10 Inspiring Friendship Quotes [Infographic]

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Friendship Quotes

This infographic consists of 10 friendship quotes from classic books.

Since these quotes come from some of the most popular books in history, at least recent history, you’ve probably at least heard about, if not read the books.

Friendship quotes are relatable

We know what it feels like to discover a quick, effortless friendship, and we know the pain of lost friendships as well.

The characters in these books know, too. And my guess is that you connect with these characters based the quality we all love about fictional narratives– the empathy and connection we feel with the characters.

As you read these quotes, think about what you admire in the characters who spoke them. Is it their steadfast loyalty to their friends? Is it their courage?

Being a vulnerable confidant takes its own special form of courage.

Let this list inspire you to reach out to a friend, today

Tell them that you appreciate them. Consider sharing this infographic with them, and letting them know that you thought of them as soon as you read XYZ quote (from below).

And we’d like to issue a challenge for our book lovers, bibliophiles, and book-obsessed readers.

How many books can you name without looking at the small printed hints?
Tell us in the comment box below.
Inspiring Friendship Quotes
Seriously, tell a friend!

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