Review: Tempted (House of Night #6)

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Welcome to Day #6 of House of Night Reviews!
*This review contains spoilers for the previous books in the series*Tempted (House of Night 6)

Zoey needs a break after some serious excitement. Sadly, the House of Night school for vampyres doesn’t feature breaks on its curriculum – even for a High Priestess in training and her gang. Plus juggling three guys is no stress reliever, especially when one is a sexy Warrior so into protecting Zoey that he’s sensing her emotions. Wider stresses lurk too, and the dark force in Tulsa’s tunnels is spreading. Could Stevie Rae be responsible for more than a group of misfit fledglings? And Aphrodite’s visions warn Zoey to stay away from the immortal Kalona and his dark allure – but they also show that only Zoey can stop him. She’s not exactly keen to meet up, but if Zoey doesn’t go to Kalona he’ll exact a fiery vengeance on those closest to her. She just has to find the courage to do what’s necessary, or everything that’s important to her will be destroyed. – GoodReads

My Thoughts:
Starting with Tempted (House of Night #6) the Cast’s add other view points to the mix – Stevie Rae’s and Aphrodite’s. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I was so use to being in Zoey’s head that switching back and forth didn’t feel right – but after a while I started to enjoy it. It definitely gives the reader a better idea of what is going on, especially for the different story lines and, since Stevie Rae is keeping secrets from Zoey, lets the reader see how events are going to effect all the characters. The reader also starts to see that Aphrodite isn’t really a “hag from hell” and is actually a good person in her own way.

Since Zoey and the gang managed to make Neferet and Kalona flee from the House of Night, the think things are back to normal. But of course they’re not! (Gotta keep things interesting, y’all!) Neferet and Kalona are still trying to rule the world and Zoey and the gang has gotta take a trip to stop them. Zoey is feeling a pull to Kalona because some part of her soul is connected to him from a past life but she knows she’s gotta stay away from him and not get caught up in her feelings. (It really does get as crazy as it sounds.) While all that is going on Stevie Rae is hiding a Raven Mocker from Z and the gang – the one that is the favored son of Kalona. And Aphrodite is still dealing with visions and trying to be human while also still being a part of the vampyre world.

Overall, this book was more of a filler book for me. There were things that happened but it wasn’t as good as the previous book (or the next one). I liked the alternating view points and was SO HAPPY that Stark was back and playing for the good side. Love him. The ending of the book really left the reader hanging – and it was a big OMG! moment. Liked it, didn’t love it. On to the next one!

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