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INFJ books are hard to come by, but we have great news! One of our friends (Megan Malone) just released a new personality type book that we know our readers will love.

This book is the #1 Release on Amazon in Jungian Psychology right now!

It’s called The Complete Guide to Understanding the INFJ Personality Type. Megan is also the author and creator of the, a website all about the INFJ personality type.

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We had the chance to interview Megan about her INFJ book and had a blast. We’ve written up a quick summary below, but we just want to open with this:

If you’re an INFJ, you have to get this book. As you’ll see, Megan is an authority on this topic. She’s been researching all things INFJ for nearly a decade, through her own journey of self-discovery, as well as countless interviews with other INFJ’s and subject-matter experts.

(Hint: Go buy the book right now if you’re an INFJ!)

What is an INFJ?

INFJ stands for Introvert-Intuition-Feeling-Judging. The INFJ is one of the 16 personality types as defined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the popular personality assessment that indicates how we see the world and make decisions.

INFJs are introverts; they gain energy by spending time alone. They see the world through the lens of their intuition, meaning that they prefer the world of ideas and meanings to reality.

INFJs decision-making is ruled by Feeling, which means they are more influenced by how their decisions will impact other people than they are by more objective data. Finally, they are Judgers.

INFJs prefer their outer world to have some semblance of structure and order and are cautious when it comes to too much spontaneity.

While the above is the standard “dictionary definition” of the INFJ, there is much more to being an INFJ personality type that you won’t get from a free online test result. To truly understand any personality type, it takes diving deep into the world of personality psychology, and that’s what I’ve attempted to do in The Complete Guide to Understanding the INFJ Personality Type.

The book covers the eight Jungian cognitive functions and what they look like in INFJs as well as topics like INFJs as children and what they struggle with at work or as parents.

When did you first discover that you were an INFJ?

I was 21-years-old when I took the assessment in a college psychology class. I think I’d actually taken the test once before as part of an interview, which completely skewed my results because I wanted to seem more extroverted.

When I finally got the INFJ result, I was fascinated by how much like the “real me” it sounded like.

I immediately wanted to learn anything and everything about what it meant to be an INFJ personality type β€” and that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing ever since!

Why did you decide to write an INFJ Book?

I’ve been writing about my experiences as an INFJ for the past eight years. I starting sharing my thoughts and experiences privately on anonymous Twitter and Tumblr accounts and I eventually started INFJ Blog in 2014.

The purpose of anything I’ve written for INFJs is to help people who identify with the type (and people who know and love them) to better understand themselves, strengthen their relationships and be more purposeful in their personal growth journeys.

Who is this book written for?

True self-awareness β€” really knowing and accepting yourself β€” is the first key to unlocking a purposeful growth path. I’ve seen how impactful systems like the MBTI can be for people starting out in personal growth or people who just need to get back in touch with their authentic selves.

This book is for people who identify as INFJs who are looking for deeper insight into what those letters actually mean, as well as how they can use that knowledge to grow and live more fulfilling lives. It’s also for anyone who has an INFJ in their life that they want to understand better.

Would you consider this a self-help book for INFJs?

While there are some “self-help” focused chapters in the book (like a chapter on self-care tips for INFJs), most of the book leans toward being more educational and informative, rather than pure self-help.

It’s based on my years of research studying typology and interviews I conducted with several INFJs and personality psychology experts.

The book isn’t meant to be a motivational pep talk that makes INFJs feel better about themselves.

There are already plenty of free articles like that online if that’s what you’re looking for. Instead, the book highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of INFJs β€” and there are plenty of both! But if you are someone who is open to really discovering what it means to be an INFJ, then I think you will find the guide insightful.

You can find Megan over at the, or on Twitter.

If you are searching on Amazon, her book is titled The Complete Guide to Understanding the INFJ Personality Type.

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