7 Aesthetic Bookshelves Ideas: Display your Books in Style

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Bookshelves are an essential part of any bibliophile’s home, but they’re much more than just a practical storage solution; they’re also a great way to express your creativity and add personality to a room.

Displaying your books in a unique or eye-catching way can completely transform a space. So, if you’re looking to take your interior design skills to the next level and turn your boring old bookshelves into a stylish focal point, this blog post is for you.

Below, I’ll share 7 aesthetic bookshelf ideas to bring that wow factor into your home.

1. Coordinate your Colors

Coordinate your Colors

Arranging your books into a rainbow of colors adds an eye-catching addition to any room. Start by looking through your book collection and sorting your titles into separate piles depending on the color of their spines.

Then, arrange them on your shelves, one group at a time, while blending each hue to create a visually pleasing gradient of color.

To really make this style pop, consider displaying your color-coordinated books against a plain white wall. This helps to draw the eye toward the vivid spectrum of colors and turns your tired old books into a striking focal point.

2. Take a Minimalistic Approach

Take a Minimalistic Approach

If you love sleek, clean lines and hate clutter, a minimalist bookshelf design could be the perfect aesthetic for you.

A minimalist bookshelf means displaying a limited amount of books while making them the focal point of the shelves. Try grouping 3-5 books together and placing them next to another simple decorative element, such as a paperweight, a sculpture, or a vase.

Of course, if you’re an avid reader with a large collection of books, taking a minimalist approach may mean that you store the majority of your collection elsewhere and out of sight. In this setup, you can periodically rotate your curated book display, ensuring that each book in your collection gets its moment to shine on the shelf.

3. Go Green

Go Green

Bookshelves are designed for more than just books, and when it comes to adding extra items to the shelves, there’s no better partner for your literary collection than houseplants.

Displaying your book collection alongside a carefully curated selection of lush plants brings a touch of natural beauty to any room. And plants don’t just look great, they also clean and purify the air, helping you to breathe better, and create a healthier home environment.

But we can’t all be green-fingered bookworms, and many of us (myself included) struggle to keep houseplants alive. If this is you, I recommend starting with cacti and succulent species. Their shapes and textures add visual appeal to any bookshelf, and they require much less watering, making them the perfect choice for beginner indoor gardeners.

4. Add Lights

Add Lights

Incorporating lighting into your book display helps to illuminate the space and add extra emphasis to your already beautiful bookshelves.

LED strips are particularly effective. They’re affordable, easy to hide, and they kick out some serious lumens. String lights in warm tones are another great choice, giving a cozy and inviting glow to any book nook.

Both of these options are available in either plug-in or battery-operated versions, making them easy to set up and install.

5. Incorporate Vertical and Horizontal Stacking

Incorporate Vertical and Horizontal Stacking

Most people display their books by aligning them horizontally with the spines facing outward. But while this might be the most practical and space-efficient method, it’s not necessarily the most visually appealing.

So, why not mix things up a little by arranging your books in both horizontal and vertical stacks? You could also display some titles with the covers facing outward, especially if you have books featuring beautiful artwork.

This type of innovative presentation breaks up the monotony of a regular bookshelf and adds extra personality and visual interest to your display.

6. Get a Library Ladder

Get a Library Ladder

Why settle for simple bookshelves when you can have your very own home library, complete with a ladder?

This option is ideal for anyone with a lot of books to store. Rather than limit your collection to a small number of shelves, you can display your favorite reads across the entire wall space, all the way up to the ceiling.

Then, add a library ladder to access those hard-to-reach titles. Not only is a ladder the perfect solution to provide easy access to every shelf, but it also serves as a striking statement piece, adding an air of chic sophistication to your living space.

7. Install Floating Cubes

Install Floating Cubes

Traditional bookshelves step aside. It’s time for a floating cube concept that will breathe new life into your book collection, letting you showcase your literary treasures in a unique, chic, and modern way.

Mounted to the wall with hidden brackets and supports, these innovative cube shelves give the illusion that they’re floating weightlessly in mid-air.

These kinds of cubes are available in various sizes, so you can mix and match them in a dynamic arrangement that is unique to your space.

Then, it’s up to you to create a personalized eye-catching display within each cube. Try using both books and other aesthetic pieces such as vases, plants, or sculptures, to enhance the overall visual appeal.


Bookshelves can be much more than a mere storage solution. With a little creativity and flair, they can become a functional piece of art, adding a captivating focal point to any space.

Using your entire wall space and adding a ladder, or installing floating cubes can transform a room. But you don’t necessarily need to buy new shelving to create an aesthetically pleasing book display. Simply adding a few plants, changing the way you stack your books, or arranging your titles in color coordination can turn a tired old book nook into a stylish reading corner.

So, unleash your inner creativity, dust off your old book collection, and prepare to give it a brand new lease of life!

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