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How Reading Before Bed Helps You Fall Asleep?


Nowadays, people can’t live without their phones or internet, which is affecting their sleep quality extensively. If you make a Google search for ways to get better sleep, you will find reading books as one of the top five ideas.

How To Read A Book


Reading a book is better if there are no distractions and your mind can fully absorb every event of the story. How you read a book matters.

My First Visit To The Bookstore


I opened the red door, and a little bell rang…
I was seven years old, but I still remember that day. It was early afternoon, and my grandfather decided it was time to buy my very first book.
See, he had this tradition going on with my older brother. Every month, they’d visit the local bookstore and buy a book. As long as my brother read it, my grandfather would pay for it.
I always felt jealous. But, it was my turn!

4 Ways Technology Made Our Reading Habits Easier


All Bibliophiles might not have similar taste in books, but they do have some things in common. Whether it is the book sniffing habit or spending hours in libraries and bookstores, there are things that all book readers just easily relate to.