Best Prism Glasses for Reading – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Prism Glasses for Reading :

Reading is pretty much the best thing ever, isn’t it? Likely, if you’re reading this, you think the same. But, while we love to read here at Hooked to Books, there’s not much that’s worse than not being able to get comfortable while reading. Luckily, there are inventions like prism reading glasses that can help save the day. 

Built with an external prism that bends your vision to 90 degrees, wearing prism readers helps those with mobility issues, neck problems, and a myriad of other situations to read comfortably while lying down.

We’ve done tons of research on the science behind prism glasses, and we’ve rounded up 4 of the best pairs we could find.

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Flammi Lazy GlassesFlammi Lazy Glasses• 90º field of view
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Utrax Prism Bed SpecsUtrax Prism Bed Specs• 90º vision
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Deluxe Prism GlassesDeluxe Prism Glasses• Includes a vinyl carrying case
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What are Prism Glasses?

Prism Glasses for Reading

Prism glasses are glasses to help correct double vision (also known as diplopia.) With prism glasses, the light is able to bend and redirect so that it actually ends up in the right place on the cornea.

When you have glasses with a prism correction on them, your brain is told that it’s looking at one image (instead of the two that it is typically seeing.)

But, prism reading glasses are a little different. With prism reading glasses, you’re actually able to lie down and read (the best feeling ever!) without having to hold your head up.

They look pretty funny — sticking out in a triangle-type way — in order to allow your vision to bend 90 degrees down, but they also do the job.

Why do you need prism glasses?

Most of the time, you would need prism correction or prism glasses because you have double vision, which is also known in medical terms as diplopia.

However, prism glasses can also help people who have neurological issues that affect their eyesight, those with nerve problems, and people with eye muscle issues.

Prism glasses are often also prescribed to people who struggle with eye strain or have regular migraines.

You need prism reading glasses for various reasons, from being in a position (like being sick or recovering from surgery) in which reading upright is hard to have back and neck issues that make reading in bed uncomfortable to simply wanting to read while laying down.

What are the best ways to choose prism glasses?

Your eye doctor is definitely your best choice when it comes to discussing your prism glasses prescription, but the internet is also a good place to look when choosing prism glasses.

There are things that you’ll want to consider with any glasses you buy — like lens color, style, preference, head size, and fit — but those buying prism glasses will often have a lot of options to choose from.

When it comes to prism reading glasses, you probably aren’t going for fashion.

They’re quite bulky, so any prism reading glasses you’re looking at are probably not something you want to wear in public. Also, it would be pretty hard — since they bend your vision 90 degrees!

When choosing prism reading glasses, you can look for a pair that fits over your current glasses prescription or one that you wear like a regular pair of glasses.

If you already wear glasses, you’ll want to check out a fit-over pair — but your options are quite a bit more open if you don’t wear glasses or you wear contacts.

Lens Color

With prism reading glasses, you’ll most likely find pairs with clear lenses. This is the best way to take advantage of the technology behind the glasses since it allows for the most minimal impact in your reading experience. 

Style & Preference

When it comes to your style and preference when choosing prism reading glasses, you’ll want to look for a pair of readers that allow for the optimal reading experience that prism readers tend to offer. The optics in prism reading glasses are great, since they’re all about promoting comfort while you do everything from reading to watching TV.

Stylish prism reading glasses are hard to find, but we did have luck finding some less bulky frames.

Head Size & Fit

Prism reading glasses (also often referred to as lazy readers) can be of big benefit to people of all ages, though adult prism reading glasses are definitely easier to find.

The styles are all pretty unisex, which means that they tend to fit the average head.

If you already wear eyeglasses when you’re reading — or simply in daily life — you’ll easily be able to find a pair of prism readers that fit comfortably over your existing glasses. However, contacts would be more comfortable if you can wear them.

What are the benefits of prism reading glasses?

What are the benefits of prism reading glasses

There are many benefits to wearing prism glasses since they help elevate a reading experience for people who might be struggling with neck or back issues and help people adjust to comfort.

Here are some major benefits:

  • Prism reading glasses reduce the need for a ton of head movement, which is great for those with neck and back issues or with mobility problems
  • They’re an excellent reading addition to those who really struggle with getting comfortable
  • Prism reading glasses help to prevent eye strain when it comes to reading in bed or reading while bedridden/unable to move
  • Prism reading glasses are a great way to elevate the reading experience of people who already wear glasses as well as do not wear them

Are there cons to prism reading glasses?

 Just like with most things, there are also cons to wearing prism reading glasses. They do not allow for any peripheral vision, which is something to consider depending on your situation. If you take them off and on multiple times, you may give yourself some dizziness as well. 

The Best Prism Glasses for Reading

1. 2-Pack Prism Glasses for Reading in Bed

Prism Glasses for Reading
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These lightweight prism reading glasses come in a 2-pack (two is better than one, right?) and fit directly over your existing reading glasses or prescription glasses to seamlessly start your new reading experience.

They don’t do anything besides direct your eyes 90 degrees down, making them a great and simple choice to have in your reading glasses arsenal.

Since they come in a pair of two, you can keep one in your nightstand and one on your person. What could be better than that?

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2. Flammi Lazy Glasses

Prism Glasses for Reading
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These so-called lazy glasses are a simple, black pair that can fit over your existing glasses prescription with ease and optimal comfort.

They’re built to reduce mobility for those dealing with any mobility issues but are also perfect for any person looking for a more comfortable reading experience.

Reviews speak to them slipping off of your face when sitting up, so stick to wearing these while lying down, and enjoy!

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3. Utrax Prism Bed Specs

Prism Glasses for Reading
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Described as periscope eyeglass spectacles, these prism reading glasses are less bulky than many of their counterparts while still performing like a pair of prism reading glasses should.

At just around $10, they’re a nice budget pair as well — though you’ll want to be careful with them, as they may not hold up quite as well as some of their bulkier counterparts. 

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4. Deluxe Prism Glasses

Prism Glasses for Reading

These deluxe prism reading glasses are specifically designed to prevent eye strain for the wearer, and they also come with a vinyl carrying case to keep your readers safe.

The tortoiseshell style makes these glasses much more fashionable than many other prism readers, and they’re a great choice for those with limited mobility and neck issues.

At Hooked to Books, there’s nothing more important to us than making reading accessible and comfortable for all of us. Have you tried prism glasses? What do you think? Let us know by sounding off in the comments below.

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Prism Glasses for Reading

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