Review: Burned (House of Night #7)

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Welcome to Day #7 of House of Night Reviews!
*This book contains spoilers for the previous books in the series*Burned (House of Night 7)

Goodreads Description:
Zoey Redbird is the youngest High Priestess in House of Night history and is the only person – vamp or fledgling – that can stop the evil Neferet from raising all kinds of immortal trouble. And she might just have a chance if she wasn’t so busy being dead.

Well, dead is too strong a word. Stevie Rae knows she can bring her BFF back from her unscheduled va-cay in the Otherworld. But it’s going to take a lot more than hoping to bring Zoey back. Stevie Rae will have to give up a few secrets of her own.

My Thoughts:
The end of the previous book left us with Heath being killed by Kalona, Zoey’s soul shattering when Heath died, Stevie Rae helping and falling for the Raven Mocker, Rephain, and Neferet still being pure evil. This book starts with Neferet sending Kalona into the Otherworld after Zoey to keep her from putting back together her shattered soul – resulting in her staying in the Otherworld. While this is going on Stark, Aphrodite, and Darius are looking for a way to get Stark to the Otherworld and Zoey – which is no easy task. Back in Tulsa, Stevie Rae has to find a way to keep her secret of her imprint with Rephain a secret while also finding a way to deal with the evil red fledglings and bring Zoey back.

There is so much happening and I love that we are getting different characters perspectives – Stevie Rae is the main voice of this book since Zoey is in the Otherworld. The relationship with Stevie Rae and Rephain was not my favorite at first but after a while it pulled me in and I can see what Stevie Rae found so likable about him. I also love Stark in this book – well, I have in all the books – he is a great character and I’m so happy the Cast’s introduced him to the readers and got rid of Erik.

This book was one of my favorites in the series.The writing was so much better than the first few books and the storyline has really gotten more interesting and, sometimes, creepy evil. I did miss Zoey’s voice in this book – since she has been the main narrator throughout the rest of them – but Stevie Rae was a welcome chance and made the story that much more interesting.

I’m currently reading book #8, Awakened. Hoping to finish it tonight so I can post the final review tomorrow!

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