Astronaut Digital Download Printable Bookmarks


Save your SPACE with these adorable astronaut bookmarks! ORIGINAL and exclusive to Hooked to Books. Download immediately upon purchase!


A quote from a space-themed work of literature goes, “Sorry. Just paralyzed by the indescribable beauty of the cosmos.” Much like how we can be completely paralyzed by the wondrous beauty of the universe, so can we also be utterly captivated by well-written prose and brilliant stories. Like astronauts exploring the greatness that is outer space, so do we as readers explore the inconceivable unknown through the books we read. 

That’s why our astronaut digital download printable bookmarks make for a perfect match with every adventurous, voracious reader out there. With delightful drawings of astronauts coupled with quotes from space-themed literary works, these printable bookmarks are a cool way to adorn your reading space!


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