The Complete List of Adriana Trigiani Books in Order

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How can Adriana Trigiani have it all? From writing best-selling books to being a film director, screenwriter, producer, comedian, and more!

Adriana is a versatile person who accomplishes almost everything she puts her heart into. She is an award-winning author who has released many books for her readers to enjoy.

Today, I will talk about this author and provide you with the complete list of Adriana Trigiani’s books in order. If you want to grab the full list of books or want to start with her books, then this article is for you.

So, readers, let’s get started, shall we?

Who is Adriana Trigiani?

Adriana Trigiani was born on September 3, 1969, in the town of Roseto in Eastern Pennsylvania. She was the third daughter in a close-knit Italian-American family.

Later in the 1960s, Anthony and Ida Trigiani, with their children, moved to the town of Big Stone Gap in far southwestern Virginia.

She received her degree in theater from St. Mary’s College in South Bend, Indiana, and then moved to New York City to become a playwright. Adriana’s talents were rewarded, which led her to write her first debut novel, Big Stone Gap.

Since then, she has written 20 books, including fiction and nonfiction, and has been published in 38 countries worldwide. She is the New York Times bestselling author, with many of her books adapted into movies.

An award-winning author, screenwriter, playwright, and documentary filmmaker, the author has created a big name for herself.

Adriana Trigiani’s Books in Order

Sr. NoTitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1Big Stone GapApril 4, 2000288 pagesRandom HouseAmazon
2Viola in Reel LifeSeptember 1, 2009288 pagesHarperTeenAmazon
3Very ValentineFebruary 4, 2009562 pagesHarperAmazon
4Lucia, LuciaJanuary 1, 20030 pagesRandom HouseAmazon

Adriana has released three book series, and I will be discussing each of them separately. Read On!

Big Stone Gap Books in Reading and Publication Order

Do you know ‘Big Stone Gap’ is the very first book series written by Adriana Trigiani? Yes, and the first book in the series is her debut novel.

The story is set in the town of Big Stone Gap in Virginia. The main protagonist of the series is a woman named Ave Maria Mulligan.

The entire series revolves around the life of Ave and how she overcomes various challenges and learns to accept.

You will have 4 books under the series title, and they must be read in their reading order; otherwise, it will be difficult for you to comprehend the story.

I have listed the books in their reading and publication order. Check it out!

Start With ‘Big Stone Gap’

Big Stone Gap
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Let me give you an overview of the first book in the series. The first part takes us to the small town of Big Stone Gap, where we’re introduced to the protagonist, Ave Maria Mulligan, a 35-year-old unmarried woman.

Ave works as a local pharmacist, is co-captain of the rescue squad, and is also the director of the Outdoor Drama. She is living her life happily until one huge revelation changes her entire reality.

While reading a letter from her deceased mother, she learns that her biological father is someone else and not the person she has known for all her life.

After the revelation, she deals with a plethora of changes in her life, including marriage proposals and greedy relatives.

Ave also plans a trip that can have a significant impact on her life. On the other hand, we also get to know a man named Jack MacChesney, who has profound feelings for Ave.

This story is filled with schemes, life-altering adventures, wild choices, and more.

Viola Books in Reading and Publication Order

Viola is a young adult fiction book written by Adriana. This book features a teenage girl named Viola Chesterton. She is sent off to boarding school by her parents despite her protests.

The series narrates the struggles of Viola while coping with the situation and how she adopts the new environment. Viola also deals with changes in relationships, newfound love, and more.

It’s a duology, so you will have to grab two books. I have listed the books below; have a look!

Start With ‘Viola in Reel Life’

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Here, we’re introduced to 14-year-old Viola Chesterton, who lives in New York. Her parents are documentary filmmakers who are leaving for Afghanistan for a project.

Due to this, they decided to send Viola to Prefect Academy, a boarding school in South Bend, Indiana.

Viola, however, is not happy with the decision and is reluctant to leave Brooklyn and her best friends. (Of course, no teenager will be willing to leave their home to move to an unknown city).

But after reaching the place, she realizes that things may not be as bad as she imagined. There, Viola has to share a room with three other girls, but later, they all end up becoming her close friends.

You will experience a roller coaster ride of emotions and more while reading the story!

Valentine Books in Reading and Publication Order

Many will guess the series to be romantic because of the name. And yes, it is a contemporary romance series, but there is much more to the story apart from the romance aspects.

The series is about Valentine Roncalli, a woman whose family owns a shoe business company. It narrates a plethora of events, including Valentine’s family drama, love life, and more. This domestic fiction series will definitely pique your interest.

With three books under the series title, it navigates the life of the main character in detail to keep the readers engaged throughout. I have listed the books below; check it out!

Start With ‘Very Valentine’

Very Valentine
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In this book, we meet Valentine Roncalli, a 33-year-old woman. Valentine’s family runs a long-time shoe business known as Angelini Shoe Company, which makes intricate wedding shoes.

This business was established in 1903, but now, it is facing a financial crisis, which might lead the company to shut down, and Valentine is the one who can save the business from its ruin.

She is an apprentice working under her grandmother, Teodora, to learn shoemaking and management skills. Valentine and Teodora take a trip to Italy, which turns out adventurous with numerous unexpected events.

She meets her grandmother’s lover, gets infatuated with a charming man, and tries to figure out how to save her family’s legacy.

Standalone Books

Apart from the series, Adriana has also written standalone novels throughout her career. I have listed all the 8 standalones below for you to check out.

Oh, and scroll down to read a brief description of the first published standalone book.

Brief Description of ‘Lucia, Lucia’

Lucia, Lucia
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This story is about a woman named Lucia Sartori, who has the determination to work to accomplish her dreams despite the protests from her family and society.

The book is set in the 1950s New York City when Lucia is a young, attractive female living in Greenwich Village.

Lucia is highly skilled with needlework, which landed her a job at B. Altman, one of the famous department stores on Fifth Avenue.

She wishes to have a luxurious life and keeps working hard to achieve that, but this decision also leads to numerous fights with her family, who believe girls should stay home at this age.

In between these events, Lucia meets a good-looking man whom she gets instantly attracted to. Later, they both agree to get married; however, her father is not sure about the man chosen by his daughter.

Between the wedding preparations, Lucia’s father falls ill, and the story narrates the events that follow. It is a gripping story filled with family drama, romance, dreams, and much more.

Non-Fiction Books 

The versatile author Adriana Trigiani has also delivered a few nonfiction books to her readers. I have listed the 3 nonfiction novels by her below.


Adriana Trigiani is a well-accomplished author with many fans!

I hope this article was helpful for you to understand the order of Adriana’s books according to series and standalones. Whoever wants to dive into Adriana Trigiani’s books can easily pick their read from the lot.

Which is your favorite book by Adriana? Tell me in the comments. I would love to know.

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