The Complete List of Victoria Thompson Books in Order

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​​Victoria Thompson is a bestselling author known for her historical fiction novels set in late 19th century New York City and other parts of the US. Her books offer a richly detailed and engaging portrayal of the era, featuring solid and relatable characters and compelling plotlines.

Her stories offer a glimpse into the lives and social issues of the time, making them both entertaining and educational. Reading Victoria Thompson’s books is a great way to immerse yourself in a different time and place. It takes a while to learn about the history of the places where her stories are set and the people who lived there.

Victoria Thompson
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Additionally, her books are known for their strong characterization and plot. She has written more than fifty books for various book series. For the people who want to get started with her books, knowing where to start can get complicated.

So to help you start quickly and easily, here is the complete list of all the books by Victoria Thompson arranged in reading order in their book series.

Here are all the book series included in this article:

Sr. No.TitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1City of LiesNovember 7, 2017320 pagesBerkleyAmazon
2Murder on Astor PlaceSeptember 1, 2009288 pagesBerkleyAmazon
3Texas TreasureMarch 1, 1985494 pagesZebraAmazon
4Texas VixenMay 1, 1986508 pagesSplendorAmazon
5Texas AngelAugust 1, 1988512 pagesZebraAmazon
6Wild Texas WindOctober 1, 19921 pagesZebraAmazon
7Beloved OutcastJanuary 1, 1989378 pagesRandom House IncAmazon
8Non FictionDecember 8, 2008276 pagesTrafford PublishingAmazon

Counterfeit Lady Series

The Counterfeit Lady series is a historical fiction series with Elizabeth Miles as the story’s lead. There are six books in the series.

Start With: City of Lies

Victoria Thompson
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“City of Lies” is one of the most exciting and engaging historical fiction books you will ever read. The book shines primarily because of two things; the lead character Elizabeth Miles and the world-building done brilliantly by author Victoria Thompson.

Elizabeth Miles is a woman with a dark history, trying to cover her tracks and her past, trying to live a happy day. But things are not that simple, and when there is someone from your past trying to pull you back, things can get complicated.

Please read the book to get a taste of romance for a girl like Elizabeth, her struggles, and her dedication. There are six books in the series. Here’s the reading order of the books:

Gaslight Mystery Series

The Gaslight Mystery series is the most popular book series by Victoria Thompson, and it has twenty-five books in it.

Start With: Murder on Astor Place

Murder on Astor Place
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“Murder on Astor Place” is the first book in Victoria Thompson’s Gaslight Mystery series.

The story is set in New York City in the late 19th century. It follows the investigations of midwife Sarah Brandt as she uncovers the murder of a wealthy society woman on Astor Place.

As she delves deeper into the case, Sarah uncovers secrets and lies that lead her to question the innocence of those closest to the victim. The novel also explores the social issues and tensions of the period, including the role of women and the divide between the city’s wealthy elite and the working class.

This book series is the most famous and read book series by Victoria Thompson and pushed the author into fame. If you plan to start this series, get ready to spend a long time covering all the books.

There are twenty-five books in the series. Here is the reading order of the books:

The Cowboy and the Lady Series

“The Cowboy and the Lady” is a story about two completely different people and how they fall in love. The story is set in Texas. There are four books in this series.

Start With: Texas Treasure

Texas Treasure
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As the name of the book suggests, this book tells the love story of two very unlikely people falling in love. Phillip Alexander “Dusty” Rhoades is a tall, rough, and handsome cowboy with arrogance as high as the Denali mountains.

On the other end of the spectrum is a beautiful lady named Priscilla Bedford. A school teacher by profession, both of the characters cross paths quite soon in the book and feel the chemistry brewing for each other.

The story then moves ahead with love and tension between the two and some other characters who act as the antagonists in the novel. The characters are interesting, and the chemistry between the two leads is written wonderfully.

There are four books in the series. Here’s the reading order of the books:

Lady And the Scoundrel Series

“Lady and the Scoundrel” is similar to the “Cowboy and the Lady” series. There are three books in it.

Start With: Texas Vixen

Texas Vixen
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A very complicated and exciting love-hate story between two powerful and stop-at-nothing characters, “Texas Vixen” will light up the passion in the readers’ hearts with the powerful and passionate writing and the dazzling chemistry between the two leads of the book.

Jack Sinclair is a man who can do whatever needs to be done to get what he wants. But beautiful Maggie Colson also has the same fire that burns in Jack’s heart. She is just as stubborn and sharp as he is.

These two similar characters trying to push each other creates an exciting and entertaining dynamic. There are three books in the series. Here is the reading order of the books:

A Hired Gunslinger Series

The Hired Gunslinger has four books in the series. Take a look at the summary of the first book.

Start With: Texas Angel

Texas Angel
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Another great book by Victoria Thompson, “Texas Angel,” will give the readers a weird sense of enjoyment and fun. The characters, the setting, and the events that happen in the book are masterfully crafted.

Angelica is a strong woman struggling to keep her ranch to herself after her father dies. Harlan Snyder has been trying to take it away from her, and he will stop at nothing. Unable to find a way to protect what’s her, she is about to give up.

That is until the gunslinger arrives at her house, wounded. The moment she looks at him, she falls for him. The story then moves ahead with the gunslinger helping Angelica by protecting her from Snyder.

There are four books in the series. Here are all the books in reading order.

The Tate of Texas Series

“The Tate of Texas” series is another fictional historical romance of two very different people. There are four books in the series.

Start With: Wild Texas Wind

Wild Texas Wind
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“Wild Texas Wind” is a book that will make you warm and happy. It is a book about hope, love, and how there are some people out there who could bring beautiful changes in your lives.

The lead characters of this book are Rebekah Tate and Sean MacDougal. Rebekah has suffered a lot in her life, and there is nothing but a small hope of seeing her home again.

But things change when the rugged, self-made man comes to rescue her and take her back home. While she thinks he is doing all that for fame or money, the more she spends time with him, the more she realizes how wrong she is.

Read the book to see how love blossoms between the two and how they overcome challenges to be together. There are four books in the series. Here is the reading order:

Stand Alone

Victoria Thompson has written some tremendous standalone novels. Here are the five standalone books you can read to get a taste of Thompson’s writing style.

We Suggest: Beloved Outcast

Beloved Outcast
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“Beloved Outcast” is the story of an outcast who lives in the unfortunate shadows of his own family’s deeds. The story is excellent, with interesting characters and scenes that would touch the reader’s heart.

This book, along with the other standalone novels written by Victoria Thompson, is a great way to get started with her works and test her writing style without starting a book series.

There are five standalone novels written by Thompson. There is no reading order to it, so you can pick anyone you would like.

Non Fiction

Losing Alexandria
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Victoria Thompson wrote one nonfiction book called “Losing Alexandria,” and which is about the author’s experience of living in Alexandria, Egypt. From the description of the city to the historical significance of the place, Thompson does a great job of describing everything in a very lucid and engaging way.


So that was all about the books by Victoria Thompson. An author who has the skill to give vivid descriptions of the place where the stories are set and make the readers feel like they are in the fiction world. Victoria Thompson’s books are best-sellers for a reason.

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