Announcement: We’re Deleting The Hooked to Books Facebook Group

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What if your favorite book community was done, kaput, finito?

There are over 11,000 members on the Hooked to Books Facebook. We know how much you love our weekly book discussions over there.

So, NO. We’d never take that away from you!

But what we’re doing instead is building a BETTER community using a new platform that will allow you to form connections, collaborate on creative projects, and have in-depth conversations with other book lovers – as well as writers, authors, artists.

That platform is Discord!

I’m sure most people are familiar with Discord nowadays. To keep it short, it’s a place where you can talk live, create dedicated channels for specific topics, add categories, and in general, customize your community.

We hope this will allow us to build our own, exclusive digital nook. Our plans include:

  • Hosting a monthly book club
  • Interviews with authors
  • Dedicated literature genre categories
  • Book giveaways

And everything that you’ve loved doing inside the Facebook group.

If you want to join, use this link right here:

(If you don’t have an account, it’s super easy. All you need is an email:

Once you click the invitation link, you’ll have to accept the invite:

Once you click the invitation link, you'll have to accept the invite

Then, you have to click the “complete” button at the right corner:

Then, you have to click the "complete" button at the right corner

This will direct you to our rules. Please read them and make sure you understand them:

This will direct you to our rules. Please read them and make sure you understand them

Awesome! You’re in. Now all you have to do is introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself and how your love of books started.

introduce yourself

If you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to contact one of the moderators. Some useful tips for newcomers:

  • Use @ to tag the user you want to contact (for example, writing @priyanka will send me a notification that you’ve messaged me directly)
  • Use the channels and categories to talk about the topics that fit under them
  • Feel free to give us recommendations at the #recommendations channel to better run this community
  • Talk to people and make friends!

If you need more information about why we chose Discord, read the rest of this blog post! Otherwise, see you inside.

What is Discord? Why We Chose Discord?

Discord wants people to feel that they belong. It is a space where people can easily connect and talk with friends and within communities.

Interact and engage with people you care about, build genuine relationships, or create a dedicated community space where you can freely share your thoughts.

The space is used by numerous clubs, communities, small groups, and individuals across the world for easy and fun communication.

We chose Discord for various reasons, a few listed below:

  • To create a dedicated community space for book lovers
  • A place where members will talk about books and authors without any distractions 
  • It’s not only limited to chatting. On Discord, members can use voice and video communication
  • There are specific spaces for specific topics, hence less clutter and an organized way to keep up the conversations
  • Can host virtual book clubs according to taste and genres 
  • Helps to build genuine relationships
  • Can play games and arrange various activities related to books to make the place more fun and engaging 
  • Giving access to authors to talk, share, and promote their written works in their specific space 

After giving it enough thought, we made this decision and hope you guys are on board. 

As a book lover, I am very excited to be a part of this space where I will get the chance to talk about books in a more creative, organized, and fun way….and meet and befriend so many bibliophiles!

So, what do you think? Sounds exciting, right?

We value our community, and this transition is for ‘YOU’ so you can feel more involved and will be able to connect and engage better by sharing your mutual love for BOOKS!

The final announcement will be made this Friday (2nd February 2024).  


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