The Complete List of Julie Garwood Books in Order

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Julie Garwood is the American author behind numerous New York Times bestselling books.

Garwood is most famous for her historical romance novels, but she’s also penned several contemporary romance, mystery, and suspense books and a young adult novel.

Her writing career began in the mid-1980s, and since then, she’s become one of America’s most recognized romance authors. In fact, she’s been dubbed ‘the Rembrandt of romance novels,” thanks to her masterful tales of love.

There are over forty million Julie Garwood books in circulation to date, and they’ve been translated into multiple languages for readers around the world to enjoy. And earlier this year, she delighted fans by publishing a brand new contemporary romantic suspense novel, Grace Under Fire.

So, if you enjoy a love story packed with historical facts and plenty of mystery and intrigue, then you’re bound to enjoy Julie Garwood’s work.

Julie Garwood Books in Order

Julie Garwood has almost forty captivating novels to explore, and below, you’ll find a full list of them all. I’ll organize them by their respective series and give you a short summary of each so you can begin your Julie Garwood reading journey right away.

Sr. No.TitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1The Crown’s Spies BooksJanuary 1, 1988283 pagesPocket BooksAmazon
2The Lairds’ FiancĂ©es BooksMay 21, 2002352 pages
3The Highlands’ Lairds BooksJanuary 1, 1992379 pagesPocket 1992/92Amazon
4The Clayborn of Rosehill Books
September 1, 1995497 pagesPocket BooksAmazon
5The Buchanan-Renard/FBI Books
July 1, 2000432 pagesAtriaAmazon
6Standalone NovelsOctober 1, 1985324 pagesPocketAmazon
7The Girls of Canby Hall BooksJanuary 1, 1983176 pagesScholasticAmazon

The Crown’s Spies Books

The Lion’s Lady
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Garwood’s first major series, Crown’s Spies, began with the 1988 novel, The Lion’s Lady.

These historical romance stories each feature a different pair of main characters who traverse the rocky road of love.

In book one, we meet Christina Bennett. Christina is a darling of London society, but underneath her elegant and graceful veneer, she’s hiding a secret.

And so, she keeps an icy wall around her heart, unwilling to give her love away to even the most eligible bachelor.

But then, when she meets the handsome Marquis of Lyonwood – despite her resolve to remain single – she’s powerless against his charms.

The Crown’s Spies Books in Reading And Publication Order

A common theme interconnects the books in the Crown’s Spies series, but each tells a different story. So, you can read them in any order you choose.

  1. The Lion’s Lady (1988)
  2. Guardian Angel (1990)
  3. The Gift (1991)
  4. Castles (1993)

The Lairds’ FiancĂ©es Books

The Bride
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This historical romance series tells the story of two noblemen on a quest for love.

In book one, The Bride, the powerful Scottish laird, Alec Kincaid, has been ordered by the king to find himself an English bride.

His choice is simple; he’s desperately in love with Jamie, the beautiful, strong-willed daughter of Baron Jamison. But winning her over won’t be easy, as she’s determined to resist his highland charms.

In book two, The Wedding, we meet Lady Brenna, who is dreading her upcoming nuptials to a highland laird.

Her future looks bleak and loveless, but en route to her wedding day in Scotland, fate intercepts. She’s thrust into the arms of the handsome warrior leader, laird Connor MacAlister – a man she’s loved from afar since she was a child.

The Lairds’ FiancĂ©es Books in Reading And Publication Order

A common theme interconnects the books in the Lairds’ FiancĂ©es series, but each tells a different story. So, you can read them in any order you choose.

  1. The Bride (1989)
  2. The Wedding (1996)

The Highlands’ Lairds Books

The Secret
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This three-part historical romance series, set in 12th and 13th-century medieval Scotland and England, follows three unconnected couples searching for love.

Book one introduces us to Judith Hampton, who travels to Scotland to help her dear friend give birth. But there’s something else drawing her north; her estranged father, Laird Maclean.

As she arrives at the Maclean clan’s land, she’s greeted by the devastatingly handsome Iain Maitland. Soon, thoughts of the father she never knew are replaced by a burning desire for this captivating Scottish barbarian.

They quickly fall for one another. But unbeknownst to the impassioned new couple, a dark secret threatens to tear their glorious love apart.

The Highlands’ Lairds Books in Reading And Publication Order

A common theme interconnects the books in the Highlands’ Lairds series, but each tells a different story. So, you can read them in any order you choose.

  1. The Secret (1992)
  2. Ransom (1999)
  3. Shadow Music (2007)

The Clayborn of Rosehill Books

For the Roses
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The Clayborne of Rosehill series follows the life and adventures of Cole, Adam, Travis, and Douglas, a group of hapless young brothers.

When we first meet the brothers in book one, For the Roses, they live on the streets of New York, stealing food and eating scraps to survive.

Their futures look bleak, but throughout the series, they fight hard to carve out new lives they can be proud of. And with the help of a good woman, each boy transforms from a lowly street urchin into a strong, dependable, and respectable young man.

The Clayborn of Rosehill Books in Reading And Publication Order

To get the most out of these books, it’s best to read them in the order they were published, listed below.

  1. For the Roses (1995)
  2. One Pink Rose (1997)
  3. One White Rose (1997)
  4. One Red Rose (1997)
  5. Come The Spring (1997)

The Buchanan-Renard/FBI Books

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In the year 2000, Julie Garwood took a break from penning her usual historical fiction novels to begin writing this gripping contemporary romance and mystery series.

Each book centers around a different member of the Buchanan and Renard families as they traverse the perils and pitfalls of love against a backdrop of murder, mystery, and intrigue.

In book one, Heartbreaker, we meet a priest named Thomas Madden, whose life changes forever on the day a murderer walks into his confession box. The killer confesses his crimes and announces his next victim, Thomas’s own sister, Laurent.

And so, desperate to save his sister, Thomas reaches out to FBI Agent Nick Buchanan. Nick dutifully agrees to protect Laurent, but as he gets to know her, he quickly becomes dazzled by her charms.

The Buchanan-Renard/ FBI Books in Reading And Publication Order

Each book in the Buchanan-Renard/FBI series tells an independent story, so you can read them in any order you choose. That being said, there are some loose character connections between each new installment, so some readers might prefer to follow the publication order listed below.

  1. Heartbreaker (2000)
  2. Mercy (2001)
  3. Killjoy (2002)
  4. Murder List (2004)
  5. Slow Burn (2005)
  6. Shadow Dance (2006)
  7. Fire and Ice (2008)
  8. Sizzle (2009)
  9. The Ideal Man (2011)
  10. Sweet Talk (2012)
  11. Hotshot (2013)
  12. Fast Track (2014)
  13. Wired (2017)
  14. Grace Under Fire (2022)

Julie Garwood’s Standalone Novels in Order

Gentle Warrior
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Alongside her bestselling historical and contemporary romance series, Julie Garwood has also penned several standalone novels.

Here they are in the order they were originally published.

  1. Gentle Warrior (1985)
  2. A Girl Named Summer (1986)
  3. Rebellious Desire (1986)
  4. Honor’s Splendour (1987)
  5. The Prize (1991)
  6. Saving Grace (1993)
  7. Prince Charming (1994)
  8. The Ideal Man (2011)
  9. Sweet Talk (2012)

The Girls of Canby Hall Books (As Emily Chase)

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Julie Garwood’s debut novel wasn’t published under her own name. Instead, she released it under the pseudonym’ Emily Chase.’ But Emily Chase isn’t just one woman; she’s a group of authors who joined forces to write The Girls of Canby Hall series.

This thirty-three-book young adult series follows the lives and adventures of the students of a New England boarding school.

The Girls of Canby Hall Books in Reading And Publication Order

Julie Garwood’s contribution is the fourteenth book in The Girls of Canby Hall Series. But it’s well worth checking out the entire series.

To get the most out of these books, it’s best to read them in the order they were published, listed below.

  1. Roommates (1984)
  2. Our Roommate is Missing (1984)
  3. You’re No Friend of Mine(1984)
  4. Keeping Secrets (1984)
  5. Summer Blues (1984)
  6. Best Friends Forever (1984)
  7. Four Is a Crowd (1984)
  8. The Big Crush (1984)
  9. Boy Trouble (1984)
  10. Make Me a Star (1985)
  11. With Friends Like That (1985)
  12. Who’s the New Girl? (1985)
  13. Here Come the Boys (1985)
  14. What’s a Girl To Do? (1985)
  15. To Tell the Truth (1985)
  16. Three of a Kind (1985)
  17. Graduation Day (1986)
  18. Making Friends (1986)
  19. One Boy Too Many (1986)
  20. Friends Times Three (1987)
  21. Party Time! (1987)
  22. Troublemaker (1987)
  23. But She’s So Cute (1987)
  24. Princess Who? (1987)
  25. The Ghost of Canby Hall (1987)
  26. Help Wanted! (1988)
  27. The Roommate and the Cowboy (1988)
  28. Happy Birthday, Jane (1988)
  29. A Roommate Returns (1988)
  30. Surprise! (1988)
  31. Here Comes the Bridesmaid (1988)
  32. Who’s Got a Crush on Andy? (1989)
  33. Six Roommates and a Baby (1989)


Julie Garwood is one of the most recognizable names in romantic fiction. Her bestselling novels have transported us back in time to some of history’s most fascinating eras, and now, she’s bringing her captivating tales into the modern day with her gripping contemporary romance reads.

Are you already a fan of Julie Garwood’s work? If so, I’d love to hear about your favorite books. Drop me a comment in the box below!

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