The Complete List of Miss Julia Books in Order

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We’ve assembled a complete guide to the Miss Julia series in reading and publication order. Her quick wit and her far-fetched understanding of human nature provide an entertaining read for literary enthusiasts.

Readers are treated with insight into her personality and how she designed the Miss Julia character against her alter ego.

We go on to discuss her achievements, most acclaimed literary works, and mini-reviews of Ann’s masterpieces. The plot development in Miss Julia’s life will give you lessons of intimate chaos and complicated family claims, bringing together drama at its finest.

Who is Ann B Ross?

Who is Ann B Ross
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Ann B Ross is an American author best known for her Miss Julia novels. The literary mastermind has created a legendary fictional character named Miss Julia. Expect a chronological breakdown of Julia’s thrilling life journey as the Southern woman uncovers her newfangled independence and attitude after her hubby succumbs to death.

Her writing can be described as mysteries engulfed by comedy and heart-warming emotions.

Miss Julia Books In Order

Sr. NoTitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1Miss Julia Speaks Her MindAugust 22, 2000273 pagesWilliam Morrow PaperbacksAmazon
2Miss Julia Strikes BackMarch 29, 2005320 pagesPenguin BooksAmazon
3Miss Julia Renews Her VowsApril 3, 2007306 pagesPenguin BooksAmazon
4Miss Julia Rocks the CradleMarch 25, 2008339 pagesPenguin BooksAmazon
5Miss Julia to the RescueMarch 30, 2010352 pagesPenguin BooksAmazon
6Miss Julia Weathers the StormMarch 29, 2011352 pagesPenguin BooksAmazon
7Miss Julia Happily Ever AfterMarch 27, 2012320 pagesPenguin BooksAmazon

Miss Julia Books in Reading and Publication Order

Ann B Ross has written 23 books in the Miss Julia Series and one book on Etta Mae, an integral character in the Miss Julia Series.

Remember, Miss Julia is a strong, rebellious, straightforward, and independent woman who skillfully adapted to intricate self-care practices after her husband’s death. Her elderly stature and open-minded personality explicitly highlight how she’s set in her ways.

Here’s a complete list of the highest-rated Miss Julia novels in reading and publication order.

Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind (1999)

Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind (1999)
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A light-hearted mystery revolving around a recently widowed by the death of her wealthy husband, Miss Julia finds herself in an uncomfortable situation. When a young lady of questionable character and her nine-year-old child march to her door and announce that the kid is her late husband’s illegitimate offspring, she tumbles emotionally.

Miss Julia is mortified as she becomes the talk of the town, especially where everybody loves gossiping to kill time. However, she welcomes the child, Little Lloyd Junior, into her home not before having to deal with a robbery and a kidnapping.

This book, filled with cliches and stereotypes, also sheds light on a woman’s mindset and how liberating it feels after being freed from her husband’s clutches and finally getting the opportunity to live on her terms.

Wedding bells will be ringing soon as Miss Julia has found an admirer, Sam Murdoch, who’s bugging her to get married quickly. But, a lot is happening in the protagonist’s life as she needs to tend to every rumor around town.

The mayor and the preacher’s secretary seem to be having an affair. Mr. Dwanyne Dooley wishes to build a theme park on Miss Julia’s property-somewhere he’s not supposed to.

And having found freedom recently, is Miss Julia ready to give marriage a second chance?

Having settled with her new husband and expecting a life of happiness and tranquility, Miss Julia yet finds another migraine heading her way.

Hazel Marie’s relative, Brother Vernon Puckett, has arrived unannounced and declares that he holds incontestable evidence that Little Lloyd Junior is not her late husband’s son.

A few years ago, Miss Julia would’ve been happy to send the little nuisance away. However, she’d grown fond of and loved him like her own.

Thankfully, Lillian has a plan that helps her get rid of irritating Brother Vernon Puckett.

Miss Julia Strikes Back (2007)

Miss Julia Strikes Back
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Miss Julia is restless and dissatisfied with the lack of the hustle and bustle around her. Hence, she throws a party and invites 25 friends to her house. To her horror, Julia finds her diamond ring, which was the same size as Princess Diana’s, missing.

Immediately, she takes off towards Palm Beach with her son, Lloyd Junior, to find the audacious thieves and make them pay for their crime.

Moreover, she hires a private investigator who agrees to help her after numerous requests but keeps sneaking away to consume alcohol at every chance.

Will Miss Julia be able to find her precious ring and the notorious thieves?

Hazel Marie is pregnant and will be having twins soon. One day, Hazel Marie feels unwell, convincing Julia’s worrisome thoughts to send her to the doctor. It turns out that Hazel Marie is pregnant and expecting twins soon.

However, Hazel Marie and her boyfriend, J.D Pickins, a private investigator, are not on speaking terms, and it’s now Miss Julia’s responsibility to bring the youngsters together. Another misfortune occurred when Sam’s house was robbed, depriving him of critical court documents.

The main character hatches a concrete plan to get everyone’s lives back on track.

Miss Julia Renews Her Vows (2010)

Miss Julia Renews Her Vows
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Miss Julia successfully gets Hazel Marie and J.D. Pickins back together—the young couple plans to marry before the town discovers their secret.

However, another mishap involving Etta Mae Wiggins is troubling Miss Julia. Simply put, Francie, Miss Julia’s frenemy, has accused Etta Mae of theft.

Miss Julia has to chart a roadmap for redeeming her best friend while celebrating a wedding and dealing with her husband’s obnoxious request for marriage counseling.

Even worse, she worries about her marriage and is stressed out, wondering whether her married life is approaching a dead end.

Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle (2011)

Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle
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Hazel Marie has given birth to twins, and the house is brimming with love and affection. On the other end, Miss Julia’s maternal instinct awakens as she cares for the little ones even though she’s never experienced the joy of birthing her child.

Later, the body of Richard Stroud, an ex-crook, is discovered in Miss Petty’s outhouse. It’s said that he died of natural causes while spying on Thurlow Jones, a former colleague.

Chaos ensues when Miss Julia discovers that someone has been stealing from her as people complain of checks bouncing all over town.

Though Miss Julia promised her husband, Sam, that she wouldn’t go snooping around looking for clues anymore, destiny has other plans. As fate had it, Julia doesn’t keep her promise, falsely assuring herself she’ll never play a detective again.

Miss Julia to the Rescue (2012)

Miss Julia to the Rescue
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Once again, Miss Julia is on the edge as her son, Lloyd, is moving out of the house, and her husband, Sam, has embarked on a journey to the Holy Land.

She decides to give her humble abode a much-needed makeover. But has any activity ever not been interrupted by a crime or emergency in Miss Julie’s life?

Hazel Marie’s husband, J.D Pickins, is missing, and a similar-looking man has been detained at a West Virginia Police Station.

It’s up to Miss Julia to save J.D. Pickins, for which she requires the assistance of Etta Mae.

Being a kind heart and good neighbor, Miss Julia finds another mystery falling onto her lap. Mattie Freeman has made Miss Julia the executor of her will before she dies of injuries caused by a broken hip.

A long and tedious task awaits since Mattie has left an extended list of requests for distributing her wealth to churches and charities.

Miss Julia has to deal with the mess alone as her husband, Sam, leaves for a fishing trip that couldn’t be canceled under any circumstances.

Andrew Cobb, a man proclaiming he’s the great grand nephew of Mattie Freeman, arrives expecting to look through her family’s documents and wishes to live in her house to complete a “family history.”

Miss Julia Weathers the Storm (2017)

Miss Julia Weathers the Storm
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Sam has organized a large beach picnic for all his family and friends. Happily, Miss Julia starts packing for the trip when one of her oldest friends LuAnne Conover, approaches her with an awful situation. Shockingly enough, LuAnne suspects her husband might be cheating on her after being married for 20 years.

Later, Latisha Lilian’s great-granddaughter hits the jackpot after she finds valuable treasure in shells washed ashore because of the hurricane. However, a suspicious-looking trio seems more interested in the treasure trove than others.

The strange men follow Lillian back to her house in Abbotsville, where they threaten her to hand over the shells and back off.

Miss Julia Murdoch decided she’s had enough of meddling in other people’s matters, realizing she held no right to judge their actions.

A peculiar incident leads her to revoke her decision for a short duration. Mildred, Miss Julia’s neighbor, is struggling with her husband, affected by a mysterious memory illness. Sadly, her son is transitioning into a woman against her wish, and a grandchild she’s never heard of is left at her doorstep.

Etta Mae is nearing retirement and has no secure house or income since all the old-age homes are closing. Miss Julia must prepare for the upcoming festive season amid all this confusion.

How will she tackle the untimely burdens of life independently?

Miss Julia Happily Ever After (2021)

Miss Julia Happily Ever After (2021)
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The final installment of the Miss Julia series ends with a wedding episode in which everyone is busy looking forward to settling down.

There’s nothing remotely romantic behind the reasons these women wish to get married. Christy Hargrove, aspiring to be a doctor, quits and marries in haste. Lillian plans to wed a 98-year-old senile man merely to acquire a higher status in society.

After marrying a gentleman, Helen Stroud has become a nurse, not a wife. LuAnne Conover, recently separated from a womanizer, plans to tie the knot with almost any man who agrees to marry her.

Miss Julia is supportive and doesn’t plan to advise any brides-to-be.

Amid all the mayhem, a ridiculous man wanders naked at night, peeping through Miss Julia’s neighbors’ windows and scaring them by destroying their gardens.

The Miss Julia series was discontinued after this book Miss Julia Happily Ever After.


It’s incredible what the human mind can come up with. Furthermore, it’s utterly astonishing how Ann B Ross came up with such a wonderful character of Miss Julia.

Having completed her master’s and Ph.D. at 50, Ann B Ross exemplifies excellence and hard work as a one-series author.

Let us know your thoughts on Miss Julia and your favorite novel of the beloved character in the comments below.

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