10 New Book Releases May 2024 (Must Check)

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May is here! With the days getting longer and warmer, it’s the perfect time to curl up with a good book. Whether you like fantasy, mystery, or romance, there’s something for everyone hitting the shelves this month.

I, for one, can’t wait to crack open that new horror book by Stephen King, releasing in May. There are so many exciting new releases, and it’s hard to know where to start.

So, to help you navigate the literary landscape of May, I’ve compiled a list of 10 new releases that are sure to spark your reading joy.

Let’s dive into the list of 10 new May 2024 book releases!

10 New May 2024 Book Releases

Below, I have listed the 10 new May 2024 book releases. Book readers who were waiting for this month’s new releases, check out the dates!

  1. This Summer Will Be Different by Carley Fortune7 May 2024
  2. The Return of Ellie Black by Emiko Jean7 May 2024
  3. The Paradise Problem by Christina Lauren14 May 2024
  4. When Among Crows by Veronica Roth14 May 2024
  5. You Like It Darker by Stephen King21 May 2024
  6. One Perfect Couple by Ruth Ware21 May 2024
  7. Mind Games by Nora Roberts21 May 2024
  8. The Last Murder at the End of the World by Stuart Turton21 May 2024
  9. Camino Ghosts by John Grisham28 May 2024
  10. If Something Happens To Me by Alex Finlay28 May 2024

Brief Descriptions of the To-Be-Released Books

Now that you know the dates, read short descriptions of the books to be released in May and grab the ones that intrigue you the most.

This Summer Will Be Different

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Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult Fiction

Carley Fortune is back with her new summer romance book! 

Lucy and Bridget are best friends (like the ultimate besties/sisters from different mothers). Each year, Lucy visits Prince Edward Island with Bridget for a breath of coastal air, fresh oysters, and a much-needed vacation. 

The local, Felix, always shows her a great time. Their chemistry is unreal! But the problem is Felix is Bridget’s younger brother. 

There are a plethora of reasons why they shouldn’t be with each other, and this leads them to vow to never repeat that night again. 

However, it’s hard to follow when two people are so drawn to each other. Though Lucy has always kept her heart aside. 

When Bridget flees to Toronto a week before her wedding, Lucy follows her to help her handle the crisis and avoid Felix at all costs. But when she meets a changed Felix, she doubts her heart will be able to resist the man.

The Return of Ellie Black

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Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Crime Fiction

Detective Chelsey Calhoun’s sister disappeared twenty years ago when they were both teenagers. She has been searching since then for any signs or closure to know what happened to her sister. But she never found anything until one night when she received a phone call.

Ellie Black, the local teenager who disappeared two years ago, is found alive in the woods of Washington State. The traumatized girl is not ready to say anything about her disappearance, and her silence is killing Chelsey, who is adamant about finding the answers.

Chelsey needs to get to the bottom of this case (for her sister, for herself, and to save the next victims). Will she be able to unravel this mystery?

The Paradise Problem

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Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Adult Fiction

The two protagonists of this book are Anna Green and Liam West. They both got fake married for access to subsidized family housing while studying at UCLA.

Anna thought she had signed the divorce papers at graduation, and they both went separate ways.

It’s been three years, and at present, Anna is an artist who is struggling financially, whereas Liam is a Stanford professor. Liam is one of the four heirs to the Weston Foods conglomerate. However, he has no interest in the company besides his one hundred million dollar inheritance.

According to Liam’s grandfather’s will, he will not receive his inheritance until he is happily married for five years.

Suddenly, Liam appears back in Anna’s life, declaring they were not divorced and asking her to pretend to be his wife in front of his family.

Will Anna agree? If yes, will this fake marriage arrangement lead to something serious between the two? Or will Liam’s family discover the truth before the inheritance is delivered?

When Among Crows

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Genre: Contemporary Fantasy, Fairy Tale

Dymitr is from the family of a long line of hunters who sacrifice their souls to slay monsters. He is on a mission to find the legendary witch Baba Jaga. To do so, he needs to form alliances with the people he is sworn to kill. 

Ala is a fear-eating Zmora who is awaiting her death due to the curse she carries. Dymitr comes to her rescue and offers a cure in exchange for her help. 

With no choice left, she agrees to help him. Together, they start this journey and face the wrath of the Chicago underworld. They have only a little time to find the cure. Will they be able to find it, or will Ala’s hopes break? Besides, Dymitr’s secrets and motives can lead them to extreme danger.

You Like It Darker

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Genre: Horror, Thriller

Stephen King is known as the King of Horror, and he is back with his new collection of twelve short stories, a compilation of his new and already published stories. 

The stories are as thrilling as his novels and give readers the experience of both terror and solace. As the book title says, all the stories are darker with King’s touch, making them engrossing until the very end.

One Perfect Couple

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Genre: Thriller, Suspense

New York Times bestselling author Ruth Ware is releasing her new book this May. One Perfect Couple is a story of five couples stuck on an island and a killer lurking around them.

Lyla is frustrated with her boring routine, and her love life is not going great either. Things with her boyfriend, Nico, seem to be falling out. Nico is an aspiring actor and gets the chance to join the cast of a new reality TV show, The Perfect Couple. Lyla decides to give it a try.

After the audition, they both leave for Ever After Island, where four other couples will compete with them.

Not long after their arrival, things start to take a dark turn. An overnight storm makes matters worse. The four couples are far away from the mainland, with no phones or contact with the show crew; they must all stick together to survive.

But as tensions grow high and it becomes a matter of life and death, how will they escape?

Mind Games

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Genre: Suspense, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance

Every year, the Fox family drops off their two children in Appalachia for a two-week stay so the kids can spend time with their grandmother. Twelve-year-old Thea Fox has a gift of vision, the ability to see into the minds and souls of others. Her grandmother has the same gift.

One night, Thea and her grandmother have the same nightmare where they see her parents being murdered. Due to Thea’s vision, the killer gets arrested, and now the kids will stay with their Grammy.

With time, Thea grows up and builds her career, but the vision power still stays with her. Unfortunately, her parents’ killer has the same gift, and he uses it to keep track of Thea’s life and seek revenge.

Thea tries to block him, but it’s not that easy. Until the day arrives when this long silent battle ends and they come face to face….

The Last Murder at the End of the World

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Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller

A fog destroyed the world and killed everyone it touched except one island. There, 122 villagers and three scientists are living peacefully. The villagers do what the scientists ask them to do. They all fish and farm and are content with their lives. 

Until one of the scientists is found dead, and the murder triggers the security system protecting the island. It lowered the only thing that was stopping the fog. 

There is only one way to survive. The murder needs to be solved within 107 hours, or the fog will kill everyone and destroy the island. Unfortunately, everyone’s memory of that night is also wiped off, so no one knows who the murderer is.

Camino Ghosts

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Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Camino Ghosts is the third book in the Camino Island series. Mercer Mann is struggling to write her next novel, so Camino Island bookstore owner Bruce Cable gives her the book about Lovely’s ancestors who lived in Dark Island.

Lovely Jackson is the last descendant of escaped enslaved people. 

When a resort developer uses his power to claim ownership of the now-deserted Dark Island, Lovely Jackson is ready to fight. However, the developer is unaware of the island’s history, as it is said that the place is cursed. 

From here, the fascinating tale proceeds.

If Something Happens To Me

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Genre: Suspense, Psychological Thriller

It’s been five years, but Ryan cannot forget that terrible night. The night he and his girlfriend, Ali, were in a car when someone opened the door, hit him in the head, pulled him out, and took Ali. 

Ali was abducted with no trace of her and the car for all these years. Ryan was suspected, but with no strong proof and a good lawyer, he was never charged. However, due to people’s accusations and internet trolls, he changed his last name and moved to a law school. 

While he is on a summer trip to Italy, Ryan’s father calls to inform him that Ali’s car has been found inside a lake. In the car, two dead men and an envelope are found. On the envelope, five words are written in Ali’s handwriting: If something happens to me. 

Unexpectedly, Ryan also sees the man who kidnapped Ali that day. He starts on the journey to find the truth. 

On the other hand, the paths of two other characters, a young sheriff in Kansas and a mobster in Philadelphia, intersect with Ryan, making the entire tale captivating and filled with twists and turns.


I hope this article has helped you find the list of 10 new May 2024 book releases. Now that you know release dates, save them to grab the books that interest you the most. 

Which books are you waiting to be released this May 2024? Share your list in the comments below!

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