Computer Glasses Vs. Reading Glasses: Which One to Choose?

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Whether you love curling up with a good book or staring at the computer screen, both strain your eyes to some extent.

I am an avid reader as well as a writer, so I can verify that both these activities affected my eyes, which led me to wear glasses.

But you should be aware different types of glasses are available for each. If you are someone who stares at the computer screen for a prolonged period, then computer glasses will be an ideal choice, and readers should choose reading glasses.

You can also have both; it depends on your preference and the issues you face (if any).

However, it’s better to learn about the spectacles and their differences before grabbing them mindlessly. I did my research before buying them, and you should, too!

To help you with this, I will provide a detailed guide on both types of glasses and which one you should choose. Stay with me throughout to know more!

What are Reading Glasses?

What are Reading Glasses?

Reading glasses are best suited for people who face difficulties reading close-up text, letters, and objects. Most people around the age of 40 or more face this problem, and it is called presbyopia. 

Presbyopia is a condition where the eyes lose their focus ability, leading to the struggle of being unable to see close objects and letters clearly. This issue can be solved by reading glasses. 

However, it’s common for young people to face the same issue nowadays. 

Now, let’s see when you should use reading glasses!

When Should I Use Reading Glasses?

With eyesight problems becoming common nowadays, it is not at all surprising to meet so many people wearing glasses. Varied glasses are available for several vision-related concerns.

Presbyopia is one such condition that creates difficulties in viewing close or small objects. Reading glasses are the solution to this and are most common among people above 40 years of age.

However, with technology upgrades, young people can also be seen wearing reading glasses.

Prescribed, over-the-counter, and online reading glasses are available for use. People severely suffering from Presbyopia should consider seeing a professional to treat the issue.

People with good vision but, due to aging, can’t properly see smaller objects can go for unprescribed glasses. They work as magnifiers and have different strengths. Avoid wearing the glasses for extended periods and use only when required, such as reading.

Younger people are more likely to face eye strain due to staring at screens for long periods, although their vision might be good. They can also wear reading glasses when required.

People might wonder if reading glasses can be used if they struggle to read letters on a computer screen. Well, it depends; some glasses may help magnify, but most are ineffective.

Separate computer reading glasses are also available, which I have discussed below.

What are Computer Glasses?

What are Computer Glasses

Humans work on computers daily, continuously staring at the screen. Thus, they put their eyes under incredible pressure, which eventually leads to future vision problems.

Sitting in front of the computer screen for a long time leads to tired, irritated, red, and teary eyes. Digital screens such as TVs, computers, and smartphones produce a blue light that is harmful to our retinas.

For this concern, computer reading glasses are specifically designed with a coating that limits the blue light from reaching our eyes. It can help protect our eyes from damage.

What is the Use of Computer Glasses?

With the increase in screen time, taking precautionary measures for eye protection is necessary. However, we often neglect this issue, which results in eye problems.

Computer glasses are one of the solutions! These glasses help to reduce eye strain and relieve muscle tension inside the eye. They provide the right magnification for viewing the screen easily from a safe distance.

These glasses also come with a coating that lessens the amount of blue light reaching our eyes. However, not all computer glasses are blue light glasses; it depends on your preference if you choose with or without coating.

People of any age can wear these glasses when required.

Computer Glasses Vs. Reading Glasses: Which One Do I Need?

Computer Glasses Vs. Reading Glasses Which One Do I Need

Different people will choose different glasses according to their needs. Understanding the difference between the two will help you when you are making the decision about which one to buy.

The first and foremost difference is that reading glasses are for people facing problems seeing close-up objects due to aging, eye strains, or Presbyopia. On the other hand, computer glasses are for people who are exposed to screens for prolonged periods.

Reading glasses are best for reading books, newspapers or seeing other small objects. They are not convenient for distant views. Computer glasses are designed to be worn when watching TV, working on the computer, or using smartphones, tablets, etc. They are suitable for distance vision.

Computer glasses with blue light protection prevent damage to the eyes. Reading glasses with blue light filtering lenses are also available in the market.

To choose the best one, you need to understand the problem you are currently facing.

For example, if you are having issues viewing small letters and objects, go for reading glasses. And if you spend a lot of time in front of your screen, computer glasses with blue light protection will be a better option.

Few people struggle with both; they can use both types of glasses according to their convenience or visit a professional for help.


Lately, beautifully designed glass frames are available, which enhance the look of the person wearing them. But the first step is to understand why you need glasses; once this is solved, choose what suits you best.

I hope this article was helpful and now you can choose the glasses which are suitable for your needs.

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