8 Upcoming Book Releases of January 2024

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Grabbing a newly released book and cozying up under the blanket with a cup of coffee is a blissful feeling for readers.

With the New Year vibe, readers are definitely waiting for the upcoming book releases of the year 2024.

You must be already aware there are plenty of books releasing in 2024!

Among the plethora of book releases throughout the year, we start our new reading journey in January by picking up the newly released books of the month.

Hi, I am Priyanka from Hooked to Books, and today, I will share the list of 8 new book releases of January 2024.

The list I’ve shared has some popular books you have been awaiting; check it out to learn more about book releases of January 2024 and their publication date.

8 New Book Releases of January 2024

Have a look at the list of 8 new book releases of January 2024, and grab the one you have been waiting for so long! I’ve also provided brief descriptions of each book for your better understanding.

Brief Descriptions of the To-Be-Released Books

Reading the synopsis helps us understand whether we should pick a particular book or not. The brief descriptions provided below can be helpful for you.

1. The Book of Fire

The Book of Fire
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Genre: Literary Fiction

Deep inside the ancient Forest of Greece lived a family. Irini is the musical teacher, Tasso (her husband) is an artist who loves to paint, and Chara is their daughter.

A sudden wildfire destroys everything: the village, the houses, and the lives of many villagers. Tasso is unable to paint because of his burnt hands, Chara’s face is scarred, and Tasso’s father is missing after the fire.

After a few months, the village is trying to rebuild, and a murder happens, resulting in the interference of the police.

On the other hand, Irini does something that will haunt her forever.

2. The Heiress

The Heiress
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Genre: Mystery Thriller, Gothic Fiction

When the richest and most notorious woman of North Carolina, Ruby McTavish Callahan Woodward Miller Kenmore, dies, situations start to become complicated.

She has been a widow four times and has also been a victim of a famous kidnapping as a child. After her death, the legacy of McTavish is passed to Camden, her adopted son.

But Camden is least interested in the inheritance and adopts a normal life as an English teacher in Colorado. He marries a woman named Jules.

Ten years have passed since then, and the sudden death of his uncle brings him back to the McTavish estate. Jules wants Camden to claim the inheritance Ruby left for him.

But soon, questions about the late heiress, Ruby, come to light, and the couple realizes there is more to the story than it seems.

3. The Fury

The Fury
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Genre: Mystery, Psychological Thriller

This is another thriller novel by the famous author of The Silent Patient. It’s a tale of murder.

A reclusive ex-movie star, Lana Farrar is one of the most famous women in the world. Every year, Lana organizes a trip for her closest friends to spend the Easter holidays on her private Greek island.

This time, a murder happens!

People were trapped there, which led to betrayal, fights, revenge, and a night full of twists and turns.

Elliot Chase, the narrator, will recount the events of the thrilling incident.

4. Emily Wilde’s Map of the Otherlands

Emily Wilde's Map of the Otherlands
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Genre: Romantic Fantasy, Fairy Tale

The book is the sequel to ‘Emily Wilde’s Encyclopedia of Faeries.’

Professor Emily is a prodigious, genius scholar of faerie folklore who wrote the Encyclopedia of Faeries.

Another protagonist is Wendell Bambleby, a scholar and Emily’s formal rival. Bambleby, the exiled faerie king, is running from his murderous mother and seeking the door that will take him back to his realm.

Emily finds him charming but cannot accept his marriage proposal because being a partner of the Fair Folk means dangers and secrets. But the man never fails to land her in trouble.

They both embark on an adventurous journey where Emily must face the dangers and discover the workings of faerie doors. Also, unravel the secrets buried inside her heart.

5. No One Can Know

No One Can Know
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Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Kate Alice Marshall, author of the book ‘What Lies in the Woods,’ returns with another novel.

Emma is hiding her past from her husband. The man only knows that Emma’s parents are dead, and she hasn’t spoken to her sisters in years.

Unfortunately, the couple loses their apartment, and Emma’s husband gets laid off. Oh, and Emma is also pregnant.

With no money in their bank account, Emma has to reveal that she has one more property she jointly owns with her sisters: their parents’ house. But returning there will lead to the revelation of secrets she had kept hidden from her husband.

She has to confess that the house is a stately mansion and her parents were murdered there. Many accused Emma of the murder.

Her return will bring her sisters back, and they all might be in danger again.

6. Family Family

Family Family
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Genre: Literary Fiction, Adult Fiction

India Allwood always wanted to become an actor and finally grew up to become a TV superhero. India’s latest movie is about adoption but has the same tragic ending.

In real life, India is an adoptive mother and believes that adoption does not mean pain and regret. There’s more to her own family than pain and regret.

India, determined to prove her point, tells a journalist that it’s a bad movie. Now, this statement creates chaos in the media and film industry; she starts facing accusations, and brutal questions are thrown at her.

Things get complicated professionally and personally. Now, India must do something to calm the chaos she created.

7. The Breakup Tour

The Breakup Tour
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Genre: Contemporary Romance

This book is for all the Swifties out there. It highly resembles Taylor Swift and her songwriting inspirations.

The story’s main protagonist, Riley Wynn, is a singer and songwriter. But she became a superstar singer overnight with her breakup song concept album and its memorable lead single.

Riley’s ex-husband claimed that the hit song is about him, which provokes her to do something she hasn’t done in the past 10 years.

Riley calls the person about whom the song is about, Max Harcourt, her ex-boyfriend. They haven’t talked to each other since their relationship ended, and Max is surprised to be contacted by Riley.

She is there to ask Max’s permission to reveal to the audience that the actual inspiration of the song is him. Max manages the family-owned retirement home, but that is not what he had dreamt of.

So, when Riley asks him for consent, he agrees in exchange for a condition that he will sing the song with her during the tour. As they both perform across the country, old flames ignite and might result in something more.

8. House of Flame and Shadow

House of Flame and Shadow
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Genre: Romantic Fantasy, High Fantasy

This is the third book of the Crescent City series by Sarah J. Maas.

Bryce Quinlan is in a strange new world, and her only wish is to return home. Her family, friends, mate, everything is in Midgard, and she must use all her wits and strength to reach her desired destination.

But how can she do so in this unfamiliar place, with untrustworthy people?

Hunt Athalar is again in the Asteri’s dungeons after getting freedom for a few months. Although he desperately wants to help Bryce, with no freedom of his own and caged in the dungeon, he cannot do anything to rescue her.

The new book in the series brings more adventures into Bryce and Hunt’s lives. How will they rescue themselves when their own lives are at stake?


It’s exciting to pick the new book releases every month and devour them instantly! I enjoy reading newly released books as it helps me to keep up with the book community and maintain my reading goals.

I hope this article on 8 Upcoming Book Releases of January 2024 helped you to grab your awaited books of the month.

Which book have you been anticipating the most for January 2024? Tell me in the comments below!

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