The Complete List of Richard Castle Books in Order

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If you are a fan of high-octane action and some great, thrilling stories of daring agents, then the books by the fictional writer Richard Castle are going to delight you. With almost twenty books in the series, it could be challenging for new readers to know where to start.

To help you start quickly, we have created a guide. This guide is designed to provide readers with a comprehensive list of all the books written by the fictional writer Richard Castle.

Richard Castle
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The author of the Nikki Heat and Derrick Storm series, Richard Castle, is a main character in the American television show “Castle.” His books have become popular among audiences and are praised for their wit, humor, and engaging storytelling.

This guide will provide a chronological list of the books, including the two series mentioned above, in the reading order for an enjoyable and easy fan experience.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the series, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to read and enjoy the books by Richard Castle in the correct order.

Sr. No.TitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1Storm FrontMay 21, 2013
320 pages
2Wild StormMay 13, 2014
352 pages
3Heat StormMay 2, 2017320 pagesKingswellAmazon
4Heat WaveSeptember 29, 2009
208 pages
5Naked HeatSeptember 28, 2010
304 pages
6Heat RisesSeptember 20, 2011320 pagesHyperionAmazon
7Frozen HeatSeptember 11, 2012320 pagesHyperionAmazon
8Deadly HeatSeptember 17, 2013240 pagesHyperionAmazon
9Raging HeatSeptember 16, 2014304 pagesKingswellAmazon
10Graphic NovelsSeptember 28, 2011112 pagesMarvelAmazon

Here are the different series included in the article:

  • The Derrick Storm Series
  • The Nikki Heat Series
  • Graphic Novels for Derrick Storm 

The Derrick Storm Book Series

Who does not like a fast-paced, high-octane super-agent novel that can keep the readers hooked to the story and excited until they finish the book? The Derrick Storm series is precisely that same high-octane action book series.

Richard Castle has mastered the art of adding mystery, suspense, and a lot of action in his books, and the Derrick Storm series is a testament to that. There are six books in this series, and each one takes the thrill and excitement to the next level.

The books are known for their fast-paced action, witty humor, and engaging characters. Overall, the Derrick Storm series is a popular and well-loved collection of books that provides readers with a thrilling and entertaining reading experience.

Here are all the books in their reading order:

  •  A Brewing Storm (2012)
  •  A Raging Storm (2012)
  •  A Bloody Storm (2012)
  •  Storm Front (2013)
  •  Wild Storm (2014)
  •  Heat Storm (2017)

Let’s take a brief look at what these books offer.

1. A Brewing Storm

A Brewing Storm
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“A Brewing Storm” is not a full-fledged novel. It is more like a short story. But this book introduces readers to the skilled and deadly CIA operative Derrick Storm.

Storm wanted to leave the CIA, but leaving such an organization took a lot of work. So to get it done, Storm decided to fake his death. But then something happened that forced him to get back into the business.

A senator’s son has been kidnapped, and his life is at risk. Many ransom notes, cryptic clues, and other pieces of evidence lead to nothing. Derrick Storm is tasked to solve this perplexing mystery before the time runs out.

But Storm knows that something is up, and there are other dangers to the people. Read the book to explore this exciting story.

2. A Raging Storm

A Raging Storm
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The second book in the series is just like the first book; a small book with under-hundred pages that would be over in just a few days of reading. But the book’s small size is one of many reasons for being a quick read.

“A Raging Storm” is a book jam-packed with action and intense thrill. Many things are happening in the book, with high stakes and some passionate budding romance between Derrick Storm and his FBI partner, April Showers.

With the fast-paced writing and direct-to-the-action approach, this book is an enjoyable read that would make it more difficult for the readers to put it down.

3. A Bloody Storm

A Bloody Storm
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The third book in the series and yet another tiny book, “A Bloody Storm,” ups the risks. Its stakes, as gold worth more than sixty-billion dollars, was hidden somewhere by the KGB before the USSR collapsed.

But whenever the KGB is involved, the task can never be simple, easy, or safe. So Storm gets the help of other ghost CIA agents, dead for the world but still working for the CIA on covert missions.

Things get heated up when agent Showers is captured by a psychopathic maniac who enjoys torturing people. It is a race against time, and Storm must do all he can to save his life and his partner, April Showers.

4. Storm Front

Storm Front
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The fourth book in the series, “Storm Front,” is the first, proper, full-fledged novel in the Derrick Storm series. With more than three-hundred pages, it is packed with all the intense action, thrill, and suspense that readers of this series are used to.

Derrick Storm goes on a mission that spans different countries, trying to find some answers. The task is of utmost importance as failure would lead not only to the destruction of the economy of the United States but the entire world.

Only Derrick Storm can beat the odds, race against time, and save things. Read the book to know how Storm manages to tackle all the challenges.

5. Wild Storm

Wild Storm
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“Wild Storm” is the perfect name for the fifth book in the series and the second full-fledged novel of the series as well. We call this book series one of the most exciting because the action starts in the very beginning.

“Wild Storm” is packed with action. At the beginning of the book, agent Derrick Storm gets in a plane accident. Still, he manages to save the plane from crashing and the lives of many people.

But sadly, a few other planes crash and Storm notices something interesting about it. These planes were carrying some very influential people. Is there something more behind these crashes?

Read the book to discover what happens next and what Jedidiah Jones, the leader of the elusive National Clandestine Service, has to do with all these.

6. Heat Storm

Heat Storm
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The final book in the series offers the levels of excitement to win any readers over. From the writing style to the fantastic story and the way things unfold, everything about this book is great, with only a few things to complain about.

But those come under subjective things, and the book is an enjoyable read.

The Nikki Heat Book Series

The series features Nikki Heat, a Homicide detective for the New York Police Department. As in the TV series, the books are written as if Castle is the author and have Nikki Heat as the main character and protagonist, who is based on the TV character of Kate Beckett.

The books follow Heat as she solves various murders and other crimes, often with the help of her partner, Rook. The books are known for their clever and engaging mystery plots, as well as the witty banter between the characters.

Some of the books are taken as a direct continuation of the TV series and have elements of the same case or crime, also some other story arcs that are not covered on TV. Over the Nikki Heat series is a popular and well-loved collection of books that provides readers with a thrilling and entertaining reading experience.

1. Heat Wave (2008)

Heat Wave
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The story begins with Nikki Heat investigating a murder case that leads to a larger conspiracy involving corruption and politics.

Along the way, she teams up with investigative journalist Jameson Rook who becomes her love interest in the series.

Throughout the novel, Heat is faced with many obstacles, including the discovery of a mole within the police department, as well as a host of dangerous suspects.

The book is known for its mix of mystery, crime, and romance, with a strong female lead, witty dialogue, and cleverly crafted plot twists. It sets the tone for the series and introduces us to the main characters and their dynamics.

Heat Wave is a fast-paced and entertaining read that will keep you guessing until the very end.

2. Naked Heat (2010)

Naked Heat
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The novel continues the story of Nikki Heat and her pursuit of solving murder cases. The story starts with a serial killer case, and Nikki and her team are put to the test as the killer is very elusive. Along the way, she teams up with journalist Jameson Rook to unravel the clues and unmask the killer, as well as work through her growing feelings for Rook.

As with the first book, the story is interspersed with Nikki’s personal life, dealing with her past and her mother’s murder case that was never solved.

Naked Heat is known for its well-crafted plot, witty dialogue, and tension-filled investigation.

The book is an engaging and entertaining read that continues to develop the characters and their relationships while delivering a satisfying crime story. It’s highly praised by critics and audiences alike.

3. Heat Rises (2011)

Heat Rises
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Heat Rises the third book in the Nikki Heat series by Richard Castle.

The novel starts with a murder case in which Nikki Heat is tasked with investigating the murder of a high-powered businessman. The issue becomes more complex and personal as Nikki and her team uncovers a web of political corruption, fraud, and a scandal involving her own department.

Along the way, Nikki must navigate the politics and personal challenges of the case, as well as continue to guide her relationship with Jameson Rook.

This book continues the series tradition of witty dialogue, sharp humor, and engaging mystery. It further develops Nikki Heat and her team and their work in the NYPD, as well as the characters’ personal dynamics. The book’s climax is suspenseful and satisfying, making it a must-read for fans of the series.

4. Frozen Heat (2012)

Frozen Heat
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Another great book in the Nikki Heat series, the fourth book, delivers a powerful impact in the readers’ minds. It shows the emotional side of NYPD detective Nikki Heat.

Nikki Heat discovers the body of an unidentified woman, stabbed to death and packed inside a suitcase. As horrible as the crime is, this creates a significant impact on the detective as the killer could be connected to the unsolved murder of Nikki’s mother.

Please read the book to get on a thrilling ride of murder, mystery, and the desire to get justice for one’s family.

5. Deadly Heat (2013)

Deadly Heat
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The hunt for the killer of Nikki’s mother continues in the fifth book of the series. Nikki Heat is still pursuing the man who passed the order to kill her mother years ago. She asks the help of her lover, Jameson Rook, to uncover the mystery.

But as she delves deeper into the mystery, she realizes that the threat is not only limited to a few people but to a lot of people. Time is short, and the danger is real. The killer’s next target is Detective Nikki Heat herself.

6. Raging Heat (2014)

Raging Heat
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Another great murder mystery that makes the lead of the book series, Nikki Heat, push her limits, “Raging Heat” is a brilliant addition to the series. The action is intense, the mystery is confounding, and the writing style is also high-paced.

All these factors make this book an excellent read for crime/ murder-mystery fans.

7. Driving Heat (2015)

Driving Heat
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Driving Heat is the seventh book in the series, and it takes a slightly different route than the other books. Instead of focusing more on murder mysteries, this book focuses on the relationship between Nikki Heat and Jameson Rook.

As things change and get heated up, the personal and professional tension between the detective and the reporter worsens. How can Nikki manage to investigate and solve crimes while things are getting bumpy with her fiancé?

8. High Heat (2016)

High Heat
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The maniacs of ISIS have infiltrated the safe streets of New York. A horrifying murder by beheading shakes the entire city. A journalist is killed, and what’s worse? They have named Jameson Rook as their next target.

Things get more challenging when Nikki sees someone resembling her dead mother. Read the book to learn about the mystery.

9. Heat Storm (2017)

Heat Storm
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“Heat Storm” is one of the most substantial and most exciting (and pivotal) books in the series, as this book shows the return of a significant character who has a lot of stories to tell.

We will not spoil the fun of the book by giving away too much of the plot. This book deserves all the praise it gets for its story, the mystery, and the characters.

10. Crashing Heat (2019)

Crashing Heat
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Crashing Heat is the final book in the series now, and this book will leave the readers waiting for the next book. Instead of solving a crime that affects someone else, this time, the offense can end the marriage of Nikki and Jameson.

Read the book to find out how a woman died in Jameson’s bed naked. And how can Nikki trust her husband and find out what is going on underneath the sheets of her husband’s history?

Graphic Novels

Deadly Storm
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There are four great graphic novels for the Derrick Storm series. If you are a fan of the series, watching all the characters come alive in this brilliantly illustrated graphic novel series would be a treat.

There is no reading order to it. So pick anyone you want.


The book series by Castle is definitely an excellent read for both fans of the show, and the enjoyers of extraordinary crime novels/ thriller, agent stories.

Castle is a well-loved character on the television show “Castle,” and fans of the show might enjoy reading his books to learn more about his nature and world.

Castle’s books are written as if they are being written by the character of Castle. This gives the readers a unique and engaging narrative style similar to the show, making them a perfect read for fans.

Both series have mysteries with a severe crime procedural element: The Nikki Heat series primarily focuses on solving crime cases and is written with detail and accuracy. It adds realism to the story making it even more engaging.

The characters are relatable and enjoyable to read. Nikki Heat and Derrick Storm are both likable and relatable characters. Readers might enjoy following their investigations and getting to know them throughout the series.

The writing style is also witty, funny, and engaging: Castle’s books have a good balance of tension, drama, humor, and romance, which makes them a perfect read for people who enjoy all of these genres together.

Overall, if you’re a fan of crime fiction, procedural dramas, and the witty and clever writing style, the books by Richard Castle make an excellent choice for your reading list.

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