The Complete List of Agatha Christie Books in Order

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Whether readers or movie lovers, everyone knows the name of the famous mystery author Agatha Christie. The best-selling novelist holds the world record for being the most translated author ever.

She has written a plethora of books throughout her literary career, and it might get overwhelming for the readers to explore so many books from different categories.

To make the quest simple, I have written this article on the complete list of Agatha Christie books in order, where all the books are separately categorized.

I will brief you about the author’s life and then start with the books in order. Stay with me throughout to get the complete book list.

Who is Agatha Christie?

Who is Agatha Christie

Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller (Agatha Christie) was born on September 15, 1890, in Torquay, England. Her father, Frederick Miller, was a wealthy American man. Agatha was the youngest child, with an age gap of eleven years, from the eldest daughter of the family.

She was homeschooled in the early years and learned to read at the age of five despite her mother’s wish of not getting involved in reading until the age of eight. After her father’s death, she attended a girls’ school in Torquay for a short period and later moved to Paris, where she attended boarding schools.

She started writing short stories at the age of 18 (‘Just to amuse herself,’ stated by her mother).

Agatha worked as a nurse till 1915 and then joined the hospital dispensary. Aagtha’s sister challenged her that she couldn’t write a good novel, and this bet led Agatha to write her very first novel. During this time, she married Archie Christie, a sub-altern and qualified aviator. Later, due to Archie’s infidelity, they both were divorced.

In 1930, Agatha got married again to Max Mallowan, a 25-year-old archaeologist.

With billions of copies of her books, she is one of the best-selling mystery novelists. Agatha left this world at the age of 85, in the year 1976.

Agatha Christie’s Books in Order

Sr. NoTitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1The Mysterious Affair at StylesSeptember 22, 2020164 pagesMint EditionsAmazon
2The Adventure of the Cheap FlatApril 20, 202329 pagesIndependently publishedAmazon
3The Murder at the VicarageMay 4, 2016304 pagesWilliam Morrow & CompanyAmazon
4The Secret AdversaryJune 1, 2022272 pagesGeneral PressAmazon
5The Fairy in the FlatAugust 6, 201325 pagesWilliam Morrow PaperbacksAmazon
6The Secret of ChimneysOctober 12, 2022260 pagesIndependently publishedAmazon
7The Man in the Brown SuitJanuary 1, 2020114 pagesAncient Wisdom PublicationsAmazon
8The Mysterious Mr. QuinJune 19, 2012320 pagesWilliam Morrow PaperbacksAmazon
9Giant’s BreadJanuary 1, 2017448 pagesHarper Collins PaperbacksAmazon
10The Sittaford MysteryNovember 1, 1984201 pagesBantam Books, Inc.Amazon

Agatha has written many books, including book series, standalones, non-fiction, and more. Scroll through to find the books under each category.

In this section, I will mention all the series, along with listing the books under the titles. Have a look!

Hercule Poirot Books in Reading and Publication Order

The main protagonist of the series is Hercule Poirot, a former member of the Belgian Police displaced by World War I. Agatha has written series, short stories, and plays featuring the detective.

The character Poirot prefers to take care of his appearance, especially his mustache. He is highly opinionated and takes pride in his abilities as an intelligent detective. However, he is sympathetic, a good listener, polite and loyal.

Agatha created this character by taking inspiration from real-life Belgian refugees she met.

The series has over 30 books under its title and can be read as standalones because each book features individual stories without any cliffhangers for the next part.

However, if you read them in their reading and publication order, you can witness the characters’ growth and will also understand the in-between references from previous books. Check out the list of the books given below!

Start With ‘The Mysterious Affair at Styles’

The Mysterious Affair at Styles
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This is the debut novel by the author and introduces us to the famous detective Hercule Poirot.

Colonel Hastings is staying at the Styles Court as a guest after getting invited by his friend, John Cavendish. At this place, Hastings sees a lot of arguments and conflicts between the family members. Emily Inglethorp, a member of the family, is found dead after a few days, which leaves everyone in shock.

The case is handed over to Hastings to solve, but he is baffled by the situation. Fortunately, Hercule Poirot, one of Hastings’s old friends, is staying near the Styles Court, to whom he requests assistance for the case.

Already a well-known detective in his home country, Hercule navigates the case and digs into the family secrets to find the actual culprit.

Hercule Poirot Short Stories/Novellas in Reading and Publication Order

Agatha has written many novellas featuring Hercule Poirot for the fans. You can read more about Hercule and his solved cases through these short stories.

Agatha has written more than 30 short stories, and they can be read as standalones. I have listed all the books in order below.

Brief Description of ‘The Adventure of the Cheap Flat’

The Adventure of the Cheap Flat
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This short story is written by Agatha, where Hercule Poirot solves a mysterious case. The chit-chat over a morning coffee led Hastings to recount a story he heard last evening at a party.

He heard a stranger bragging about a fantastic apartment deal. The woman found and rented an amazing apartment at a very cheap rate.

After listening to the story, Poirot gets suspicious about the flat and decides to investigate further. After discovering deep secrets about the flat, his suspicions become true. What secrets did he find?

Hercule Poirot Collections

These are the short fiction collections of the Hercule Poirot series. It is best if you read them in their publication order. I have listed them in their reading and publication order below. Have a look!

Miss Marple Books in Reading and Publication Order

Miss Jane Marple is another famous detective written by Agatha Christie. Miss Marple is described as “a white-haired old lady with a gentle, appealing manner.” She lives in St. Mary Mead, a fictional village created by the author.

She loves gardening, knitting, and gathering gossip, the typical hobbies of every older woman.

Miss Marple does not solve crimes like the common detectives, but her amazing observation skills and sharp memory help the police with many crucial clues to crack the cases.

The series has a total of 12 books and can be read as standalones; however, it is best to read them in their reading and publication order to avoid any essential details and also to follow the overall growth of the character.

Start With ‘The Murder at the Vicarage’

The Murder at the Vicarage
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This is the first book that features Miss Marple, the lady detective of the St. Mary Mead village. Leonard Clement runs the vicarage in the small village and is looked for advice when needed by the residents.

Colonel Protheroe is the local magistrate of the village and is highly detested by the villagers, including the vicar.

Things start to go wrong when the Colonel’s body is found in the vicar’s study with a bullet shot in the head. With all suspecting eyes toward Clement, including the police, Miss Marple enters the situation.

However, her involvement is not appreciated by the police; still, Miss Marple is the only one who can solve the case with her sharp intellect.

Miss Marple Collections

Agatha has released multiple short story collections with Miss Marple as the main character. It’s better to read them in their publication order. I have listed the story collections below; check it out!

Tommy and Tuppence Books in Reading and Publication Order

This series features Tommy Beresford and Tuppence Cowley, a married detective couple. They were childhood friends before becoming life partners.

Tommy is a practical guy, whereas Tuppence is charismatic and relies on her intuition to solve the cases. They both mutually start a company together. The couple have 3 children: Betty (an adopted daughter) and Derek and Deborah (twins).

There are 5 books under the series title, and it is recommended to read them in the reading and publication order if you want to follow the whole story.

The protagonists in these books are Christie’s only detective characters to grow old together and age in real-time throughout the course of the series, illustrating the overall growth in every aspect.

I have listed the books in order below. Have a look!

Start With ‘The Secret Adversary’

The Secret Adversary
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This is Agatha Christie’s second book, which features two young detectives, Tommy and Tuppence. Both are childhood friends and in need of jobs after World War I.

When both met after a long time, desperate for money and jobs, they mutually decided to start a company known as “Young Adventurers Ltd. – willing to do anything, go anywhere.”

The ship Lusitania was sinking after being struck by two torpedoes in succession, and on the ship was a man carrying very important documents. With no other option left, he handed the documents to an unknown lady for safekeeping.

It’s been five years since the lady is missing; neither her body nor the documents have been found yet. The first task of Tommy and Tuppence is to find this lady and the documents. The journey brings a lot of challenges and leads them to grave dangers.

Tommy and Tuppence Short Stories/Novellas in Reading and Publication Order

Agatha has written several short stories about Tommy and Tuppence’s detective journey. The readers love the young detectives, and even the author enjoyed writing the stories.

There are 12 Tommy and Tuppence short stories, which can all be read as standalones. However, to avoid missing any crucial details, read them in publication order.

Brief Description of ‘The Fairy in the Flat’

The Fairy in the Flat
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This short story with detectives Tommy and Tuppence starts after six years. The couple has been happily married for six years, and Tuppence is seeking exciting adventures they used to have as young detectives.

Not soon after, they both are contacted by the international detective agency for an important task. Throughout the task, the detectives are warned to be wary of the number sixteen, and if by any chance they see or hear this number, it means they are very close to the target.

Superintendent Battle Books in Reading and Publication Order

Superintendent Battle of Scotland Yard is another detective written by Agatha Christie. He is a big, square, wooden-faced man with traits that make it hard to categorize him as a detective.

Battle uses this to mask his intelligence and plays stupid while observing everything and, in the end, catches the actual culprit. He has a wife named Mary, and they both have five children.

There are a total of 5 books in the series, and it is recommended to read them in the reading and publication order. Among the books, there are also crossover novels where lead detectives of Christie’s previous novels are involved.

I have listed the books in their order below.

Start With ‘The Secret of Chimneys’

The Secret of Chimneys
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The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie is the first novel in the series. Anthony Cade is asked by his old friend to deliver a manuscript to London and also a few letters to a lady. He agrees to do the job for quick cash and starts his journey using his friend’s name.

Little did he know this would turn out to be an adventurous and deadly task. Throughout the journey, he is robbed, attacked, and, more importantly, gets himself involved in the matters of the country house called Chimneys.

Between all these, the forces of Scotland Yard arrive at the place to uncover secrets and disguised guests. Will Anthony and Battle will be able to unfold the hidden mysteries?

Colonel Race Books in Reading and Publication Order

Colonel Johnnie Race is a tall, tanned, filthy rich man who carries a composed nature, is a good dancer, and has traveled places. He is the main detective of the series; however, he is not portrayed as the main lead in the stories.

His background as an MI5 agent and brilliant observation skills help him to catch the criminals.

Among the 4 books in the series, two are crossover novels with Hercule Poirot and also Superintendent Battle. Have a look at the list given below.

Start With ‘The Man in the Brown Suit’

The Man in the Brown Suit
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Anne Beddingfeld is looking for adventures in London, and she stumbles upon a tragic incident that leads her to a dangerous journey.

Anne was at the Hyde Park Corner Tube Station when a man fell onto the live tracks and died instantly on the platform. Out of the blue, a man in a brown suit, claiming himself as a doctor, examines the body, announces the man to be dead, and leaves immediately but drops a note along the way.

Anne picks up the note and finds an address scribbled, and the following day, news reports the murder of a ballet dancer in that mentioned place.

Curious to uncover the mystery, Anne travels to the place and faces many challenges in the way that puts her life in danger.

In between her travels, she meets Colonel Race, who happens to be on the lookout for the same killer.

Harley Quin Books

Harley Quin is the good friend of Mr. Satterthwaite, who is an elderly socialite and patron of the arts. Quin mysteriously appears whenever Satterthwaite needs help to solve a problem. He is an enigmatic character with extraordinary skills.

Only one book is published under this title, which I have mentioned below, along with a brief description.

Brief Description of ‘The Mysterious Mr. Quin’

The Mysterious Mr. Quin
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The book is a collection that comprises over 10 short stories featuring Quin and Satterthwaite. The stories have dark, supernatural, and suspenseful aspects, making them enjoyable to read.

Quin appears in a flick of light when needed to put his incredible skills to use. He is associated with love and death. Harley Quin uses his sharp intelligence behind the scenes to help his friend, Mr. Satterthwaite, solve the cases.

Parker Pyne Short Stories/Novellas in Reading and Publication Order

James Parker Pyne is a retired civil servant who now runs his own private agency where he investigates matters of the heart and one or two crime cases.

He advertises his services in the Times and follows unique ways to solve the client’s problems.

There are more than 10 short stories featuring Parker Pyne, and you can also find a compilation of all the stories in one book. I have listed the individual books below; have a look!

Books Published Under the Name, ‘Mary Westmacott’

Agatha Christie has published 6 books under the pseudonym ‘Mary Westmacott.’ She used this pseudonym to attain the freedom of writing non-mystery novels, and nobody knew that Agatha wrote these books for around 15 to 20 years.

These books explore love in its different forms and also highlight various human traits.

Brief Description of the ‘Giant’s Bread’

Giant’s Bread
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Agatha Christie wanted to try out genres other than crime and mystery, which led her to publish this very first novel in the category. Although the novel is categorized under the romance genre, many readers do not consider it romantic.

In Giant’s Bread, the main protagonist is Vernon Deyre, a brilliant musician who is willing to sacrifice anything to achieve his dreams.

The book narrates Vernon’s childhood days and his overall growth throughout. The story also includes the two women who love him and his deep influence on their lives.

Standalone Novels

Apart from all the book series, the author has also written several standalone novels. I have listed the standalones below. If you are not into series, then you can pick your next read from the lot.

Brief Description of ‘The Sittaford Mystery’

The Sittaford Mystery
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The story Sittaford Mystery is set in Dartmoor, a small village in the south of England. On a wintry night, six newcomers in the Sittaford house decide to host a séance to pass the time. It was just for fun until they received a message from the spirits that Captain Trevelyan was dead.

On investigating the case, the message turns out to be true. Is this black magic? How can the spirits suddenly talk, and why did they give this message?

On the other hand, the police arrested the culprit. But is the accused person the real murderer? If not, then who is the actual killer?

Short Stories/Novellas

Agatha Christie has also published some short stories during her writing career. Look at the list of the novellas written by the author.

Non-Fiction Books 

The fiction writer Agatha has tried her hands in the non-fiction category as well. She has published three non-fiction books. Through these books, you can learn more about the author and her life. The list is given below.

Brief Description of ‘Come, Tell Me How You Live’

Come, Tell Me How You Live
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This non-fiction novel by Agatha Christie is a compilation of her archaeological adventures with her husband, Max Mallowan. It is the account of her days residing in Syria.

She has humorously and beautifully written the tale of adventures about her husband, the crew, the people they meet, the officials, the cooks, the location where they stayed, and more. Readers get to have the experience of being a part of an expedition through the book.


Agatha also wrote plays! She has written 4 plays, all of which I have listed below in their publication order.


Agatha Christie was a great mystery writer, and she is dearly missed by all her fans.

If you want to start reading her books, then this article on ‘The Complete List of Agatha Christie Books in Order’ will definitely help you. I have separately listed all the book series, standalones, and more to make it easier for you to navigate through the list.

Which is your favorite book by Agatha Christie? Tell me in the comments below!

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