The Complete List of Judy Blume Books in Order

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Judy Blume is one of the most famous and loved children and young adult writers of our time, and she has produced some of the finest and most entertaining literary works that have entertained people of all ages.

With humor that can make even the most serious readers laugh and creativity that can form a story in some of the most bizarre scenarios, Blume has been writing for over six decades! She has published over 25 books, and even at the age of 84, she is still writing.

Blume has worked a lot in the young adult and children’s literature section, dealing with complex and often taboo topics that involve death, birth control, etc. While on the one hand, she can write about these serious topics, on the other hand, she has produced hilarious book series such as the “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.”


With over 25 books in different series, we thought it would be easier for readers to get started with her works if all her books were arranged in reading order. So here is the complete list of all the books by Judy Blume in reading order.

Before we get into the books, here are all the different book series by the author:

Sr. No.TitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1Tales of a Fourth-Grade NothingSeptember 30, 2002128 pagesDutton Books for Young ReadersAmazon
2Otherwise Known as Sheila The GreatSeptember 30, 2002144 pagesDutton Books for Young ReadersAmazon
3SuperfudgeSeptember 30, 2002192 pagesDutton Books for Young ReadersAmazon
4Just As Long As We’re TogetherAugust 1, 1988304 pagesYearlingAmazon
5Here’s to You, Rachel RobinsonApril 13, 2010208 pagesDelacorte PressAmazon
6Pain And The Great OneJune 3, 201448 pagesAtheneum Books for Young ReadersAmazon
7Soupy SaturdaysAugust 28, 2007128 pagesDelacorte Books for Young ReadersAmazon
8Cool ZoneMay 13, 2008
128 pages
Delacorte Books for Young Readers
9Standalone BooksApril 29, 2014176 pagesAtheneum Books for Young ReadersAmazon
10Nonfiction BooksNovember 18, 1985192 pagesPan AustraliaAmazon

Fudge Series

1. Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing

Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing
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“Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” is one of the most popular and well-read children’s books that has colorful and fun characters, and the plot is straightforward to understand and to entertain to read.

So what’s the story about? The protagonist of the story is a fourth-grader named Peter Hatcher, who lives in one of the best places in New York, near Central Park, with a loving family and great friends. The only problem is his 2-year-old brother, Fudge.

The entire book is about the misadventures of Peter all because of the actions of this cute little devil, Fudge. An excellent read for young readers as they will enjoy every chapter of this book.

2. Otherwise Known as Sheila The Great

Otherwise Known as Sheila The Great
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This excellent and heartwarming book is about Sheila, a young girl in the 70s who is afraid of almost everything. From dogs to thunderstorms and waterbodies, everything scares her, making it so difficult for her to live everyday life.

The story is about the excuses she makes to avoid facing her fears, but soon she realizes this is not how things can go on forever. A very realistic portrayal of a character with all the great character traits as well as flaws humans have. A wonderful read.

3. Superfudge

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The third book in this series, and arguably one of the best ones, “Superfudge,” is often considered the sequel to “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” with even better and more fun stories.

The stories will make you laugh, enjoy, and have a great time with your kids. The best thing is that there are just 200 pages in this book, making it a quick read so that you can move to the next book in the series quickly.

4. Fudge-a-Mania

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People who loved Fudge and Sheila would genuinely enjoy this book. But people who felt bad for Peter are in for more sadness as “Fudge-a-Mania” doubles the suffering of poor Peter.

Not only does he have to deal with the now 5-year-old Fudge and his shenanigans, but Sheila Tubman is also constantly around him to make matters worse. Peter does not like Sheila, and Fudge knows it.

The Hatcher and the Tubman family have decided to share a summer house for three weeks. With Fudge and Sheila together, the torture Peter has to go through can only be described by the witty and endearing writing of Blume.

This book is very entertaining and creative and will make you laugh at every page at the funny scenarios created by the little devil Fudge. The writing is witty and engaging but easy to understand with a simple structure.

5. Double Fudge

Double Fudge
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“Double Fudge” is the last book in the series, and many readers have said that this is also the weakest one, especially compared to the previous book. If you are a big fan of the character Fudge, then do not be disheartened, as he still is the strongest pillar in this book.

In this book, the Hatcher family goes on a trip to Washington DC, and the shenanigans of Fudge still annoy Peter. But what many readers have disliked about it is Fudge’s weird and out-of-place obsession with money. He cannot think of anything else other than money. And he is five years old in this book.

The good thing is that the characteristic writing style of Blume for this book series is still there. The setups are fun, the pranks, the teases, everything works well and will make you laugh out loud.

BFF Series

As the name suggests, the BFF series is about three teenage girls and how their friendship goes through a journey of ups and downs. This book series would be perfect for teenage girl readers as they could relate to the characters perfectly.

There are just two books in the series. The writing style is delightful and witty, and the pace is relaxed, making it the perfect book to read as you relax and slowly let the beautiful stories by Blume settle down in your mind.

1. Just As Long As We’re Together

Just As Long As We're Together
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“Just As Long As We’re Together” is one of the most popular and well-read books by Judy Blume, and this book targets young adults, primarily teenage girls, and the complex emotions they feel while growing up.

The story is about two friends named Rachel and Stephanie who have been friends since they were children. They have been together through thick and thin and share every secret with each other. But things start to change as they grow old.

As they reach seventh grade, a new girl named Alison arrives. Stephanie likes Alison and wants the three of them to be best friends. But what if Rachel does not like Alison, or Alison dislikes Rachel?

Complicated relationships, love, fighting, jealousy, and anger are some of the emotions explored in this book, and they are done very well. The characters are lovable and believable, and readers would relate to them.

2. Here’s to You, Rachel Robinson

Here's to You, Rachel Robinson
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The second book in the series is about one of the three best friends from the previous book and how her life takes a turn for the worst when her brother comes back from a boarding school and now lives with her to ruin her life!

A fun and exciting read that discusses the small but significant problems of teenage life and the struggle they go through.

Pain And The Great One Series

1. Pain And The Great One

Pain And The Great One
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The name of this book is enough to show the witty nature and style of author Judy Blume. The “Pain” here is the younger brother, while the “great one” is his older sister.

This book is the tale of a brother and sister. Abigail, according to her brother, thinks that she is very significant. Jacob, the brother, is only in the first grade, but she does not let off her third-grade sister off the hook so quickly.

A heart-warming book with a great plot that focuses on the relationship between these cute siblings.

2. Soupy Saturdays

Soupy Saturdays
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With chapters of this book divided into different weekends, “Soupy Saturdays” is a collection of some of the most heartwarming tales of the bicker and banter that goes between Abigail and Jacob, aka, “The great one and the pain.”

3. Cool Zone

Cool Zone
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While the other books in this series were about the fights and the banter between the siblings, “Cool Zone” is about the love that thrives underneath. No matter how much they fight with each other, deep down, they rely on each other a lot.

4. Going, Going, Gone

Going, Going, Gone
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Another great story about the adventures of the dynamic duo and how the little things are so exciting for them. From visiting the county fair to going on a ride, this book is about the adventures of Jacob and Abigail, with the beautiful writing style of Judy Blume.

5. Friend or Fiend?

Friend or Fiend
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The last book in the series is about the misadventures of the duo, Jacob and Abigail, and how things are going south for both of them. To make matters worse, their cousins have turned into friends, and they must work together to support each other.

Standalone Books

Are You There, God It's Me, Margaret
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Apart from excellent book series that mainly catered to young adults and children, some of the most famous works by Judy Blume lie in her collection of standalone novels. Blume focuses on some complex topics about the human condition, emotions, and experiences.

If you want to get a taste of the writing style of Blume, then pick any of these standalone novels, and you’d be delighted to read it. Here are all the standalone books by the author. Since these are standalone books, there is no reading order.

Nonfiction Books

The Judy Blume Diary
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Judy Blume also wrote engaging and exciting nonfiction books such as short stories, a semi-autobiographical novel, etc. Here are all the nonfiction books by the author. There is no reading order to it.


That was all the books by Judy Blume arranged in reading order in their specific book series. A witty and excellent writing style is what readers use to describe Judy’s writing, and she has captured the attention of readers of all ages. So pick any of the series, and start reading.

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