Book Review of Every Summer After by Carley Fortune

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When it comes to cute summer beach reads, I am always ready!

They are my go-to books whenever I need breaks, or my heart asks for a comfort read. I remember reading Every Summer After by Carley Fortune, a summer romance novel.

After its release, the book was extremely hyped, and people appreciated it so much. However, I picked it up randomly.

I am an avid reader who loves to read books and share my reviews with other bibliophiles.

Today, I am going to review Every Summer After by Carley Fortune. If you are looking for a romance book or are curious about the book, then stay with me throughout!

I will also give a synopsis before diving into the review of Every Summer After.

Synopsis of Every Summer After by Carley Fortune

Synopsis of Every Summer After by Carley Fortune
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Every Summer After by Carley Fortune is a contemporary romance novel published in 2022. The book’s main protagonists are Persephone Fraser (Percy) and Sam Florek. Charlie Florek is another character who plays an important part in the story.

Now, let’s start with the overview of this book.

Persephone’s parents buy a cottage by the lake in Ontario, Canada, to spend the summer holidays near the lakeside.

Percy was thirteen when she went to the cottage with her parents to enjoy her first summer, and there she met the Florek brothers, the next-door neighbors.

The Florek brothers, Sam (thirteen years) and Charlie (fifteen years) live with their mother, Sue, in Barry’s Bay, and they have a restaurant in the town.

Percy and Sam, being of the same age, quickly become friends. Their friendship grew, and they always looked forward to the summer holidays to meet each other again.

Soon, they both confessed their romantic feelings for one another, and they spent beautiful summers together swimming, studying, working at the restaurant, watching movies, reading books, boating with Charlie, and much more.

Those six summers were very special to both. But as they went to different colleges, things started to fall apart, leading to heartbreak.

Sam made a hurtful decision. Percy committed a mistake that led her to break everything.

Fast forward to years later, Percy gets a call that makes her run back to Barry’s Bay. Both will meet after years, with deep-buried feelings flowing back again. Will they reunite, or will things become worse than ever?

My Review of Every Summer After

My Review of Every Summer After



Overall Rating: 3/5

Every Summer After is a cute summer read that received immense love and appreciation from the readers. Oh, and this is the debut novel of Carley Fortune.

I was looking for a light-hearted read when I picked this book. Sometimes, I crave sweet romance stories to soothe my heart, to giggle and blush like a teen.

Honestly, I liked this book! I smiled, cried, laughed, and felt all the emotions while reading the book.

Is the story something extraordinary? No.

Are there any jaw-dropping twists and turns? No.

Are the characters really lovable? No.

Is the plot unpredictable? No.

Now, you might be wondering why I liked the book. Well, because I did not start the novel with any expectations.

My exact thoughts at that moment were: I want a cute romance book to read. Oh, people are going crazy about this one. Okay, let’s pick it up then.

Now, let me give you an overall review! For a debut novel, Carley Fortune’s writing style is remarkable. Her writing was descriptive and immersive; the issue was the plot and characters.

The plot was the same as always; many books with the same kind of setting have already been released. One such example is the book The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han, with a far better storyline.

The book goes back and forth between the past and present. The author focuses more on the past incidents (12 years back), which is actually the base of the entire story. The timeline switch was good, but there was less emphasis on the present, which made the ending less enjoyable.

The main characters were satisfactory, with almost no development throughout. I liked Charlie’s character way more than the other two.

Let me tell you, it’s a definite cliché story.

You can easily predict everything and won’t have any “Woah, woah! Seriously?” moments.

Many readers also said that the book is very similar to Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren. Although I haven’t read this one, I did read the synopsis, and I can tell both stories have similarities. Most summer reads are almost similar, so it’s not surprising.

For me, it was a heartfelt read, and I enjoyed the book.

It is just a simple story to engross yourself when you need to rejuvenate from the heavily challenging reads or something that blew your mind.


I hope this Every Summer After review helps you decide whether you want to read this book or not. However, I suggest picking this book only if you are into romance novels or looking for an easy read.

Have you already read this book? Tell me your views in the comments below!

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