The Complete List of Ashley Antoinette Books in Order

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A few married couple writers publish books together and are well-known for their collaborations. One such couple is Ashley Antoinette and JaQuavis Coleman; both married young and became famous authors with many books under their names. 

Both of them have written a plethora of books together as well as standalones. 

In this article, I will share the complete list of Ashley Antoinette books in order. If you want to read her books, then you can scroll down and check the correct reading and publication order before diving into her books.

Who is Ashley Antoinette?

Ashley Antoinette was born in Flint, Michigan, on August 14, 1985. She is a New York Times bestselling writer with over 40 novels. 

Ashley started writing when she was 16 years old. She fell in love with a boy, JaQuavis Coleman (her husband now), in her teenage years and got pregnant early. She had to face some complications during her pregnancy and needed time to heal properly. 

During her recovery period, her boyfriend dared her to write a book. They both already shared a mutual love for books and literature, so this dare led her to start her writing journey. 

Ashley and JaQuavis started writing their books separately but at the same time and later joined their manuscripts together, and that’s how they ended up creating their first book, Diary of a Secret Diva. 

The popular married duo has co-authored many books together, including the well-known Cartel books, and one of her bestselling solo book series is The Prada Plan. She has also ghostwritten books for many famous authors.

Ashley Antoinette’s Books In Order

Sr. NoTitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1CartelFebruary 28, 2017400 pagesUrban BooksAmazon
2The Prada PlanApril 1, 2009224 pagesUrban BooksAmazon
3MurdervilleJuly 26, 2011288 pagesCash Money Content; Original edition (July 26, 2011)Amazon
4Carter DiamondApril 14, 20152 hours and 1 minuteUrban AudiobooksAmazon
5LuxeSeptember 8, 2015352 pagesSt. Martin's GriffinAmazon
6Luxury and Larceny, Part 1November 1, 201667 pagesSt. Martin's GriffinAmazon
7EthicMarch 14, 2018274 pagesAshley Antoinette IncAmazon
8Love BurnSeptember 25, 2018310 pagesIndependently publishedAmazon
9ButterflyJanuary 7, 2020304 pagesSt. Martin's Griffin; Reprint editionAmazon
10Single LadiesNovember 26, 201354 pagesVH1 BooksAmazon
11Dirty MoneyDecember 26, 2023
256 pagesKensingtonAmazon

Ashley has written many book series, a few solos, and some she has co-authored. I have listed all of her written series below; check it out!

The Cartel Books Reading and Publication Order

The series features the unbreakable Cartel family that deals with drugs and violence. One of the main protagonists, Carter Diamond, is the cruelest gangster among the Cartels. He lives in Miami, Florida, with his family and prioritizes the safety of his close ones.

There are a total of 11 books under the Cartel series. It is recommended to read them in order for better understanding. I have listed them in their reading and publication order below. Have also briefly described the first book in the series; have a look!

  1. The Cartel (2008)
  2. Tale of the Murda Mamas (2009)
  3. The Last Chapter (2010)
  4. Diamonds Are Forever (2012)
  5. La Bella Mafia (By: JaQuavis Coleman) (2013)
  6. The Demise (2016)
  7. Illuminati (2017)
  8. Long Live The Cartel (2020)
  9. Money Devils 1 (2020)
  10. Money Devils 2 (2021)
  11. Cartel Queen: Aries Manifesto (By: JaQuavis Coleman) (2023)

Start With: The Cartel

The Cartel
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This book introduces us to the Diamond family and their cruelest member, Carter Diamond. But when Carter dies, everything seems to collapse. He leaves behind a wife, a daughter, and twin sons. 

Carter also has a secret illegitimate son, Carter Jones, who comes to the town after learning about his father’s death. Young Carter is introduced to the legacy of the Cartels. 

Leader of The Murder Mamas, Miamor, a contract killer who uses her beauty to enhance her skills, is plotting her revenge to take down the Cartels. Her crew was hired to defeat the Cartels, but one mistake got them caught, and Miamor lost her sister. 

That’s why she is after the Cartels, and her plan unknowingly takes her to Young Carter, who instantly catches her attention. Miamor is sleeping with the enemy, and after the revelation, she is devastated. Will she choose love or revenge? 

When the worlds of two people from opposite teams collide, truth and secrets unveil.

The Prada Plan Books Reading and Publication Order

This series is about a woman named Disaya Morgan, who lost her mother when she was very young. Her father is in jail, so she had to live in a foster care home.

Disaya will take you through her life journey filled with adventures and mishaps with great twists and turns to keep you intrigued.

There are five books in the series, and they must be read in their reading and publication order to follow the whole story.

  1. The Prada Plan (2009)
  2. The Prada Plan 2: Leah’s Story (2010)
  3. The Prada Plan 3: Green-Eyed Monster (2011)
  4. The Prada Plan 4: Love and War (2014)
  5. The Prada Plan 5 (2017)

Start With: The Prada Plan

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Disaya Morgan is the main protagonist of the story, and she loves money. After her hardships in the foster care home and living in the streets, Disaya gets accepted into a New York organization, The Elite. 

She thinks she will be a high-paid model, and now her life is sorted, only to be disappointed after learning the truth. The organization is a world of sex and lies. 

Disaya befriends a woman named Leah, headmistress of The Elite, and together, they start to make a lot of money. 

Disaya meets Indie and falls in love with him while keeping her lifestyle a secret. But the truth eventually comes out, things get messy, and she loses control of everything, including her life and hustle. How will she handle it all?

Murderville Books Reading and Publication Order

This series is about two kids from Sierra Leone, Liberty and A’shai. Both get separated after being sold as slaves in the human trafficking world. This is a classic love story by Ashley and JaQuavis that tells the horrifying realities of the world.

The series has three books and should be read in their reading and publication order.

  1. Murderville (2011)
  2. The Epidemic (2012)
  3. The Black Dahlia (2013)

Start With: Murderville

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This is the first book of the Murderville trilogy. Liberty and A’shai are the two main protagonists, who met as kids and later got separated, which changed everything for both. 

They both get mixed into the human and sex trafficking world. Years later, they fortunately meet again, and the reunion ignites a deep connection and love between them. 

Liberty is sick and dying, and A’shai blames himself for not being able to protect her for all those years of suffering. She asks him to tell the story of their past and how they ended in this condition. So, that’s what he does, grieving that this might be the last story he will tell her. 

It’s a story filled with love, redemption, hardships, brutality, and loss.

Carter Diamond Books Reading and Publication Order

This is a prequel to the famous book series The Cartel. It tells the story of the cruelest gangster, Carter Diamond, and how he grew over the years.

The series has three books and is recommended to read in their reading and publication order. I have listed them below.

  1. Carter Diamond (2012)
  2. Carter Diamond Part 2 (2013)
  3. Carter Diamond Part 3 (2014)

Start With: Carter Diamond

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This book narrates the story of Carter Diamond, the notorious gangster of the Cartel. It begins from the streets of Michigan and tells Carter’s journey of becoming the well-known drug lord of Miami.

Carter stood and fought alone before the Cartel was created.

Luxe Books Reading and Publication Order

This duology is about a girl named Bleu Montclair who faces life and the struggles that accompany it while growing up.

It’s a must to read this duology in order to follow the whole story.

  1. Luxe (2015)
  2. Luxe Two (2016)

Start With: Luxe

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Bleu Montclair always wanted to leave the streets of Flint, Michigan. She gets that chance when she earns a scholarship to UCLA. But that’s when everything starts to fall apart; Bleu finds it hard to cope with the fancy life of expensive cars, booze, drugs, and more. 

Bleu’s roommate offers her an opportunity to make a lot of money, and she takes it! But she didn’t know she was entering the world of violence and addiction. Only one person can protect her: the new guy she recently met, Iman. 

Iman is very much used to the high-rolling lifestyle until he meets Bleu. He realizes he cares for her a lot more than the money and power he possesses. But things are just starting to get complicated.

Luxury and Larceny Books Reading and Publication Order

Luxury and Larceny is a spin-off series of Luxe filled with love, lust, power, and money. The protagonists are Bree, China, and Cinco.

The duology has two books under its title. I have listed them below.

  1. Luxury and Larceny, Part 1 (2016)
  2. Luxury and Larceny, Part 2 (2016)

Start With: Luxury and Larceny, Part 1

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Cinco is Mexico’s one of the most ruthless drug dealers. After robbing him, Bree and China should have a luxurious life, but unfortunately, the heist fails, and they return empty-handed. 

Now, they both are on the run to save themselves from Cinco and in the desperate situation, China takes Bree’s saved money and flees alone. 

Bree is chasing China, and Cinco is chasing them both, and when the three meet, there will be a lot more to pay. What if only one of them wins?

Ethic Books Reading and Publication Order

This is a spin-off series of the book Moth to a Flame by Ashley Antoinette. Ezra Okafor (Ethic) is a man who has faced tragedy and refuses to love again. The series narrates his life journey.

The series has six books; you must read them in their reading and publication order.

  1. Ethic (2018)
  2. Ethic 2 (2018)
  3. Ethic 3 (2018)
  4. Ethic 4 (2019)
  5. Ethic 5 (2019)
  6. Ethic 6 (2019)

Start With: Ethic

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Ethic is separated from the love of his life, Alani, due to some tragedy. This man with power has lost every significant relationship and now refuses to love again. 

Ethic is raising three children; one among them is Morgan, a rebellious teenager. Morgan is hell-bent on defying her father, and because of this, she ends up in a difficult situation. The king of this familiar deadly game, Ethic, enters the field to rescue her. 

In this journey of love and streets, will Ethic be able to win this time?

Love Burn Books Reading and Publication Order

This series is about Noni and Dom. The love story of two people as they deal with challenges all along.

The series has four books and must be read in reading order to follow the whole story.

  1. Love Burn (2014)
  2. Love Burn 2 (2015)
  3. Love Burn 3 (2015)
  4. Love Burn 4 (2016)

Start With: Love Burn

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Noni marries the love of her life, Mr. Dominick Meyer, a rich businessman. She thought she would get everything she ever wished for. But her world turns upside down when the truth about his infidelity and business comes out. 

Dom isn’t the businessman he claims to be; their wealth is gathered from drug money. After learning the truth, Noni empties Dom’s bank accounts and runs away. 

On her run, she didn’t expect to find new love. But when Dom comes knocking at the door, and a debt is to be repaid, things get even more complicated.

Butterfly Books Reading and Publication Order

There are five books in the series so far, and I’ve listed them below. I recommend reading them in order.

  1. Butterfly (2020)
  2. Butterfly 2 (2020)
  3. Butterfly 3 (2020)
  4. Butterfly 4 (2022)
  5. Butterfly 5 (2023)

Start With: Butterfly

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Morgan Atkins has been warned not to fall in love with the boy who makes her heart flutter, but she does fall for the boy. She loses her first love and is terrified of falling in love again. 

Now, she has everything: a respectable man, a luxurious lifestyle, and comfort, but she is unhappy with her monotonous life. 

When someone from her past enters the town, she is tangled in an illicit affair. Morgan knows what she is doing is wrong, but still, she can’t resist the temptation. 

Morgan is that spoiled girl who wants to have everything. She doesn’t know whom to choose, a good man or a bad boy. This decision will hurt someone severely and might also lead to death. 

Will she listen to heart or head?

Single Ladies Books Reading and Publication Order

This is based on the hit VH1 series Single Ladies by New York Times bestselling author Ashley Antoinette. The books under the series feature three ladies and their complicated love life.

There are three books in the series, and it is advisable to read them in their reading order.

  1. Single Ladies: April “No Sex in the City” (2013)
  2. Raquel (2013)
  3. Keisha (2013)

Start With: Single Ladies

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This book narrates April’s story and how she is trying to start a new life in New York City. April and her new lover, Reggie, leave for Atlanta together for a fresh start. 

But her mind is in chaos due to the rumors about Reggie and his sexuality. Besides other people, Reggie’s own family has claimed that he is gay, and she cannot put aside the unwanted thoughts clouding her mind. 

No one knows if this is a plan to destroy their relationship or if Reggie is actually hiding this secret from April. Only she can discover the truth!

Dirty Money Books Reading and Publication Order

This series is about three women and their life stories. One of the books under the series title is the debut novel of the author.

The series has three books in total and can be read either as standalones or in order.

  1. Dirty Money (2005)
  2. Diary of a Street Diva (2005)
  3. Supreme Clientele (2007)

Start With: Dirty Money

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The main protagonist of the story is Anari Simpson, a good girl who enters a different world due to difficult circumstances.  

Things were almost fine until her love affair ended, exposing her to undetected enemies. After sulking and mourning for two years, she decides to give life another chance. 

Determined to take revenge, she and her best friend, Monica, enter the lifestyle of drugs and fast money. Soon, they are the top players in the game, and no one can bring them down. Or is the disaster on its way to strike them?

Standalone Novels

Apart from book series, Ashley Antoinette has also written standalone novels. I have listed them below. Have a look!

  1. Trophy Wife (2008)
  2. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (2009)
  3. Moth to a Flame (2010)
  4. Murder Mamas (2011)
  5. Guilty Gucci (2012)
  6. Black Friday: Exposed (2012)
  7. Christmas With The Okafors (2019)

Brief Description of ‘Trophy Wife’

The book introduces us to London, a beautiful woman from Trinidad. Her father married her to a man in order to settle a debt. She stands with her husband, and all his associates envy him because he has such a beautiful wife. 

But behind closed doors, she is brutally abused, and their relationship is cold. 

She meets a thug named Kalil, a young man who introduces her to a new world. But London knows the consequences, so she desperately tries to avoid the guy. But Kalil tries his best, and love blooms between these two. 

Now, what will London choose? What repercussions will she have to face?

Short Stories/Novellas

Ashley has also written a few short stories. Have a look at the below list!

  1. Moving Weight (With: JaQuavis Coleman) (2012)
  2. The Circle: The Beginning (With: JaQuavis Coleman) (2013)
  3. The Invitation (2020)


When there are so many books written by an author, you are bound to get confused about where to start. Searching for the correct order of books clarifies and gives you an idea of which book to pick first. 

I hope this article helped you understand the complete list of Ashely Antoinette books in order. 

Have you read books by Ashley Antoinette? Which one is your absolute favorite? Tell me in the comments!

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