13 Best Podcasts about Books and Reading

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At HookedtoBooks, we all love to read, of course. Everyone has different tastes in genre and style, but we’re all connected by the fact that books are important to us. That’s why we’re here to provide a list of book podcasts that every avid reader can enjoy. 

There are more ways to enjoy reading than simply reading from a page or through audiobooks. Reading has created a huge bookish community around the globe, and one of the best ways to connect to it is with book podcasts. Book podcasts have sent waves around the world, opening up conversations on social media and in everyday conversation about all the best fiction and beyond. 

Best Podcasts about Books and Reading

If you’re looking for somewhere to begin your podcast journey, then look no further. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite book podcasts to unwind to. From the best book review podcasts to interviews with authors, there’s something on this list for every reader.

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Best Podcasts about Books and Reading
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Podcasts don’t get any funnier than this one. It’s strictly for a mature audience, but for older readers and listeners, it has rocketed to fame. It has made it onto our list of best book podcasts because not only does the dramatic reading of Rocky Flintstone’s terrible book have listeners in stitches, but it also shot his novel to fame.

With hilarious commentary on the content and a whole host of famous guests such as Lin Manuel Miranda and Emma Thompson, this podcast is guaranteed to make you laugh until you cry, putting it among the best podcasts that read books aloud.

Hosts Jamie Morton, Alice Levine, and James Cooper offer a truly British approach to the subject of sex and lively reading of one of the worst novels of all time. If you love to hate Fifty Shades of Grey then this podcast is the perfect follow-up to keep you entertained.

The New Yorker: Fiction

Deborah Treisman, the editor of The New Yorker, takes to this engrossing podcast once a month with a guest to read aloud fiction by famous authors. Each month, she’s joined by a guest to help her discuss the fiction in detail. Guests have included the best and brightest, from Margaret Atwood to David Sedaris, offering their literary expertise as they scrutinize the works of other writers like themselves. 

The writing that is explored is likely to appeal to young adults and beyond since the fiction chosen is often mature or for an older audience. However, advanced younger readers might also find this podcast appealing and a gateway into reading adult fiction. 

What Should I Read Next?

Best Podcasts about Books and Reading
Credit: Anne Bogel

Many turn to book podcasts for inspiration of where to venture next on their reading journeys, so look no further than What Should I Read Next? Once a week, the book blogger Anne Bogel opens the conversation up to avid readers, asking them about the books they’ve loved and hated recently.

This podcast has been running for four years and has offered everything from controversial opinions, readers who follow the mainstream crowd and enough Chrismas gift recommendations to leave readers with no doubt in their mind of what books to purchase next. There’s something for all ages on this podcast, so what’s not to love?

Harper Audio Presents

Best Podcasts about Books and Reading
Credit: Harper Audio Presents

Every other Wednesday, this book podcast offers up everything that a reader could possibly want, from interviews with famous authors to audiobook clips.

The podcast aims to engage readers of all interests and has featured interviews with everyone from horror writer Joe Hill on Halloween to Young Adult author Tahereh Mafi. They also provide a yearly review of the best books of the year, just in time for thinking about Christmas gifts…

This light-hearted podcast features games, giveaways and a focus on encouraging people to listen to more audiobooks. It’s interactive and fun, but most of the novels aren’t focussed on kids, so it’s perfect for anyone over the age of twelve. 

Selected Shorts

Best Podcasts about Books and Reading
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For those who love to listen to stories as well as read them, Selected Shorts offers perfect bitesize samples of fiction. The stories are brought to life by a host of great actors and a range of genres are covered in each episode.

Both classic and new fiction is brought to life in each episode. It has been running as a stage show since the mid-eighties and is famously performed for a live audience. Now, in the form of a podcast, Selected Shorts is making waves all over the world and not just in New York. 

The NoSleep Podcast

Who needs sleep, anyway? For insomniacs and horror lovers alike, the NoSleep Podcast is bound to tell you stories you’ll never forget. With multiple awards under its belt, the NoSleep podcast delivers scary stories with spooky music to send shivers down your spine as you wind down before bed.

These scary stories aren’t for the faint-hearted, and the podcast is intended for an older audience. 

Get Booked

Best Podcasts about Books and Reading
Credit: Get Booked/Book Riot

When it comes to book podcasts, not everyone is looking for the same thing, but Get Booked is a versatile podcast that everyone can enjoy. If you want fresh book recommendations each and every week, then the Get Booked podcast is perfect for you.

Alternating between two episodes weekly – one long, one short – you can either listen to an in-depth discussion about everything bookish, or get a quick fix with a ten-minute recommendation, perfect for a short commute to work or the school run.

World Book Club

Harriett Gilbert has produced this podcast with a large audience in mind. Her aim is to interview writers from around the globe and discuss their most famous books, highlighting the best and brightest in literature. With a variety of writers appearing on her monthly podcast, she offers a wide scope of novels in all genres and is bound to get you hooked on a new author each and every time. 

88 Cups of Tea

Best Podcasts about Books and Reading
Credit: 88 Cups of Tea

This has made it to our list of favorite book podcasts for eighty-eight reasons, but here’s the main one; it celebrates all kinds of writers and readers. From screenwriters to poets to literary agents, 88 cups of tea hosts conversations with and about the different members of the literary community on their varied podcast.

This podcast will most likely appeal to older readers and those interested in the writing industry, but with so many topics covered on their podcasts and online platform, there’s something for everyone.

Between the Covers

This podcast has now been running for ten years, and with good reason! The host, David Naimon, uses this platform to interview a wide range of writers from poets to novelists. It also, unlike many book podcasts, delves into the world of nonfiction. 

This podcast offers the promise of intelligent conversations between the host and the writers he invites on board, making it perfect for listening to in the evening for an older audience.

Mostly Lit

Credit: Mostly Lit

Represented by the hashtag #ShowDemBooks , two men explore what it means to be a millennial who reads. Millennials are often dubbed as the generation who has given up on the written word, but this podcast just goes to prove that there are plenty of people of all ages out there looking to engage with fiction. The podcast also explores pop culture among other topics, making it a diverse listen each time they release their weekly episodes.

The podcast is aimed at the millennial audience, but the topics explored can be relatable to anyone in their teenage years and beyond.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a Harry Potter newcomer, this podcast is a perfect way to immerse yourself in the world of magic and wizardry. As the hosts reflect on the themes in Harry Potter and discuss all the characters the world has grown to love, there is an opportunity for you to overhear thoughts from adults, for adults about this beloved children’s tale.

This podcast is perfect for those who grew up reading the J.K. Rowling classic series and still want to get lost in the magic it has offered since it all began.

Read Aloud Revival

For new parents, this podcast is a must-listen. The host, Sarah Mackenzie, explores what it means to connect with your children through reading books together and out loud. The podcast is a gold mine of interviews, top tips, and lists of books that are perfect for reading with your children. It also occasionally delves into the subject of getting your teenagers to read.

This podcast is completely aimed at parents at any stage, but it isn’t likely to appeal to other adults.

There are plenty of good podcasts out in the world now, and it’s so easy for the best ones to get lost in the crowd. However, with this list of the best book podcasts out there, you no longer have to feel lost when you’re searching for something to fill your evening and your ears.

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