7 Popular Book Genres of 2024 (Check Now!)

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Hey there, bibliophiles!

Let’s be honest, with so many amazing books out there, choosing what to read next can be a difficult task. This year, the world of literature is brimming with captivating stories across all genres.

Whether you’re craving mystery, romance, or fantasy, there is something for everyone.

As a total bookaholic myself, I’ve been diving into these fantastic reads this year, and let me tell you, 2024 seems to be a phenomenal year for books. So, grab all your bookish necessities because I’m here to share the top 7 most popular book genres that are trending this year.

Let’s explore what makes each genre so special and lose ourselves in the world of books together, shall we?

7 Most Popular Book Genres

Let’s have a look at the 7 popular book genres that are trending this year. In 2024, the most preferred genres are:

1. Romance

Our interest in love stories is everlasting, as they offer comfort and excitement with happiness ever afters. In 2024, romance will continue to be the bestseller. All readers, whether young or adult, grab romance books when seeking emotional escape, want to understand the complexity of human relationships, or simply want to giggle over a cute romantic story! 

Recently, romance books with morally grey men have been widely sought after by female readers. 

Contemporary romance, steamy historical tales, sweet romance, slow burn, and enemies-to-lovers are some of the preferred tropes and sub-genres of a wide range of readers around the world.

2. Fantasy

Fantasy remains one of the top picks for readers when they want to experience epic adventures, read stories of magical kingdoms, and learn about otherworldly creatures. 

The intricate world-building, detailed magical systems, unique creatures, and fictional universe continue to enthrall in 2024. 

Grim fantasy and dark fantasy, the sub-genres that feature complex anti-heroes, morally ambiguous storylines, gritty realism, horror, and supernatural elements, are particularly trending. 

Fantasy is a real escape from reality that takes readers on various adventures. Many prefer contemporary, historical, or romantic fantasy.

3. Mystery/Thriller

Mystery and Thriller books keep readers on the edge of their seats, give an adrenaline rush, build much-needed anticipation, and leave them guessing until the very end. 

These genres are always the preferred ones of bibliophiles, so they are never missing from the list of top-ranked book genres of the year, including this year. 

Whether it be classic, cozy, or historical mysteries, readers love to devour this genre. Thriller, on the other hand, delves into nail-biting suspense and fast-paced action. The genre guarantees an immersive and suspenseful reading experience.

4. Science Fiction

The science fiction genre mostly covers the vast expanse of space, mind-bending technological advancements, and cautionary tales of dystopian futures. Dystopian sci-fi is a rising subgenre in 2024. 

The Dystopian stories explore the potential pitfalls of technological progress and societal imbalances, prompting readers to contemplate the future. 

Space is also a popular theme in science fiction, offering thrilling adventures of stars and alien civilizations. The genre explores the unknown, ponders the what-ifs of scientific discovery, and searches for humanity’s place in the universe.

5. Young Adult

Young adult fiction resonates with both the younger generation and adults. Readers highly relate to stories in this genre, which cover themes such as coming of age, self-discovery, navigating life complexities, etc.

In this genre, issues like prejudice, identity, and boldness are highlighted, along with lighthearted topics such as friendships, first loves, adolescents, etc. The stories offer not only entertainment but also inspiration, values, and encouragement.

People prefer the young adult genre, majorly YA romances, fantasy, and thrillers.

6. Historical Fiction

Historical fiction has always been appreciated and is still one of the most famous genres. People like to immerse themselves in different eras with captivating stories that bring history to life. 

The genre offers a quick blend of factual accuracy and fictional storytelling, transporting readers to bygone eras. 

Whether it be experiencing ancient civilizations, the grandeur of royal courts, the struggles of people in that period, a deep understanding of different cultures, social norms, and many significant events, we like to devour it all by engrossing ourselves in captivating stories.

7. Self-Help/Memoir

Self-help books provide advice on a variety of topics, from career development and personal finance to stress management and building healthy relationships. Stories about personal growth and real-life experiences continue to be popular choices, as they provide the required guidance and inspiration. 

Memoirs, on the other hand, give a glimpse into the lives of different people and share their experiences and challenges. 

In 2024, readers seek self-help books that address issues like mental health and explore how to navigate the digital world. Memoirs are a chosen genre because they are relatable and feature stories highlighting adversity, achieving goals, and finding purpose in life.


I hope this article gave you an understanding of the 7 most popular book genres of 2024. Every reader has their own favorite genre list that they like to devour. 

This year, choose books from these trending genres to read and rate them accordingly. What genres are your favorite?

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