The Complete List of Janet Evanovich Books in Reading Order

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Janet Evanovich is a New York Times best-selling author who has written more than 70 romance, mystery, and adventure titles.

Her career began in 1987 when she published her debut novel ‘Hero at Large’ under the pen name Steffie Hall.

Since then, she’s become one of the most famous names in contemporary fiction, churning out numerous genre-spanning popular series and a large collection of standalone novels too.

A Complete List of Every Janet Evanovich Book in Reading Order

Early Standalone Romance Novels• Publication date- March 13, 2010
• Print length- 321 pages
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The ‘Elsie Hawkins’ Series• Publication date- October 13, 2009
• Print length- 272 pages
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The ‘Stephanie Plum’ Series• Publication date- February 24, 1999
• Print length- 352 pages
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The ‘Between the Numbers’ Series• Publication date- April 1, 2010
• Print length- 110 pages
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The ‘Full’ Series• Publication date- September 16, 2002
• Print length- 356 pages
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Non-fiction by Janet Evanovich
• Publication date- September 19, 2006
• Print length- 240 pages
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The Cate Madigan/Hot Series• Publication date- April 3, 2007
• Print length- 287 pages
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The Wicked Series• Publication date- September 14, 2010
• Print length- 386 pages
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Culhane Family Series• Publication date- January 3, 2012
• Print length- 321 pages
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The Fox and O’Hare Series• Publication date- June 18, 2013
• Print length- 402 pages
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Evanovich is most famous for her mystery series, ’Stephanie Plum,’ but she’s got plenty more captivating reads to explore.

So, if you’re interested in diving into this prolific author’s work, then you’ve come to the right place.

Below, I’ll list every book by Janet Evanovich, from her early romance stories and smash-hit series, to her latest 2022 release.

Early Standalone Romance Novels

Early Standalone Romance Novels
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Janet Evanovich started her career writing romance novels. These stories were packed with unforgettable characters, hot and steamy sex scenes, and a good dollop of humor, too.

Her debut novel, ‘Hero at Large,’ was written under the pseudonym Steffie Hall, but after receiving unexpected praise from critics and fans, she switched to using her real name for most of her further works.

  1. Hero at Large (1987)
  2. Thanksgiving (1988)
  3. The Grand Finale (1988)
  4. Manhunt (1988)
  5. Foul Play (1989)
  6. Love Overboard (1989)
  7. Naughty Neighbor (1992)

The ‘Elsie Hawkins’ Series

The ‘Elsie Hawkins’ Series
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While Evanovich was still in her romance phase, she published a series of novels centering around the sassy, middle-aged, pistol-wielding protagonist, Elsie Hawkins.

  1. Back to the Bedroom (1989)
  2. Smitten (1990)
  3. Wife for Hire (1990)
  4. The Rocky Road to Romance (1991)

The ‘Stephanie Plum’ Series

The ‘Stephanie Plum’ Series
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After several years of success writing strictly in the romance genre, Evanovich decided it was time to change course and incorporate some elements of mystery and adventure into her work.

And so began her beloved ‘Stephanie Plum’ series, which centers around a spunky, mystery-solving bounty hunter of the same name.

Stephanie is a regular blue-collar American, but her life is far from ordinary. After losing her job as a lingerie trader, she turns to her bail bondsman cousin, Vinnie, for help. She was hoping for a simple desk job in the office, but instead, she soon finds herself chasing dangerous fugitives across her hometown of Trenton, New Jersey.

The series is packed with action, mystery, humor, and suspense, and true to Evanovich’s literary roots, there’s also a peppering of romance to be found, too.

The last ‘Stephanie Plum’ book hit the shelves in 2021, but the author has announced a brand-new title, ‘Going Rogue: Rise and Shine Twenty Nine,’ which will hit the shelves in November 2022.

  1. One for the Money (1994)
  2. Two for the Dough (1996)
  3. Three to Get Deadly (1997)
  4. Four to Score (1998)
  5. High Five (1999)
  6. Hot Six (2000)
  7. Seven Up (2001)
  8. Hard Eight (2002)
  9. To the Nines (2003)
  10. Ten Big Ones (2004)
  11. Eleven on Top (2005)
  12. Twelve Sharp (2006)
  13. Lean Mean Thirteen (2007)
  14. Fearless Fourteen (2008)
  15. Finger-Lickin’ Fifteen (2009)
  16. Sizzling Sixteen (2009)
  17. Smokin’ Seventeen (2011)
  18. Explosive Eighteen (2011)
  19. Notorious Nineteen (2012)
  20. Takedown Twenty (2013)
  21. Top Secret Twenty-One (2014)
  22. Tricky Twenty-Two (2015)
  23. Turbo Twenty-Three (2016)
  24. Hardcore Twenty-Four (2017)
  25. Look Alive Twenty-Five (2018)
  26. Twisted Twenty-Six (2019)
  27. Fortune and Glory (2020)28. Game On (2021)

The ‘Between the Numbers’ Series

The ‘Between the Numbers’ Series
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By the time the eighth ‘Stephanie Plum’ book was published, the series had gained an army of fans who were all hungry for more. And so, in 2002, she began writing a spin-off series, taking her main character on a brand-new set of adventures.

These humorous stories focus on Stephanie’s adventures with her mysterious bounty hunting colleague Diesel, who oozes sex appeal but is far from the steady, dependable kind of man she needs in her life.

  1. Visions of Sugar Plums (2002)
  2. Plum Lovin’ (2007)
  3. Plum Lucky (2008)
  4. Plum Spooky (2009)

The ‘Full’ Series

The ‘Full’ Series
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While Janet Evanovich was focusing on her best-selling ‘Stephanie Plum’ books, she had countless new ideas swirling around her mind.

But with little time to write, she needed some help. So, she teamed up with her good friend and fellow author Charlotte Hughes, and together, they transformed her ideas into a page-turning new series entitled ‘Full.’

These six novels feature all the trademark themes readers had come to expect from Evanovich, including an array of dysfunctional and endearing characters, plenty of fast-paced action, and a heavy helping of steamy romance.

  1. Full House (2002)
  2. Full Tilt (2002)
  3. Full Speed (2003)
  4. Full Blast (2004)
  5. Full Bloom (2005)
  6. Full Scoop (2006)

The Alex Barnaby Series

The Alex Barnaby Series
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In 2004, Janet Evanovich kicked off a brand-new series starring auto mechanic Alexandra Barnaby and her sexy partner in crime, NASCAR driver Sam Hooker.

The first two books are written in prose, while ‘Troublemaker’ and ‘Troublemaker 2’ take the form of graphic novels.

  1. Metro Girl (2004)
  2. Motor Mouth (2006)
  3. Troublemaker (2007)
  4. Troublemaker 2 (2010)

Non-fiction by Janet Evanovich

Non-fiction by Janet Evanovich
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After making it as one of the best-selling authors in America, Janet Evanovich penned her only non-fiction title to date, ‘How I Write.’

With a little help from creative writing teacher Ina Yalof, she designed this comprehensive guide to help budding authors hone their skills and tackle the cutthroat world of publishing.

The Cate Madigan/Hot Series

The Cate Madigan, Hot Series
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In 2007, Janet Evanovich teamed up with fellow author Leanne Banks to begin this steamy, suspense-filled series starring a Boston-born bartender named Cate Madigan.

But while the pair had big plans to continue writing together, ‘Hot Stuff’ didn’t quite get the reception they’d hoped for, so a second book never made it onto the shelves.

Still, if you enjoy Evanovich’s classic blend of mystery, action, romance, and humor, then this novel is well worth a read.

The Wicked Series

Wicked Appetite
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If you’ve read Evanovich’s ‘Between the Numbers’ books, you’ll already be familiar with her alpha male protagonist, Diesel.

In the ‘Wicked’ series, Diesel takes center stage again. He teams up with cupcake baker Lizzy Tucker to track down a collection of mysterious stones which hold the power of the seven deadly sins.

Set in the haunting backdrop of Salem, Massachusetts, these stories are a captivating departure into the supernatural. Yet, they still feature all the fast-paced action, steamy sex scenes, and laugh-out-loud comedy that fans of the author know and love.

  1. Wicked Appetite (2009)
  2. Wicked Business (2012)
  3. Wicked Charms (2015)

Culhane Family Series

Culhane Family Series
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In 2012, Evanovich joined fellow best-selling author Dorien Kelly to write two humorous romantic suspense novels centering around the wealthy Culhane family.

The first book, ‘Love in a Nutshell,’ shot straight to the top of the charts, and the follow-up novel, ‘The Husband List,’ was just as well received.

  1. Love in a Nutshell (2012)
  2. The Husband List (2013)

The Fox and O’Hare Series

The Fox and O'Hare Series
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This page-turning mystery series began in 2013 when Evanovich teamed up with author Lee Goldberg to pen the novellaPros & Cons and the full-length novel ‘The Heist.’

This pair of world-renowned authors used their combined skills to create two unforgettable characters; the notorious con man Nicholas Fox, and the formidable FBI agent, Kate O’Hare.

Kate has spent her career trying to pin down Nick and make him pay for his crimes. But in a bizarre twist of fate, they find themselves working together on an international undercover mission to take down some of the world’s most wanted criminals.

  1. Pros and Cons (2013)
  2. The Heist (2013)
  3. The Chase (2014)
  4. The Shell Game (2014)
  5. The Job (2014)
  6. The Scam (2015)
  7. The Pursuit (2016)
  8. The Big Kahuna (2019)
  9. The Bounty (2021)

The Knight and Moon Series

The Knight and Moon Series
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For the debut novel in this popular two-part series, Evanovich collaborated with author Phoef Sutton to birth two captivating characters, Emerson Knight and Riley Moon.

Emerson is handsome, intelligent, and incredibly wealthy, but he’s also introverted and eccentric, with zero social skills. Riley, on the other hand, is a sassy, outgoing law graduate who knows what she wants and how to get it.

The pair couldn’t be more different, but when their worlds collide, they’re thrust together to solve some of the most electrifying mysteries that Evanovich has ever dreamed of.

  1. Curious Minds (2016)
  2. Dangerous Minds (2017)

The Gabriella Rose Series

The Gabriella Rose Series
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If you’re already hooked on Janet Evanovich’s work, I have some good news for you.

Earlier this year, the author published the first book in a brand-new series starring a tenacious recovery agent named Gabriela Rose.

Gabriela is an expert at tracking down lost and stolen treasures, and her clients pay her big bucks to find their precious missing items.

Using her quick wit and nerves of steel, along with an array of dangerous weapons, she knows how to get the job done. But her latest case will challenge her unlike any other.

Her own family is in danger of losing their home, and the only thing that can save them is a whole lot of money.

And so, Gabriela embarks on a white-knuckle adventure through the dense jungles of Peru to track down a lost inheritance that could solve her family’s problems for good.


Janet Evanovich has a huge number of genre-spanning, page-turning novels to explore, and thankfully, she’s still got plenty more new material up her sleeve, too.

Are you a fan of this prolific author’s work? If so, what are your favorite books? Let me know in the comments below!

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