The Complete List of Cassandra Clare Books in Order

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Cassandra Clare is the famous pen name of American author Judith Lewis. As Clare, Lewis has written many bestselling young adult fantasy novels, including her smash hit series, The Mortal Instruments.

Her books have captivated readers, young and old, around the globe. They’ve also spawned a record-breaking media franchise that includes multiple graphic novels, a blockbuster movie, and a hugely popular television series.

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So, if you’ve not read Cassandra Clare’s work yet, what are you waiting for? Below, you can find everything you need to know about her various series, so you can get started on your reading journey today.

Cassandra Clare’s Books

Sr. No.TitlePublication DatePrint Length / Listening LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1Clockwork AngelAugust 31, 2010496 pagesMargaret K. McElderry BooksAmazon
2City of BonesMarch 27, 2007496 pagesMargaret K. McElderry BooksAmazon
3Lady MidnightMarch 27, 2007688 pagesMargaret K. McElderry BooksAmazon
4The Red Scrolls of MagicApril 9, 2019368 pagesMargaret K. McElderry BooksAmazon
5Chain of GoldNovember 19, 2019544 pagesWalker BooksAmazon
6What Really Happened in PeruApril 16, 20131 hour and 13 minutesSimon & Schuster AudioAmazon
7Welcome to Shadowhunter AcademyFebruary 17, 20151 hour and 40 minutesSimon & Schuster AudioAmazon
8Son of the Dawn (with Sarah ReesApril 10, 20181 hour and 17 minutesSimon & Schuster AudioAmazon
9The Iron Trial9 September 2014304 pagesScholastic PressAmazon
10Sword CatcherOctober 10, 2023624 pagesDel ReyAmazon

Cassandra Clare has written over a hundred novels and short stories spanning multiple series. So, knowing where to begin can be challenging. But fear not, I’ve got you covered.

In this post, I’ll list every book the author has published to date and arrange them into their respective series. Happy reading!

The Shadowhunter Chronicles

The Shadowhunter Chronicles isn’t a series; it’s a collection of five (soon to be six) series that are set in the same captivating universe.

This universe is populated by regular humans known as “Mundanes,” who live alongside creatures of the Shadow World. But the demons, werewolves, fairies, and vampires who roam the streets are dangerous to the Mundanes. So, a race of half-angel, half-humans known as the Nephilim patrol the Shadow World to keep their human kin safe from harm.

Below, you’ll find full details of all six series in the Shadowhunter Chronicles.

The Infernal Devices Books

The Infernal Devices was the second Shadowhunter Chronicles series to be published, but the stories act as a prequel to the rest of the collections, so it appears first on the list.

Set against a backdrop of Victorian-era London, the series follows the adventures of a sixteen-year-old girl named Tessa Gray. Tessa grew up thinking she was a Mundane, but when she moved to London, she discovered that she was actually a half-human, half-demon warlock. And that’s not all; she’s the only warlock in history to have Nephilim heritage.

The Infernal Devices Books in Reading and Publication Order

The Infernal Devices books are interconnected, so they’re best read in the order they were published, listed below.

1. Clockwork Angel (2010)

Clockwork Angel (2010)
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When Tessa learns her true heritage as a shapeshifting Downworlder, she’s suddenly thrust into a new world of magic and mayhem. But her incredible abilities put her in grave danger, and the leader of the mysterious Pandemonium Club will stop at nothing to steal her power and claim it for his own.

And so, Tessa seeks shelter with the Shadowhunters of the London Institute. Here, she makes new friends and learns of a dark plot to overthrow the Shadowhunters, which will jeopardize the entire human race.

  1. Clockwork Prince (2011)
  2. Clockwork Princess (2013)

The Mortal Instruments Books

The Mortal Instruments was the first series in the Shadowhunter Chronicles to hit the shelves, and it became an instant success. In these stories, we fast forward to the present day, where we meet a Shadowhunter, Clarissa “Clary” Adele Fray.

Like Tessa, Clary grew up believing she was a Mundane. But at fifteen years old, she discovers her true identity as a Nephilim, or Shadowhunter, who has angel blood coursing through her veins.

The Mortal Instruments Books in Reading and Publication Order

The Mortal Instruments books are interconnected, so they’re best read in the order they were published listed below.

1. City of Bones (2007)

City of Bones (2007)
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Since Clary Fray’s met the Shadowhunters, her world has flipped. And now, her mother has vanished into thin air, and a demon is after her blood. So, Clary and the Shadowhunters had better figure out what’s going on before more chaos from the underworld unfolds.

  1. City of Ashes (2008)
  2. City of Glass (2009)
  3. City of Fallen Angels (2011)
  4. City of Lost Souls (2012)
  5. City of Heavenly Fire (2014)

The Dark Artifices Books

The Dark Artifices was the third collection of Shadowhunter Chronicles novels to be published. These stories are set just five years after the final Mortal Instruments book, City of Heavenly Fire. They follow the adventures of Emma Carstairs, a Shadowhunter at the Los Angeles Institute who embarks on a mission to discover the truth behind her parent’s mysterious death.

The Dark Artifices Books in Reading and Publication Order

The Dark Artifices books are interconnected, so they’re best read in the order they were published, listed below.

1. Lady Midnight (2016)

Lady Midnight (2016)
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Five years ago, the Shadowhunters were brought to the brink of extinction. Emma Carstairs survived, but her parents weren’t so lucky, and now, she’s determined to find their killers and avenge their deaths.

And so, she joins forces with her friend Julian Blackthorn to discover the truth behind a demonic plot that hides just below the surface of the glittering LA streets.

  1. Lord of Shadows (2017)
  2. Queen of Air and Darkness (2018)

The Eldest Curses (with Wesley Chu)

The Eldest Curses is the fourth series in the Shadowhunter Chronicles to be published. These books revolve around Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn, and Alec Lightwood, a Shadowhunter who has stolen his heart.

The Eldest Curses in Reading and Publication Order

The Eldest Curses books are interconnected, so they’re best read in the order they were published, listed below.

1. The Red Scrolls of Magic (2019)

The Red Scrolls of Magic (2019)
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Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood have finally become a couple. To celebrate, they’re heading off on a luxurious vacation across Europe.

But the pair have barely touched down in Paris when they receive word of a dangerous demonic cult with a plot to cause chaos around the globe. A cult that Magnus himself founded as a joke many years ago.

And now, Magnus and Alec must abandon their vacation plans and head off on a frantic mission to find the cult’s leaders before more chaos and carnage ensues.

  1. The Lost Book of the White (2020)
  2. The Black Volume of the Dead (TBA)

The Last Hours Books

The Last Hours is the fifth series in the Shadowhunters Chronicles, but these books take us on a journey back to 1903. Here, we meet a new generation of Shadowhunters, including Tessa’s two children, James and Lucie, and their friend Cordelia Carstairs.

The Last Hours Books in Reading and Publication Order

The Last Hours books are interconnected, so they’re best read in the order they were published, listed below.

1. Chain of Gold (2020)

Chain of Gold (2020)
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When Shadowhunter Cordelia Carstairs father is accused of committing an awful crime, she and her family relocate to London in the hopes of saving their reputation.

It’s here that she’s reunited with her old friends, James and Lucie Herondale, and she quickly enters their glittering world of magic and mayhem. But everything falls apart when a harrowing spate of demonic attacks rocks London, and the Shadowhunter’s powers are put to the test like never before.

  1. Chain of Iron (2021)
  2. Chain of Thorns (2023)

The Wicked Powers Books

The Wicked Powers series will be the sixth and final collection in the Shadowhunters Chronicles. While we don’t have exact publication dates yet, they’ll be set three years after the final Dark Artifices book, Queen of Air and Darkness. Cassandra Clare is still busy working on the books.

So, watch this space for more breathtaking Shadowhunter adventures yet to come.

  1. Book 1 (TBA)
  2. Book 2 (TBA)
  3. Book 3 (TBA)

The Shadowhunters Companion Books

Alongside the main series listed above, Cassandra Clare has also penned multiple companion titles which complement the original novels.

The Bane Chronicles

The Bane Chronicles is an anthology of eleven novellas, each starring the familiar warlock Magnus Bane.

Cassandra Clare penned these works alongside other young adult writers and originally released them separately, exclusively as e-books. But now, they’re also available to buy together as one complete compendium.

1. What Really Happened in Peru (with Sarah Rees Brennan)

What Really Happened in Peru (with Sarah Rees Brennan)
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Find out the real reasons why Magnus Bane is no longer welcome in Peru with these illuminating insights into his embarrassing escapades with his fellow warlocks, Ragnor and Catarina.

  1. The Runaway Queen (with Maureen Johnson)
  2. Vampires, Scones, and Edmund Herondale (with Sarah Rees Brennan)
  3. The Midnight Heir (with Sarah Rees Brennan)
  4. The Rise of the Hotel Dumort (with Maureen Johnson)
  5. Saving Raphael Santiago (with Sarah Rees Brennan)
  6. The Fall of the Hotel Dumort (with Maureen Johnson)
  7. What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything (with Sarah Rees Brennan)
  8. The Last Stand of the New York Institute (with Sarah Rees Brennan and Maureen Johnson)
  9. The Course of True Love (And First Dates)

Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy

Like The Bane Chronicles, Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy is an anthology of novellas that were originally issued as online exclusives. These stories follow the adventures of Shadowhunter Simon Lewis, Clary Fairchild’s best friend.

1. Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy (with Sarah Rees Brennan)

Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy (with Sarah Rees Brennan).
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Simon Lewis has always dreamed of becoming a Shadowhunter. And now, after years of being a Mundane and a Vampire, he’s finally beginning his training at the prestigious Shadowhunter Academy.

But there’s just one problem. After the harrowing events of the City of Heavenly Fire, Simon lost all of his memories, and now, he needs to find out who he is again.

  1. The Lost Herondale (with Robin Wasserman)
  2. The Whitechapel Fiend (with Maureen Johnson)
  3. Nothing but Shadows (with Sarah Rees Brennan)
  4. The Evil We Love (with Robin Wasserman)
  5. Pale Kings and Princes (with Robin Wasserman)
  6. Bitter of Tongue (with Sarah Rees Brennan)
  7. The Fiery Trial (with Maureen Johnson)
  8. Born to Endless Night (with Sarah Rees Brennan)
  9. Angels Twice Descending (with Robin Wasserman)

The Ghosts of the Shadow Market

Like The Bane Chronicles and Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, this collection of ten novellas was originally published in a monthly e-book format. However, they’re now available in one single compendium.

The stories center around the adventures of Shadowhunter James “Jem” Carstairs as he journeys through Shadowmarkets around the globe.

1. Son of the Dawn (with Sarah Rees Brennan)

Son of the Dawn: Ghosts of the Shadow Market, Book 1
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The Lightwood family of Shadowhunters is about to adopt Jace Wayland. This poor orphaned boy needs a home, but at first, Alec and Isabelle Lightwood aren’t convinced it’s a good idea. But they’ll have to embrace their new brother and welcome him into the New York Institute whether they like it or not.

  1. Cast Long Shadows (with Sarah Rees Brennan)
  2. Every Exquisite Thing (with Maureen Johnson)
  3. Learn About Loss (with Kelly Link)
  4. A Deeper Love (with Maureen Johnson)
  5. The Wicked Ones (with Robin Wasserman)
  6. The Land I Lost (with Sarah Rees Brennan)
  7. Through Blood, Through Fire (with Robin Wasserman)
  8. The Lost World (with Kelly Link)
  9. Forever Fallen (with Sarah Rees Brennan)

Other Series by Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare is most famous for the Shadowhunter Chronicles, but she also has two more bestselling high fantasy series to explore.

  • The Magisterium Books (with Holly Black)

In 2014, Cassandra Clare joined forces with her friend and fellow author Holly Black to pen this five-book fantasy series starring Callum “Call” Hunt.

Each book in the series follows a year of Call’s life, starting at the age of twelve and continuing until the age of seventeen.

The Magisterium Books in Reading and Publication Order

The Magisterium books are interconnected, so they’re best read in the order they were published, listed below.

1. The Iron Trial (2014)

The Iron Trial (2014)
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After a deadly massacre left Call motherless as a baby, his father has always warned him to stay away from magic. But now, he has the opportunity to take part in the Iron Trial, which could secure his spot in the prestigious Magisterium school; a place where the world’s most powerful mages are trained.

  1. The Copper Gauntlet (2015)
  2. The Bronze Key (2016)
  3. The Silver Mask (2017)
  4. The Golden Tower (2018)
  • The Sword Catcher Books

This brand new fantasy series follows the adventures of Kel, a young man who was captured as an orphan and raised to be the Sword Catcher, the body double of Prince Conor Aurelian.

The Sword Catcher Books in Reading and Publication Order

There is just one book in the Sword Catcher series right now, but the next installment is set to take place after the events of the first. So, it’s best to follow the publication order listed below.

1. Sword Catcher (2023)

Sword Catcher (2023)
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Kel and Prince Conor Aurelian have been raised together, growing up side by side. They’re like brothers, but Kel knows that one day it will be his duty to die for Conor.

Then Kel meets Lin Caster, one of the few remaining magical Ashkars. She is desperate to find a way to heal her friend, but she’s doomed to die without access to hidden knowledge.

But when Kel and Lin meet the criminal ruler known as the Ragpicker King, he offers them each a chance to get what they desire. Yet, in exchange, they’ll have to enter a dark and dangerous underworld that will change both of their lives forever.

  1. The Ragpicker King (publication details pending)


Cassandra Clare has built an entire universe of unparalleled fantasy fiction, and her bestselling books have changed the face of young adult literature.

Are you already a fan of this masterful author’s work? If so, I’d love to hear your reviews and recommendations. Drop me a comment in the box below!

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