10 Most Anticipated March 2024 Book Releases (Must Check!)

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One thing that happens every month to make all the readers around the world happy and excited is book releases.

No one can deny how much we await new releases to grab that one book or maybe more to finally read them peacefully.

The third month of the year is coming, bringing amazing book releases for us. March has some good book releases, and I am awaiting a few.

Hi! I am Priyanka from Hooked to Books, and here I will share the 10 most anticipated March 2024 book releases.

So, readers scroll down to get the March 2024 book releases list with their publication dates. Wanna read the synopsis? I have briefly described all the listed books in a separate section. Check it out!

10 New March 2024 Book Releases

Here is the list of 10 to-be-released books of March 2024. What are you waiting for? Note down the publication dates!

  1. The Hunter by Tana French – 5 March 2024
  2. Anita De Monte Laughs Last by Xochitl Gonzalez – 5 March 2024
  3. Murder Road by Simone St. James – 5 March 2024
  4. The Prisoner’s Throne by Holly Black – 5 March 2024
  5. Maktub by Paulo Coelho – 5 March 2024
  6. Finlay Donovan Rolls the Dice by Elle Cosimano – 5 March 2024
  7. Where Sleeping Girls Lie by Faridah Ă€bĂ­kĂ©-ĂŤyĂ­mĂ­dĂ© – 14 March 2024
  8. Expiration Dates by Rebecca Serle – 19 March 2024
  9. Good Half Gone by Tarryn Fisher – 19 March 2024
  10. The Truth About the Devlins by Lisa Scottoline – 26 March 2024

Brief Descriptions of the To-Be-Released Books

The synopsis of a book helps to decide what the story is about and whether we will enjoy reading it. Read the descriptions of the above-mentioned to-be-released books and pick the one that intrigues you the most.

The Hunter

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Genre: Mystery, Thriller

The Hunter is the sequel of the previously published book by Tana French, The Searcher. 

Chicago Police Detective Cal Hooper has retired and moved to rural Ireland for a peaceful life. He’s also in a relationship with a local woman named Lena Dunne. 

Cal is also working to transform a half-feral teenager, Trey Reddy, into a happy and well-behaved child. And it was going great until Trey’s father, Johnny, entered the scene. 

Upon his return, the peace Cal, Lena, and Trey have created is ruined, and it seems like the beginning of chaos. 

Johnny is an absent father who had disappeared for years and is now back in the village to quest for gold. He claims there is gold in the townland and brings along an English millionaire to begin the expedition. 

Cal and Lena must protect Trey from her own dark world. It’s a tale of love, revenge, sacrifice, and more.

Anita De Monte Laughs Last

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Genre: Historical fiction, Mystery

In 1985, Anita De Monte was a rising star in the art world. But her tragic death in New York City was a piece of big news, and everybody was talking about it for a couple of years. However, around 1988, no one remembered this talented star.

Another protagonist of the story is Raquel, an art history student who desperately wants to fit in her Ivy League college among all the elite students. Her wish becomes true when one of the guys from the elite group shows interest in her. Unexpectedly, her social rank rises.

Writing a thesis introduces her to Anita’s life, and she begins to see the similarities between their lives, which leads Raquel to question her relationship and sudden changes.

How will she be able to navigate through her complicated life? What secrets will she learn about Anita’s life that will leave everyone in shock?

The POVs are of both women moving back and forth through time.

Murder Road

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Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Paranormal

The story takes place in July 1995. April and Eddie are on their journey to a small resort in Michigan to spend their honeymoon.

While traveling, they encounter a hitchhiker on the deserted road and give her a ride with the intention of helping her.

But soon, their fear creeps in when they see blood dripping from the girl’s jacket and a vehicle following them on the deserted highway called Atticus Line.

The hitchhiker dies after reaching the hospital, and the couple has to face Coldlake Falls Police. They learn that these kinds of murders have been happening on the Atticus Line for years without any clue or suspects. 

The couple becomes the only witnesses and suspects in the case. April and Eddie start investigating the matter to clear their names and discover the presence of something supernatural. Things begin to take a dark turn very soon!

The Prisoner’s Throne

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Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance

This book is the conclusion to the Stolen Heir duology by Holly Black.

Prince Oak is imprisoned in the icy north, serving punishment for his betrayal. On the other hand, King Cardan and Queen Jude are willing to do everything in their power to bring back their stolen heir. 

Oak is contemplating whether to regain the trust of the girl he loves deeply or stay loyal to Elfhame. 

With raging war and treachery, Oak’s cunningness will not be enough to keep everyone he loves safe and alive. What choices and decisions will he take to stop the upcoming battle?


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Genre: Short Stories, Fiction

The book Maktub by Paulo Coelho was originally published in 1994 and translated into 20 languages except English. The book is a collection of short stories inspired by varied folklore and other sources that narrate tales of culture, faith, wisdom, and self-reflection. 

Maktub has now been translated into English and will be released in March 2024.

Finlay Donovan Rolls the Dice

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Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Romance

Finlay Donovan plans a trip to Atlantic City with her nanny/partner in crime, Vero, calling it a girls’ weekend to cover their original mission. 

Marco, a dangerous loan shark, has kidnapped Vero’s childhood crush, Javi, and they are going on this trip to negotiate a deal and rescue him and the stolen car, Aston Martin. 

Steven, Finlay’s ex-husband, and her mother also insist on tagging along. So, they all embark on this journey and, upon arrival, learn that Marco is not ready to negotiate and demands full payment in exchange for returning Javi. 

Marco also wants to know what happened to his missing nephew, Ike, after his sudden disappearance. 

Due to this, Finlay and Vero have to make a new plan to secretly locate where Javi is and bring him back along with the car. Both arrive in the kidnapper’s suite and find him dead with no clue about the killer. 

Four policemen arrive in the town in search of Ike. This trip turns challenging, and Finlay must investigate and solve the matters to leave the city without any further mishaps.

Where Sleeping Girls Lie

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Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller

The story’s protagonist is Sade Hussein, who has been home-schooled all her life and has experienced tragedy. Now, she begins her third year of high school at the reputed Alfred Nobel Academy boarding school. 

Unfortunately, Sade’s roommate, Elizabeth, disappears after the first night she stays in the room with her. People start suspecting her for the disappearance. 

The school has a group of the most popular girls known as Unholy Trinity. They involve Sade in their group, and she learns more about the members. 

She feels drawn toward one of the members, Persephone, and also tries to discover the reason for Elizabeth’s disappearance along with navigating her life in the new school.  

And then suddenly, a student is found dead.

Sade investigates further only to learn that more dark secrets are lurking around Alfred Nobel Academy’s corridors than she even realized.

Expiration Dates

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Genre: Magical Realism, Romance

Daphne Bell has been receiving notes with names and numbers written on them for over twenty years. The name means the person she will be dating, and the number means the expiration date, i.e., the duration they will be together.
She doesn’t know where these letters come from, but the prediction is always right.

According to the papers, she dated one guy for three days, another for five weeks, and the next for three months, who later became her best friend. She is waiting for the card with no expiration dates to find her true love.

Finally, she gets that card on the night of her blind date with only Jake written on it and no numbers. However, as their relationship moves forward, she doubts the card’s prediction.

Is Jake truly her epic love with no expiration dates? Or maybe this time, the card is wrong. The story is full of love and hope with a beautiful message.

Good Half Gone

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Genre: Mystery, Thriller

This story is about a sister who puts all her effort into finding her twin sister.

Iris Walsh was fifteen years old when her twin sister, Piper, got kidnapped. When Iris told the police, they didn’t believe her, assuming she might have run away. By the time police agreed to investigate the matter, Piper was long gone.

Due to a lack of evidence, the matter enters the list of cold cases.

Iris is a grown-up now and is determined to find proof behind her sister’s kidnapping. She believes that the culprit might be at Shoal Island Hospital, a place for the criminally insane. So, Iris joins as an intern at the hospital, where secrets lurk everywhere.

Her investigation leads her to unexpected dark secrets hidden within the hospital’s walls.

The Truth About the Devlins

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Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime

The reputed Devlin family members are all lawyers working at their successful law firm, except TJ Devlin, the only person the family is disappointed with. 

TJ was in person for a short period and also went to rehab for alcohol addiction, due to which he can’t get hired anywhere else. So, the law firm hires him for a make-work job as an investigator. 

One night, John, his older brother, confesses that he has murdered one of his clients, which TJ finds hard to believe coming from the firstborn and most valuable member of the Devlin family. 

TJ starts the investigation to find the truth and save his brother, but little did he expect to get tangled in a series of twists and turns. 


Grabbing newly released books and stacking them in your bookshelves feels good! For readers, getting your hands on your awaited books is a delightful feeling.

I hope this article on March 2024 book releases was helpful and you found the book you were waiting for, or maybe one from the list was intriguing enough leading you to pre-order it.

Which new book releases are you waiting for?

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