time to find the right one, then giving a gift box filled with book-lover accessories is an outstanding idea.

This amazing gift box of book-reading accessories includes a printed tote bag, a wooden page holder, a pair of printed reading socks, a mini sign that reads ‘Shhh…I’m reading,’ a bookmark, and a greeting card.

This gift will definitely make a reader happy!

6. Decute 300LED Christmas Tree String Lights

Decute 300LED Christmas Tree String Lights
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Christmas is incomplete without decorating your house with string lights, both inside and outside. They make your home sparkle and lighten up the environment, giving a festive vibe.

These string lights have 4 colors and 11 twinkle modes; they also come with a remote control to turn on/off, change modes, adjust brightness, and have a timer function set up for automatically switching the lights on/off.

The lights are waterproof! Book lovers can decorate these lights around their bookshelves or home library. These will be amazing gifts for readers.

7. The Best Cat Moms Are Born In February Journal

The Best Cat Moms Are Born In February Journal
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This cat moms journal can only be given to specific persons as it is made for women who love cats and are born in February.

If you know someone who prefers cats, is a February born, and likes to read and journal, then this notebook can be a great gift.

8. Cute Book Brooch Pins

Cute Book Brooch Pins
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Brooch pins are cute and can be accessorized with outfits, backpacks, hats, etc.

These extra cute book brooch pins are the best gifts for book lovers. These 20 cartoon brooch pins are beautifully designed, good-quality products that are reliable, firm, and long-lasting.

Match the book brooch pin with your outfits and flaunt your love for reading.

9. Book Christmas Ornament

Book Christmas Ornament
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Gifting a book-related ornament to a reader will make them smile. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and always cherish the gift.

This book Christmas ornament will be a great addition to their festivities stock, and they can place it on a bookshelf or holiday tree.


Everybody likes to receive gifts, but what about giving gifts in return? Finding the perfect gift can be a hassle, but a few ideas can help a lot during your search.

I hope this article helped you to find a suitable Christmas gift for a book lover. You can also take inspiration from these gift ideas and find something of your choice!

Book readers suggest some gift ideas in the comment section below!

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