The Complete List of Jill Shalvis Books in Order

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Some talented authors have gained popularity and success in their careers, leading them to write many books throughout their journey.

As readers, we sometimes find it difficult to comprehend the order of books when there are so many works under their name.

I can totally relate, and to help you with this, I write ‘books in order articles’ to make it easier for readers to sort through the books of various authors.

This post is dedicated to Jill Shalvis, the famous contemporary romance author. I have provided the complete list of Jill Shalvis books in order. Have a look and pick the one that interests you the most.

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Who is Jill Shalvis?

Jill Shalvis

Jill Shalvis was born in 1963 and is a best-selling American author who has published over 50 novels. She has been at the top of the New York Times bestseller list for several books. Jill enjoyed writing since she was a kid.

She resides in Lake Tahoe, California, with her husband and three children. Jill has a journalism degree and tried her hands in accounting after graduating, but soon, realization dawned upon her, and she finally switched to full-time writing.

She writes contemporary romance fiction.

Luckily, she didn’t have to face many rejections for the publication of her first book and got a call from the publisher and agent within a week. Charmed and Dangerous was her debut novel under her real name, published in 1997.

Jill Shalvis has received numerous awards, including the RITA award for one of her novels.

Jill Shalvis Books in Order

Sr. NoTitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1Roughing It With Ryan2003 January 1224 PagesHarlequinAmazon
2White Heat2004 January 10 PagesOnyxAmazon
3Strong and Sexy2008 January 1300 PagesBRAVAAmazon
4Flashpoint2008 June 24224 PagesHarlequin BlazeAmazon
5Instant Attraction2018 March 27320 PagesKensingtonAmazon
6Double Play2009 January 10 PagesBerkley SensationAmazon
7Simply Irresistible2010 January 10 PagesGrand CentralAmazon
8Animal Magnetism2012 November 6304 PagesBerkley BooksAmazon
9Second Chance Summer2015 January 10 PagesHeadlineAmazon
10Sweet Little Lies2016 August 17447 PagesThorndike Press Large PrintAmazon

Jill Shalvis has written a plethora of books throughout her writing career and is still delivering outstanding works to the readers. I’ve listed all the book series written by her, along with descriptions of a few; check it out.

South Village Singles Books Reading and Publication Order

This series is about three friends, young women who are in their twenties. All three vow to remain single for various reasons and the books demonstrate how each of them eventually falls in love one by one.

Each book narrates the story of one girl. There is also an additional book that features another woman’s love story, but she is not mentioned anywhere in the previous parts.

There are 4 books in the series, and it’s recommended to read them in their reading and publication order to follow the whole story.

Start With: Roughing It With Ryan

Roughing it with Ryan
View on Amazon

Roughing It With Ryan is a book that narrates the story of Suzanne Carter, one of the young women among the three.

She rarely takes life seriously and prefers to go with the flow. Now, this is something men do not like about her, and it becomes an issue every time. So, Suzanne has decided to keep her distance from men.

Then enters Ryan Alondo, the strong, handsome, and charming man. Suzanne finds it hard to resist him and has decided that she will not fall for the man, but will she be able to ignore her inner temptation?

Firefighter Books Reading and Publication Order

These books tell the stories of firefighters and their romantic lives, including the journey of how they fell in love. Each book narrates individual stories of three men and women.

A collection of simple stories that will warm your heart!

There are three books under the Firefighter series, and I’ve listed them below in order. You can read them as standalones as well as in reading and publication order.

Start With: White Heat

White Heat
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One of the book’s main protagonists is Lyndie Anderson, an army brat and bush pilot who has always lived an independent and lonely life. Another protagonist is Griffin Moore, a firefighter who is still overcoming the loss of his crew in an Idaho inferno.

A small Mexican town faces a raging wildfire, and Lyndie and Griffin arrive at the scene to rescue the townspeople. Both characters meet each other and are instantly attracted to one another.

Lyndie and Griffin must find a way to save the people of the town and also confront their inner emotions toward each other.

Sky High Air Books Reading and Publication Order

The series features three handsome pilots, Noah, Shayne, and Brody, who run their own private airline, Sky High, catering only to the rich and fabulous.

Each book describes how the three gorgeous men, one by one, meet three pretty women and their journey of falling in love.

The series has three books under its title, and it’s recommended that you read them in their reading and publication order to follow the entire story.

Start With: Strong and Sexy

Strong and Sexy
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Noah Fisher has dedicated his time and efforts and worked hard to establish Sky High as one of California’s most prestigious charter airlines. He definitely needs a break!

He didn’t expect to be hijacked by the pretty widow wife of one of the wealthiest ex-clients of Sky High. She is also his secret crush, someone Noah has been fantasizing about.

Bailey Sinclair desperately wants the hidden money her conniving late husband had stacked away. She must find the money before the bad guys who worked for her husband catch her.

What is even more difficult than this task is to be close to Noah, both on the same flight. There is a burning desire igniting between the two that they are struggling to resist.

American Heroes The Firefighter Books Reading and Publication Order

The series is about firefighters and their love stories. The author has also added a suspense part to make the plot more interesting.

There are three books in the series, and it’s necessary to read the books in their reading and publication order to understand the story.

Start With: Flashpoint

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Zach Thomas is a firefighter who risks his life every day to battle and control the fire. A feisty girl, Brooke O’Brian is an EMT who has recently joined Zach’s crew.

Brooke is in town to sell her deceased grandmother’s house; once done, she will leave. Zach does not involve himself in long-term commitments and relationships.

Both characters follow the no-strings-attached theory when it comes to their love life. But once they meet, they are instantly attracted to each other.

When such strong attachments and emotions are involved between them, will these two be able to move on and live their own separate lives?

Wilder Adventures Books Reading and Publication Order

The series narrates the individual stories of three Wilder brothers, Cameron, Stone, and T.J., handsome and sexy men running a company called Wilder Adventure and Expeditions in the Wild Sierras.

They might not get along with each other, but they are ready to fight when it comes to protecting each other and the things they care about.

The series has three books, and each can be read as standalones. However, there are a few connecting characters and references throughout, so reading in order will help you comprehend the plot better.

Start With: Instant Attraction

Instant Attraction
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In the book, we’re introduced to Katie Kramer, a perfectly good girl who works hard. But Katie feels she doesn’t fit anywhere and is looking for a life filled with adventures and intimacy that she can happily look back to.

This led her to take a job at Wilder Adventures and Expeditions in Wishful California.

Cameron Wilder is back home after facing a life-changing accident. He encounters Katie sleeping in his cabin, and under other circumstances, he might have been thrilled to see a gorgeous woman at his place, but at present, his heart is off-limits.

Katie wakes up with the view of a handsome and strong-built man towering over her bed. And something definitely triggers both of their hearts!

Will this newfound connection become something more, or will it just be a regular fling?

Pacific Heat Books Reading and Publication Order

This is a kind of sports romance series where a baseball team, known as Pacific Heat, is featured. The story of the players of the team is narrated in each book. It is a  lighthearted romance story.

There are two books in the series, and they can be read as standalones. However, it’s better to read them in order to understand the story better, as there are a few familiar references in between.

Start With: Double Play

Double Play
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This story features Pace Martin, the ace pitcher of the Pacific Heat. He has the wins and skills that have made him successful in his career.

But Pace has a hidden secret that can destroy his own career.

Holly Hutchins is a reporter who is tough and beautiful and knows a good story when she sees one. She has been given the task of working with the baseball team, and Pace looks like the perfect man who will have stories to tell.

Now, Pace is not looking for any distractions, but when the pretty writer arrives, something stirs inside his heart. Holly only focuses on her career, but a handsome and charming baseball player evokes emotions she does not want to feel.

Pace is scared that Holly will know his secret. Can Holly be trusted when she is a reporter doing her work?

Lucky Harbor Books Reading and Publication Order

The series is based on a fictional Pacific Northwest small town. It is a romance series that narrates the love lives of men and women, meeting and exploring their inner feelings.

There are 16 books in the series, and they can be read either as standalones or in order. It has some connecting characters, so reading in order is a must to know the story thoroughly.

But if you are not into series, you can read them without following the order, as each book has its own full story without cliffhangers.

Have a look at the list below!

Start With: Simply Irresistible

Simply Irresistible
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It’s the first book of the series where we’re introduced to Maddie, who lost her boyfriend as well as her job.

This led her to make the decision to leave L.A. to claim the inheritance her mother left her, which is a ramshackle inn in the coastal town of Lucky Harbor, Washington. She is planning to start a business, a potential new career and life!

But the difficult task is to convince her two half-sisters, Tara and Chloe.

Maddie hires a contractor to give the inn a makeover. But it seems she is struggling to keep her eyes off the tall, dark-haired, gorgeous contractor.

By the way, Maddie has sworn off men. Will she be able to overcome her past and make Lucky Harbor her new home?

Lucky Harbor Non-Fiction Books in Reading and Publication Order

This is a non-fiction recipe book written by the author, Jill Shalvis. She has included amazing recipes from her own kitchen, and through the book, you will have a great culinary experience while cooking.

Heating Up the Kitchen: Recipes with Love from Lucky Harbor (2011)

Heating Up the Kitchen- Recipes with Love from Lucky Harbor
View on Amazon

Animal Magnetism Books Reading and Publication Order

This is another romance series by Jill Shalvis where people from different backgrounds and perceptions meet and fall in love.

Jill Shalvis loves animals, and this series shows her affection towards them.

There are 8 books in the series; you can read them either as standalones or in order.

Start With: Animal Magnetism

Animal Magnetism
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This first book introduces us to Lilah Young and Brady Miller.

Lilah is the co-owner of Kennel in Idaho and has a caring heart for stray animals. On the other hand, Brady Miller is a retired ranger and now a freelance pilot.

Brady has some anger issues, was brought up as a foster child, and is visiting Idaho to meet his two brothers, who were also in the same foster home.

Lilah meets him accidentally. Unintentionally, she hits the rear of Brady’s truck, and this leads to the newfound bond between two lonely souls.

This book shows how a tough man transforms into a softhearted, caring man when a woman takes the risk to change him. It is a heartwarming story, indeed!

Cedar Ridge Books Reading and Publication Order

The Cedar Ridge series is about three Kincaid brothers who are running the family ski resort in Colorado together.

The three always prioritize the lives of others over their own, and the series narrates the adventures and love lives of each brother.

There are three books under the series title, and you can either read them as standalones or in order, as per your preference.

Start With: Second Chance Summer

Second Chance Summer
View on Amazon

Lily Danville wants a job, and there is a vacancy at the hottest resort in her hometown. Cedar Ridge, Colorado, is known for its beauty, greenery and adventures.

Lily has only one concern: the firefighter, rescue worker, Aidan Kincaid, and also a heartbreaker. For her, it’s hard to resist that handsome man.

Among the three Kincaid brothers, Aidan does everything in his own way according to his own rules. His only regret was letting Lily walk away from his life ten years ago.

Aidan is looking for a second chance, but is Lily willing to give this complicated relationship a second try?

Heartbreaker Bay Books Reading and Publication Order

The Heartbreaker Bay series is set in San Francisco, in the Cow Hollow district. It centers around a particularly old building, renovated and built around a courtyard, and the highlight of the place is its 150-year-old fountain.

There is a saying that the fountain place grants true love to a true heart. The locals find it hard to believe, but it has often come true, which leaves everyone wondering.

Apart from this, the building has a pub, tattoo space, coffee shop, pet shop, and more.

It has 12 books that narrate spicy romance stories of steamy couples, with added fun and humor.

Start With: Sweet Little Lies

Sweet Little Lies
View on Amazon

In the first book, we’re introduced to Pru, the captain of the San Francisco Bay tour boat. Another main protagonist is Finn O’Riley, the six-foot-tall pub owner.

Finn is a charming, handsome, and hard-working man who always makes time to spend time with his friends. Pru is also one of them!

Pru only wants Finn to be happy and wishes the same at the historic fountain.

Things become awkward when one incident rushes things between them way past the friendship stage.

There is a secret Pru is hiding that can change everything, but the question is whether she will be able to tell Finn the truth.

Wildstone Books Reading and Publication Order

This series is based in Wildstone town, where there are adventures ahead. Anything can happen in the place, such as finding out shocking truths, falling in love with strangers, and more.

There are 9 books in the series; each is truly standalone with similar settings.

Start With: Lost and Found Sisters

Lost and Found Sisters
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Chef Quinn Weller is finally overcoming the grief of losing her sister in a car accident. She has a loving family, a dream job, and a handsome boyfriend. But still, her heart feels empty, a void, looking for something to fill the hollowness.

Suddenly, her life turns upside down when a lawyer reveals a shocking secret and an inheritance in Wildstone that only she can claim.

Quinn makes an impulsive decision and leaves her job, family, and boyfriend and heads to the small town of Wildstone.

She is instantly drawn to the town and a gorgeous-looking stranger who offers friendship without enquiring about her past.

Soon, her world shatters again when her inheritance is revealed, as it will make her question everything about her life. Will she stay in this small town? Can this place remove the emptiness from her life?

The Heirs To The Triple M Books Reading and Publication Order

This series is about three sisters who leave LA to claim their inherited ranch. It further narrates the challenges they have to face and how they find their romantic partners in between.

The series has two books, and each narrates the story of individual sisters. You can read them in order or as standalones.

Start With: The Rancher’s Surrender

The Rancher’s Surrender
View on Amazon

Zoe, Delia, and Maddie, three foster sisters, inherit a ranch, due to which they leave LA. But among the three, no one knows who exactly is the inherited owner of the ranch.

After arriving, they meet Ty Jackson, the manager and neighbor who wanted the ranch. Zoe is determined not to let Ty take over the ranch and will do everything to protect it.

Ty prefers to stay away from love, but feisty Zoe is driving him crazy; how will he be able to control himself?

The Sunrise Cove Books Reading and Publication Order

This series is based on the small town of Sunrise Cove, where unexpected things can happen that will either be momentous or turn your world upside down.

There are four books in the series so far. Two books are yet to be released in the upcoming year. The books can be read as standalones.

Start With: The Family You Make

The Family You Make
View on Amazon

As the snowstorm hits, Levi Cutler and Jane, both strangers to each other, are stuck on a ski lift. After seeing a gondola being destroyed due to the strong winds, Levi calls his family to inform and talk to them for one last time. But he fails to say goodbye.

Instead, he lies that he is well settled with his girlfriend Jane, and then his phone dies. The good news is Levi and Jane survive.

Levi’s family wants to meet his girlfriend, and Jane agrees to be the fake girlfriend. The unexpected series of events that follows makes Jane (who experienced a traumatic childhood) realize that this is the life she always wished for.

Fake feelings start turning into real ones when Levi and Jane spend so much time together. Now, they just need to confess their feelings; who will admit first, though?

Reading and Publication Order of Men of Chance Books

Reading and Publication Order of Way Out West Books

Reading and Publication Order of Do Not Disturb Books

Reading and Publication Order of Red Hot Royals Books

Reading and Publication Order of Rebels With a Cause Books

Reading and Publication Order of Bare Essentials Books

Reading and Publication Order of Cooper’s Corner Books

Reading and Publication Order of Madden Brothers Books

Reading and Publication Order of Forrester Square Books

Reading and Publication Order of Trueblood, Texas Books

Standalone Books

Apart from the book series, Jill Shalvis has also written many standalone books. I listed them in their publication order.

Brief Description of ‘Charmed and Dangerous’

Brief Description of ‘Charmed and Dangerous’
View on Amazon

This book was published in 1997 and is a contemporary romance book. The main protagonists are Dillon Kinley and Sami Reed.

Dillon is a handsome and charming man with a swoon-worthy smile. Sami’s small airport is threatened and in danger, and she blames Dillon for it. But will she trust this good-looking stranger for help?

Short Story Books

Brief Description of ‘In Name Only’

In Name Only
View on Amazon

In Name Only is a short story book with two stories written by two authors. The first one, The Bachelor’s Bed, was written by Jill Shalvis, and the second one, Accidental Wife, by Day Leclaire.


Jill Shalvis has written a plethora of books throughout her writing career. I hope this article will help you to understand the order of Jill’s books so you can start with her novels easily. Check out the list of books and grab them now!

Have you read any of the books by Jill Shalvis? Share your views in the comments.

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