10 Best Wall-Mounted Reading Lights — 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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While all you really need to read is a good book, there’s no question that reading gadgets can instantly elevate your reading experience. We’re big fans of reading in bed and reading at night, and with that comes the need for the perfect reading light.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Wall-mounted Reading Lights

There are a couple of things to consider when you’re picking the best reading light for your bedroom: from the size to the brightness to the design.

For the nighttime and in-the-dark readers among us, we’ve compiled a list of the best wall-mounted reading lights for bed so that you can seamlessly integrate your reading experience into your bedroom.

What to Look For In a Wall-Mounted Reading Light?

A reading light can extend your reading life deep into the night, making it easier to flip through mountains of chapters without straining your eyes.

When you’re scrolling through page after page online looking for the perfect wall mounted reading light to add to your bedroom décor, it’s helpful to consider some things.

Here’s what you should look for:

  • Does the reading light fit with your bedroom style, or at least complement it? You’re the expert on your own bedroom décor, and you’re the one who knows what you like. However, it’s important to search a little longer for a reading light that you enjoy the look of. There are so many wall-mounted reading light options to choose from, so be sure you pick one that you think is beautiful.
  • What mood does the reading light add to your room? Certain shades of light can add to or detract from your reading experience, so be sure to choose a reading light with the correct level of light for your needs. A good reading light can make the difference between a sterile, brightly lit environment and a cozy, homey one.
  • Are you able to use the reading light to customize your reading experience? If you’re going to mount a reading light onto your wall, it’s important to make sure that you like the way it works. Are you able to swivel it or easily move it? Comfort is key in reading, so these are important factors to consider in choosing the perfect wall mounted reading light.
  • How about the reading light levels? For instance, does your typical reading environment tend to give you a headache? What light can you use to alleviate that? Pick a lamp that is suitable with your favorite kind of reading light, whether you prefer a cooler shade or a warmer glow.
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10 of the Best Wall-Mounted Reading Lights

Whether you want something completely practical or something that adds a beautiful touch to your décor, you’ll find it with these ten best wall-mounted reading lights for bed.

1. HomeFocus USB LED Reading Swing Arm Wall Lamp Light

Best Wall Mounted Reading Lights for Bed
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The swing-arm design on this wall light lets you customize your reading experience to your own comfort. And the included USB port makes it so you can even charge your electronics.

Brushed in silver, this reading light is modern and clean and holds a lifespan of 30,000 – 50,000 hours of use.

2. Tausende Plug-In Wall Sconce Lamps

Best Wall Mounted Reading Lights for Bed
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These modern black reading lights can be easily mounted on the wall, but also come with a 59-inch long cord if you’d like to plug them in and move them around more easily.

The wall sconce lamps can swing around and move up and down, allowing you to adjust them to your liking, and the simple on and off switch makes them simple for your wall or your headboard.

3. QUANS 3 Color Changeable 10 Level Dimmable Flexible Gooseneck Wall Mount

Best Wall Mounted Reading Lights for Bed
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With this gooseneck reading light, you can choose between 10 levels of lighting depending on your mood.

Whether you’re wanting a bright white setting in the middle of the night or a dimmer, softer glow while you read on your e-reader, this light has the option to change levels and even switch between cool white, warm white, or cool and warm white.

4. HomeFocus Bedside Wall Lamp Light

Best Wall Mounted Reading Lights for Bed
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With a white fabric shade and a satin nickel finish, this bedside wall lamp light is stylish and functional.

While it’s not as customizable as some of our other picks – this one is static, and doesn’t swing around – it’s beautiful and practical enough to be worth it. 

5. Sluce Bedside Reading Wall Lamp

Best Wall Mounted Reading Lights for Bed
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This spotlight lamp mounts directly onto your wall, providing a bright light and eco-friendly (no mercury!) addition to your bedroom.

It’s eye-catching and easy to install, making the rotating light a great option for bedtime reading.

6. Noble Wooden Magnetic Dimmable Battery Powered Lamp

Best Wall Mounted Reading Lights for Bed
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Constructed of beech wood, this magnetic lamp is portable and wireless for the perfect reading experience wherever you may go.

The universal balls inside of the light allow for adjustment and customization of your reading experience. And being able to move the light around allows for a seamless reading environment, from the baby’s nursery to the master bedroom.

7. Globe Electric Berkeley Swing Arm Wall Sconce

Best Wall Mounted Reading Lights for Bed
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This easy-to-install wall-mounted reading light is modern and stunning. With the choice between several finishes, the design of this reading light fits with any type of home décor.

With an included swinging arm and pivoting head, this wall light goes where your book does, too.

8. Eyocean LED Reading Light

Best Wall Mounted Reading Lights for Bed
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This LED lamp does away with the need for light bulb replacements. And the memory function ensures that you’re not blinded by a bright light every time you flip the switch.

The LED light allows for prolonged reading without eye fatigue. And it clips directly onto your headboard, making it ideal for rentals, apartments, or freshly painted walls.

9. Ledhopp Modern Wall Sconce

Best Wall Mounted Reading Lights for Bed
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This inconspicuous wall-mounted reading light fits with any bedroom decorations. It provides a simple, sleek addition to any nighttime reader’s experience.

The light is easy to install, and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally; whichever you prefer.

10. Kingmi Wire Cage Industrial Wall Sconce

Best Wall Mounted Reading Lights for Bed
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These Edison bulbs add a touch of industrial décor to your bedroom wall for a reading enhancer that doesn’t take away from the style of your home.

With 240-degrees of rotation adjustability, these pretty lights fulfill a purpose.

Wall-Mounted Reading Lights Make Reading In Bed More Fun

At Hooked to Books, we want you to read as many books as possible.

When you have the perfect wall-mounted reading light, bedtime reading is just that much easier to come by.

Are you in a rental situation or heading on a trip where mounting a light into the wall isn’t an option? We also have a great guide to the best portable book lights

Whichever wall-mounted reading light option you choose, we’d love to see it! Tag us on social with #hookedtobooks on Instagram or Twitter. Let us know what you’re reading with your new light!

Make sure to check out our book reviews! And if you’re in the market for some new reading gadgets, take a look at our gadget review guides.

Best Wall Mounted Reading Lights for Bed
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